Commuter-Friendly Alternatives to the Apollo City Pro

Commuter-Friendly Alternatives to the Apollo City Pro

The Apollo City Pro has become a commuter favourite for a reason. It is praised for its comfortable ride, impressive range, and powerful dual motors. 

Apollo City Pro V3

It undeniably offers an impressive ride, but the price tag can be admittedly steep. If you're looking for a similar scooter experience with those familiar features but at a more budget-friendly price, we've got great alternative options for you.

Practical Powerhouse: Inokim OX Super

The Apollo City Pro and the Inokim OX Super are neck-and-neck contenders when it comes to performance, features, and specifications. Here's a breakdown of how the two scooters compare across key features.

Inokim OX Super

Speed and Power

The Apollo City Pro is equipped with dual 500W motors for a potential top speed of 51 KPH. It is, indeed, a powerful commuter e-scooter, but keep in mind the Inokim OX also offers a single 1000W motor at a lower price tag.


While both scooters are great options for long-distance commuting, the Inokim OX boasts a whopping 97-KM maximum range, a feat achieved by its massive 57.6V battery. This puts the Apollo City’s 48V battery and 70-KM range in second place. 

Ride Quality

You can expect smooth rides from the two electric scooters. The Apollo City Pro features self-healing tyres that seal punctures while you ride. Plus, its triple spring suspension tackles city obstacles with ease. 

Meanwhile the Inokim OX gives you adjustable suspension through the brand-patented OSAP (OX Suspension Adapter Patent) system. This feature lets you fine-tune your ride for city streets (low setting) or off-road adventures (high setting). 

Design and Build

Both the Apollo City and Inokim OX prioritise durability. The Apollo City utilises aircraft-grade aluminium for a tough frame, while the Inokim OX uses aviation aluminium alloy throughout for a wobble-free ride. So, no matter which you choose, you're getting a scooter built to withstand the elements.

Safety Features

Safety is paramount for the two scooters. Both meet the industry’s highest safety standards with a UL-certification while using excellent braking systems for maximum stopping power (the City uses dual drum brakes with regenerative braking, while the OX uses a front drum brake and a rear disc brake). 

However, while both scooters have integrated LED lights, the Apollo City comes with turn signals.

Inokim OX’s Key Strengths

The Inokim OX is a fantastic e-scooter in many ways. For starters, its adjustable suspension lets you adapt the ride to any terrain, and when it comes to mileage, the OX is superior with its incredible 97-KM max range. Finally, the scooter’s premium aviation-grade construction ensures a rock-solid, wobble-free build that can handle any adventure. 

Commuter-Friendly Performance: Inokim Quick and Pure Advance

We’ve established how the Inokim OX is a great alternative to the Apollo City Pro. However, for some people, all that power might be more than a typical commute needs. If you're a practical commuter in search of a great ride without the hefty price tag and excessive brawn, check out the following alternatives.

Inokim Quick 4 Super

With its lightweight design and lightning-fast folding mechanism, the Inokim Quick is a practical alternative to the high-powered Apollo City Pro. It's a convenient ride that makes for a great first-and-last-mile commuter scooter. 

Inokim Quick 4 Super

Speed and Power

Though lower-powered than the Apollo City, the Inokim Quick is definitely more powerful and faster than standard commuter e-scooters. Its 600W motor delivers a top speed of 40 KPH and tackles inclines up to 15 degrees. 


Following the footsteps of its bigger siblings, the Inokim Quick boasts impressive range for its price. Thanks to a 50.4V battery, it shares almost the same maximum range as the Apollo City—of up to 71 KM—which is perfect for exploring the city worry-free.

Ride Quality

Equipped with 10-inch pneumatic tyres that absorb bumps, and Inokim’s adjustable dual suspension system, the Inokim Quick delivers smooth and comfortable rides even on the roughest city roads.

Design and Build

Despite its attractive price tag, the Inokim Quick 4 cuts no corners on comfort or durability. Its aviation-grade aluminium alloy frame is designed to handle the daily grind, while the telescopic handlebar adjusts to suit your height. Top it off with the secure ergonomic grips, and you’ve got a scooter that feels as good as it performs.

Safety Features

A combination of a front drum brake and a rear disc brake provides dependable stopping power, while integrated LED lights ensure you’re safe and visible on the road, especially during nighttime. Plus, like the rest of the Inokim lineup, the Inokim Quick is UL-certified.

Inokim Quick’s Key Strengths

The Inokim Quick 4 delivers a no-frills ride that prioritises practicality, efficiency, and sufficient power. It achieves a greater speed and range than many similarly-priced scooters and keeps you safe and comfortable with UL-Certification, dual suspension, and reliable brakes.

Pure Advance

Commuters needing to transport their rides or take them on buses or trains will value a lightweight, highly portable e-scooter. For this reason, we suggest the Pure Advance as another excellent alternative to the Apollo City Pro. 

Pure Advance

Speed and Power

The Pure Advance delivers a significant amount of power despite its lightweight design. Its 500W motor allows you to reach a legally-abiding top speed of 25 KPH, which is perfect for commuting in cities with strict speed limits. 


This e-scooter does not skimp on range either, as its 37V battery allows you to ride around the city for up to 40 KM on a single charge. If you want more range, check out the Pure Advance+, which covers up to 50 KM. 

Ride Quality

Another great thing about the Pure Advance is its revolutionary design that allows you to ride facing forward. This innovative position results in excellent stability and control and a heightened sense of security, especially for first-time riders.

Plus, Pure Electric’s Active Steering Stabilisation technology automatically returns the handlebar to the centre after turning so you can focus on the road. 

Design and Build

Lightweight at only 16.2 KG, the Pure Advance also features a slimline folding design that’s 70% narrower than standard scooters. Because you can tuck it away against a wall or store it in tight spaces, it's perfect for commuters with limited storage. 

Safety Features

The scooter keeps everything in check when it comes to safety. First, it is equipped with a comprehensive lighting system that includes built-in turn signals. Its reliable dual braking system, with a front drum brake and a rear e-brake, ensures efficient stopping. Finally, its ultra-high IP65 water-resistance rating means it can handle commutes in any weather. 

Pure Advance’s Key Strengths

The Pure Advance lives up to its name—it is an advanced electric scooter that’s all about portability, convenience, and safety. With its unique features, including the front-facing stance, slim profile, Active Steering Stabilisation, and high water-resistance level, you can commute confidently in any riding condition. 

Wrapping Up

Going for a more budget-friendly option doesn't mean sacrificing a smooth ride. We've explored three fantastic alternatives, each with its own strengths:

Explore any terrain and go the distance with the Inokim OX’s adjustable suspension and superior range, or commute effortlessly with the Inokim Quick. Meanwhile, choose the Pure Advance if you value a front-facing stance and portability. 

Overall, we recommend considering your personal needs. Do you need to cover long distances, do you travel on rough terrain, or do you simply want a commuter e-scooter that efficiently takes you from Point A to Point B? With the options we presented in this article, there is bound to be a perfect Apollo City Pro alternative for you. 

Comparison Chart






Top Speed

51 KPH

44 KPH

40 KPH

25 KPH

Max Range

70 KM

97 KM

71 KM

40 KM


2 x 500W





48V 20Ah

57.6V 20.8Ah

50.4V 16Ah

37V 9.6Ah

Unit Weight

29 KG

28 KG

22 KG

16.2 KG

Rider Weight

120 KG

120 KG

120 KG

120 KG


Triple spring suspension

Dual adjustable suspension

Dual adjustable suspension



Dual drum + regenerative brakes

Front drum + rear disc brake

Front drum + rear disc brake

Front drum + rear electronic brakes

Regular Price





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