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Learn More About Terrain Electric Scooters

People who commute on weekdays and go on weekend adventures may have a hard time finding the perfect electric scooter. Most regular commuter scooters are not designed for rougher terrain, while off-road scooters are not practical to use on smooth pavements.

If this struggle sounds familiar to you, you might need an all terrain electric scooter.

What Is An All-Terrain Electric Scooter?

All-terrain electric scooters for adults are rides that are designed to handle a variety of road surfaces, including tarmac, short grass (parkland), gravel, cobblestone, and stone surfaces. They are often equipped with wider tyres for good traction and suspension to absorb bumps and vibrations. 

However, they are not to be mistaken for off-road electric scooters. More robust and aggressive, off-road e-scooters are designed for extreme trails, loose terrain, and steeper inclines. If you want to conquer obstacles like rocks, roots, and hills, off-road electric scooters like the Apollo Pro are your top choice.

On the other hand, an all-terrain electric scooter does not possess the same level of power as off-road rides but is a step above regular commuter scooters. Compared to off-road rides, they are more affordable and more practical for daily use, as they are designed to be effective across all kinds of surfaces. A good example is the Inokim OX, which is not as expensive as some off-road scooters. 

Though they may not be as light as most commuters, they are definitely not as bulky as off-roaders and ludicrous rides. So, consider an all-terrain electric scooter if you are looking for a versatile ride for your commutes and errands, which can also handle light trails.

Who Needs an All-Terrain E Scooter?

All-terrain electric scooters are good for almost everyone, but you will especially benefit from having one if:

  • You encounter a variety of terrain like pebbled roads or grassy paths on your regular commutes.
  • You like spending time outdoors, like going on camping or fishing trips from time to time, but are not a fan of extreme off-road escapades.
  • You live in a rural or suburban area with a lot of dirt trails and uneven terrain.
  • You want to get an electric scooter with a suspension but are not keen on spending a lot of money on an off-road scooter.

Or, you may not be any of the following but simply prefer an electric scooter that goes beyond taking you to work—something that can handle both regular commutes and spur-of-the-moment adventures.

If this sounds like you, read on to learn how to choose a good all-terrain electric scooter.

How to Choose an All-Terrain E Scooter

To handle all kinds of surfaces like a pro, a good all-terrain electric scooter must possess the following traits:

  • Motor power: Sufficient power to overcome the specific obstacles in your way
  • Decent range: A high-capacity battery that covers enough mileage on a single charge
  • Strong tyres: Specifically, tyres with aggressive treads for better traction 
  • Efficient suspension: A good shock-absorption system that makes all rides smooth and stable
  • Reliable brakes: Powerful stopping power for your safety

Don’t forget about essential safety features like lights and indicators.

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