Australia's Most Awaited Electric Mountain Bike is Finally Here: the Aventon Ramblas

Australia's Most Awaited Electric Mountain Bike is Finally Here: the Aventon Ramblas

The Ramblas marks Aventon’s first foray into electric mountain bikes (eMTBs)—and it’s been nothing short of impressive.

Boasting a powerful mid-drive motor (Aventon’s first), proper mountain bike geometry, an impressive range, and features for tackling both mountain trails and city streets, the Ramblas is set out to be one the country’s best eMTBs. 

But that’s not all, as the Aventon Ramblas disrupts the eMTB market in a bigger way. 

Previously, mountain bikers faced a dilemma: pay a hefty price for a good electric mountain bike, or settle for so-called “eMTBs” that lacked sufficient mountain-biking capabilities. Aventon changes this by introducing a truly powerful and versatile eMTB at a price point that does not break the bank.

Let's delve deeper into the features that make the Ramblas a game-changer.


A First Look at the Aventon Ramblas

Aventon Ramblas

The Ramblas is a hard-tail electric mountain bike that features Aventon’s first-ever mid-drive motor. Aside from increased efficiency and better overall ride quality, a mid-drive motor allows for better weight distribution, which results in easier navigation and manoeuvring on technical trails. Plus, the intelligent mid-drive motor also lets riders personalise their ride so they can efficiently adapt to different terrain and inclines. 

In addition, the Ramblas is the first and only Class-I ebike in Aventon’s current lineup. Without a throttle, this eMTB is pedal-assist only, with the motor cutting off once you reach a speed of 32 kph.

Despite being more affordable than other eMTBs of the same calibre, the Aventon Ramblas does not lack in the parts department. There are brand-name components throughout the bike—from the RockShox fork to the SRAM drive train and brakes—which goes to show you're getting top-notch quality without the usual premium price tag.

The Aventon Ramblas is available in four sizes, from Small to Extra-Large.

Aventon Ramblas vs. Aventon Aventure.2

The Aventon Aventure.2 is a fantastic off-road electric bike. Thanks to oversized fat tyres, it is a great choice for tackling loose terrain like sand and snow. So, if you’re planning to take your rides to the beach, desert, or snowy hills, this ebike is perfect for you.

However, the fairly large Aventure.2 is simply not designed for narrow winding mountain trails. Its bulk and weight keep it from being as nimble and agile as the Ramblas is on technical terrain. Also, mountain riding requires a more aggressive geometry for better control and handling—something the upright Aventure.2 lacks.

For serious mountain biking adventures, the Ramblas is the one and only option.

Hitting the Trails With the Ramblas

Aventon Ramblas

The Aventon Ramblas promises a powerful and efficient mountain biking experience. Let's explore how it performs across various aspects, from speed to safety, to see if it's really one of the best in its class.

Power and Performance

Probably the biggest selling point of the Ramblas is the Aventon-made A100 mid-drive motor. It generates a nominal output of 250W, but when ridden on full 750W peak power, the Ramblas makes intimidating hills and challenging trails look easy. The A100 also delivers 100Nm of torque to ensure swift yet steady and intuitive acceleration.

But how does the Ramblas perform beyond mountains? There are features in place, from the Ride Tune in the Aventon app to the Ramblas’ 12-speed SRAM NX drivetrain, that let you tailor the bike to any ride, from difficult terrain to smooth commutes.

Range and Battery

On top of flawless performance, the Aventon Ramblas boasts impressive mileage. Thanks to an efficient 708 Wh battery, the electric mountain bike covers up to 128 kilometres on a single charge. With this range, you can explore remote trails or commute long distances without worry. 

Design and Build Quality

Weighing in at only a bit more than Aventon's current lightest e-bike (24 kg vs. Aventon Soltera.2's 20 kg), the Ramblas is a nimble electric bike that’s adept at navigating narrow paths and winding trails. Due to its lightweight aluminium alloy frame, this eMTB can be easily manoeuvred and transported if necessary.

As far as frame geometry goes, the Ramblas does not depart from traditional mountain bike geometry, which offers familiar handling to ong-time mountain cyclists. At the same time, it avoids being overly aggressive, which can alienate newcomers to the sport.

Why is good design important? For an eMTB, it makes a world of difference between effortlessly gliding over technical trails, versus struggling with a clumsy, unbalanced ride.

Safety and Durability

Finally, the Aventon Ramblas is not just about power and performance—it is designed to keep you safe, whether you’re riding on city streets or conquering difficult off-road terrain. A bright, well-designed LED headlight, which conveniently clamps on the handlebars, keeps you visible when riding at night.

Like all Aventon e-bikes, the Ramblas is UL-certified, which means it meets the industry’s highest standards for electrical safety. And because the Ramblas boasts an impressive IP67 rating, it can deal with unexpected splashes, dusty paths, puddles, even shallow creeks.

Who is the Aventon Ramblas For?

Aventon Ramblas

If you are an avid cyclist who is ready to take your ride to the next level, the Aventon Ramblas combines a powerful upgrade with a familiar mountain biking experience. There is no mountain too high or trail too tough for this eMTB, and if this sounds like an adventure you crave, the Ramblas is the best choice for you!

The Aventon Ramblas is an equally great and versatile choice for riders who need an electric bike that excels in every riding situation—from off-road adventures to city commutes and long-distance rides.

However, while the Ramblas is a fantastic eMTB, if your primary focus is urban commuting, or if you prefer the ease of throttle-assisted riding, we recommend exploring our other amazing electric bikes. Check out our full collection here to find your perfect match.

Wrapping Up

The Aventon Ramblas is Australia’s most highly anticipated electric mountain bike, and with the great value it offers, no other competitor comes close. 

Offering a high-performance ride at such an affordable price point is an almost unthinkable feat, but Aventon has made it possible. With its intelligent mid-drive motor, powerful torque, impressive range, sharp handling, and premium components in place, the Ramblas is the eMTB for riders who demand the best on any adventure. 

But don't just take our word for it—experience the Ramblas and see for yourself. Call us now at 1300 054 257 to speak with our experts. 

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