A Fiido For Every Ride: Which Fiido E-Bike is Right For You?

A Fiido For Every Ride: Which Fiido E-Bike is Right For You?

Founded in China in 2017, Fiido has rapidly grown to become one of the world’s most popular brands when it comes to electric mobility. The company has since expanded its reach to multiple countries, including the US and France—and now Australia.

With a great lineup of electric scooters and electric bikes, Fiido has become a household name, impressing not just riders but even prestigious award-giving bodies. Gaining recognition from the iF and Red Dot, Fiido’s dedication to innovation and design is undeniable.


Why Choose Fiido?

Beyond ensuring great quality and design, Fiido builds electric rides with their riders in mind. Hence, they have electric rides that are durable and tested to handle different real-life riding situations. How do they do it?

Fiido’s professional R&D team and full testing lab check each ride for vibration, impact resistance, long-term road performance, and more. With these processes in place, you can rest assured you get a well-built electric bike that can keep up with your adventures. 

That said, thanks to its wide range, there is a Fiido electric bike built for every adventure. Let’s see which model perfectly suits your needs.

Commuting Daily? Meet the Fiido C11

$1,699 - Shop Now

Fiido C11

If you’re looking for a commuter e-bike below the $2000 mark, check out the Fiido C11. Designed specifically for city commuters, the reliable and efficient Fiido C11 is an electric road bike built for paved city streets. 

Featuring an elegant step-through design, the C11 promises smooth and comfortable rides over urban terrain. 

Speed and Power

The commuter e-bike features a powerful 500W motor, capable of cruising comfortably at speeds that comply with most state regulations (around 24 kph). Otherwise, if you want to go faster, you can always unlock a higher top speed—up to 40 kph—using the Fiido app. 

Meanwhile, five Pedal Assist modes put you in total control of the bike, allowing you to adjust the power whether it’s for steady riding on flat terrain or climbing hills. Powerful hydraulic brakes then ensure confident stopping. 

Range and Battery

Beyond speed and power, the Fiido C11 boasts serious mileage. Thanks to a high-capacity 500Wh battery, the electric bike can cover up to 90 kilometres on pedal assist. Even in full throttle mode, you can still travel a solid 55 kilometres, an incredible feat for pure throttle-powered riding. 

Design and Comfort

Then, to make your commutes extra-smooth, the C11 is equipped with a hydraulic suspension fork that absorbs bumps and vibrations from the road. Also included in the bike are an ergonomic Velo saddle, which is surprisingly comfortable despite not having suspension underneath. 

The ebike also features adjustable handlebars that are both soft and grippy for a comfortable hold. Plus, the slightly downward angle means all the controls are within easy reach.

Rider Safety

Safety is crucial when you’re weaving through traffic, which is why the Fiido C11 comes equipped with a brake light, reflective tyres, and a swivelling headlight. Furthermore, it is also fitted with a loud horn to enhance your presence on the road.


The Fiido C11 is a wonderfully efficient commuter electric bike for its price. While not the fastest in its class, it’s actually not a disadvantage if you’re looking for an e-bike that complies with most local regulations. On top of that, you get a highly reliable, comfortable long-range ride that does a lot more than just taking you from one point to another.

The Fiido C11 is great for you if:

Consider another model if:

You’re looking for a swift and lightweight commuter e-bike. 

You have to ride off-road and climb steeper hills. 

You have to ride over long distances. 

You need your electric road bike to have suspension. 

Need Versatility? Explore the Fiido C21 & C22

$2,399 (C21) - Shop Now

$2,399 (C22) - Shop Now

Fiido C21

If your needs go beyond simple commuting, you might want to consider a more versatile electric bike that can go from daily grind to weekend adventures. 

Fortunately, Fiido also offers bikes that excel on multiple terrains: the Fiido C21 and Fiido C22 electric gravel bikes. Built with the same specifications, you can choose the C21 if you prefer a step-over frame and the C22 if you prefer a step-through frame.

Speed and Power

When it comes to power and speed, the Fiido C21 and C22 can be considered moderate, equipped with a 250W motor that delivers speeds of up to 25 kph. This makes these e-gravel bikes great for commuting. 

However, it’s the intuitive torque sensor that makes these electric bikes dynamic. Using this torque sensing technology, the C21 and C22 efficiently deliver the right amount of power for every situation. It detects how hard you pedal, boosting your pedalling as needed to make things like climbing hills and riding over rough terrain easier.

Range and Battery

Their 208.8 Wh battery, while seemingly modest, is highly efficient and can take you up to 80 kilometres on a single charge. Plus, the quick-charging technology gets you back on the road in no time—just 3 hours for a full charge from zero to 100%.

Design and Comfort

The first thing you'll notice about the Fiido C21 and C22 is their sporty geometry, which mirrors classic gravel bikes. These design decisions, which include a longer wheelbase, lower handlebars and aggressive tyres, enhance stability and control, especially on rougher terrain.

But it goes beyond function. Fiido, after all, is an award-winning brand known for excellent design. The C21 and C22 showcase this beautifully with a timeless and elegant aesthetic. Comfort is also a priority, because just like the C11, these electric gravel bikes feature a comfortable seat and grippy handlebars.

Finally, if you don’t want to be encumbered with the heavy weight of all-terrain electric bikes, Fiido’s electric gravel bikes would be perfect for you. Lightweight at just around 18 kg (17 kg for the C22), these e-bikes are not only easy to transport but also a dream to manoeuvre. 

Rider Safety

Safety is crucial when riding over gravel paths and looser terrain. That said, Fiido has equipped the C21 and C22 with gravel tyres with deep treads that dig in for superior grip and traction, keeping you in control of your ride. Plus, the bikes are fitted with high-performance hydraulic brakes that deliver excellent stopping power in any riding condition. 

Proving its versatility as an all-terrain ride, the Fiido C21 and C22 also feature a complete lighting system for navigating city streets. A powerful built-in front light ensures you're seen by other riders and drivers, while a bright taillight keeps you visible from behind.


The Fiido C21 and C22 electric gravel bikes are more than just competent—they elevate your ride, on or off-road. Torque sensors ensure smooth power delivery, good mileage lets you explore further, and serious safety features keep you confident. For versatile riders with a thirst for adventure, the C21 and C22 are the perfect match.

The Fiido C21/C22 is great for you if:

Consider another model if:

You’re looking for a versatile ride for commutes and light off-roading. 

You have to tackle more challenging trails and steeper inclines.

You have to ride over long distances. 

You need to ride over loose terrain, like sand and snow.

You’re looking for a lightweight all-terrain electric bike.

Up for Adventure? Look No Further Than the Fiido Titan

$3,299 - Shop Now

Fiido Titan

The Fiido Titan is clearly built for adventure. True to its name, the Titan is indeed an imposing e-bike, characterised by a thick, rugged frame and oversized fat tyres. Without a doubt, the Titan is capable of tackling just any terrain—from mountain trails to sandy beaches.

Apart from being an off-road ride, the Fiido Titan is also meant to be a reliable electric cargo bike. Featuring a long rear rack, where you can mount accessories like saddle bags and baskets, the Titan has a total capacity of up to 200 kg. 

Speed and Power

The Fiido Titan understandably needs a lot of power to support not only its own weight (38 kg) but also its rider and their cargo. That said, the Titan boasts a powerful 750W motor that delivers 70 Nm of torque and propels the rider to speeds of up to 45 kph (unlocked). 

The Titan shares the C21 and C22's intelligent torque sensor, which makes every ride feel effortless. This technology detects how hard you pedal and delivers extra power when you need it most. The result? A more natural riding experience, even when climbing steep hills and tackling challenging terrain.

Range and Battery

If Fiido’s commuter and gravel electric bikes are able to give a lot of mileage, expect the Titan to take it to the next level. Equipped with a big 696 Wh battery, this electric cargo bike covers an impressive 135-kilometre range on a single charge.

For most riders, the Titan’s range is sufficient—more than enough even. However, Fiido also gives you the option to more than double your range through the Titan Extender Battery Combo (sold separately). Adding two more batteries to your electric bike, you can cover even longer distances, up to 399 kilometres. 

Design and Comfort

There is no question about it: the Fiido Titan is not designed to be slim and lightweight. Instead, it is built for strength and stability, its massive frame well-suited for its purpose. 

The thick frame, for starters, handles the demands of off-road riding, while the integrated rear rack accommodates up to 80 kilograms of cargo. Oversized 26” by 4” tyres deliver superior grip and stability on any terrain. Meanwhile, the sleek one-piece wheels not only look great but also eliminate the need for spoke maintenance.

Similar to the other electric bikes in Fiido’s lineup, the Titan also includes soft and comfortable handlebar grips that ensure safe handling even on bumpy trails. Finally, a plush Velo saddle, which supports the bike’s hydraulic front shock, keeps you comfortable even on long-distance rides.

Rider Safety

A high amount of power is crucial for the Fiido Titan to run smoothly, but efficient control is equally important. For this reason, the electric bike’s robust motor is matched by an impressive 4-piston hydraulic disc braking system. This way, you can keep riding confidently on the roughest trails, even when the ride goes off-road.

To keep you safe and visible no matter where your adventure takes you, the Fiido Titan is equipped with bright front and rear LED lights.


The Fiido Titan is a heavy-duty electric bike that covers all the bases. From its solid, premium frame to every single component—from the powerful motor and battery to the robust brakes and suspension—the Titan is clearly engineered for maximum performance. Built to handle the most demanding of rides, it is truly a force to be reckoned with.

The Fiido Tian is great for you if:

Consider another model if:

You’re looking for a powerful off-road electric bike.

Your riding needs primarily involve city commuting.

You have to ride over long distances. 

You need a more lightweight and portable e-bike. 

You need an off-road ride that can also haul heavy cargo. 

Wrapping Up

There's an adventure waiting for you, and Fiido has the perfect e-bike to take you there. Do you need a city commuter, an all-terrain ride, or an off-road electric bike? Fiido has an electric bike for every rider, each one meticulously designed with performance and style in mind.

If you dream of breezing through city streets, exploring off-road paths, or tackling demanding terrain, check out our collection of Fiido electric bikes. If you need help, our friendly experts are happy to guide you through the range and help you choose the right e-bike for you. 

Browse our collection or give us a call at 1300 054 257 today!

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