The Segway-Ninebot P-Series Review: The P65 & The P100

The Segway-Ninebot P-Series Review: The P65 & The P100

When Segway-Ninebot first showed us the P-Series, we weren't sure what to make of them. Similar to the GT-Series, they were a departure from Segway's norm, featuring a bold new look, new technology, and performance statistics significantly above the commuter e-scooters we know and love.

Unlike the GT series, however, which was marketed as a ludicrous scooter, it wasn't immediately clear who the P-Series was for. They seemed like a lite-version of the GT, so while they were fast, they weren't ludicrous-level rides. They were a little on the heavy side to be commuter rides. They were too powerful for kids & first-time riders, and their price point placed them in a similar category to the higher-end Apollo e-scooters. 

So you might wonder then, as we did, what the point of the P-Series was.

But then we rode one, and we wondered no more. 

The Short Version...

Segway-Ninebot is well-known in the industry for their durable and reliable scooters, but they're taking it to the next level with their latest electric rides, the Segway P65 and P100

Setting the bar higher, these electric scooters have all the features you love on commuter scooters, but with added upgrades like a wider deck, sturdier frame, faster speed, and greater range. 

They can fulfil a variety of roles, from commuting to just having fun, and the sheer level of gadgetry makes them intensely entertaining rides. 

TOP SPEED 25 kph / 40 kph 25 kph / 48 kph
MOTOR 500W 650W
WEIGHT 24 kg 32.9 kg
MAX. RIDER WEIGHT 120 kg 120 kg
MAX. RANGE 65 km 100 km
BATTERY 561 Wh 1200 Wh
BRAKES Front Disc & Rear Electronic Brakes Front and Rear Disc + Electronic Brakes
TYRES 10.5-inch SegPower CrossSeason, Tubeless Self-Healing 10.5-inch SegPower CrossSeason, Tubeless Self-Healing

Zip and Zoom on Daily Adventures

The Segway P Series is available in Standard and Global editions, with the biggest difference being how fast you can go on them. Getting the standard model for both the P65SE and P100SE will allow you to scoot around at a safe (and law abiding) 25 kph.

But if you're after a bit more speed and fun, the Global Edition is the better choice as you'll be able to reach 40 kph (P65SE) and 48 kph (P100SE). That's way more powerful than the usual Segway commuters that can normally reach only 30 kph even in the Global Editions.

Both scooters also house reliable and strong motors: 500W for the P65SE and 650W for the P100SE. These provide enough power to your scooter for a faster speed and quicker acceleration.

It can even take you to new heights as both P Series scooters can handle inclines with more than a 20% grade, a feat not many scooters in its class can achieve.

The Segway P Series scooters are also equipped with different riding modes, allowing you to customise your riding experience. They have the Eco, Sport, and Race modes, each with their own speed limits so you can ride up to where you're comfortable. 

They also have additional modes, the Walk and Park mode, for more gentle assistance when the scooter is not in use.

Go Further for Longer

Another incredible upgrade you get on the Segway P Series is that it can go farther than many commuter scooters in the market. The P65SE can go as far as 65 km in a single charge, which is the same range as the favourite Segway Max Global Edition, G65, and F65. The P100SE, on the other hand, allows you to go the distance, reaching up to 100 km.

What's more, both scooters offer such good performance with batteries that don't take long to re-charge, with the P65SE's 561Wh battery only needing about 4 hours and the P100SE's 1200Wh battery only needing 7 hours.

Reliable Safety Features in Place

With faster top speeds and a more sturdy design, it comes as no surprise that the Segway P Series scooters also have improvements in safety. After all, a safe and fun riding experience is the way to go.

The Segway P65SE and P100SE both have reliable front disc brakes and rear electronic brakes that pairs well with their zippy speeds, allowing you to stop gradually and safely.

The electronic brakes also divert some of the energy lost when braking and takes it back to the battery for extra range and efficiency.

Both scooters also feature automotive-grade tyres that are tubeless and self-healing. Worrying about punctures is now a thing of the past, thanks to this convenient new tech. On the P65, these tyres also provide a surprisingly ample amount of shock absorption despite this particular model not having any form of suspension. On the P100, these tyres combined with front & rear suspension create a beautifully smooth ride. 

Plus, these tyres with special tyre treads provide better road traction, keeping you extra safe on wet and slippery roads. 

What's more, both scooters come with a comprehensive lighting system that allows you to see in front of you as well as be seen by those around you.

They also have cool atmospheric lights that change colour, and flash when using the turn signals.

A Tough Body for A Tough Ride

Deck & Frame

Just with a glimpse, it's easy to see that the Segway P65SE and P100SE are different from their commuter scooter counterparts.

The frame itself is bulkier to build up mass for a more stable and secure ride. The deck is wider so you can effortlessly find your balance while riding.

Indeed, the whole robust aesthetic of the P65SE and P100SE isn't just for show. It's there to make you feel the safest possible while on the move.

Bright Display

Both Segway P Series scooters come with a full-coloured HUD. It's huge and bright, so you can quickly see real-time riding stats with just a glimpse.

From this dashboard display, you can access your motor power output, speed, battery level, ride mode, and more.

The design comes straight from the Segway GT Series, which debuted with one of the coolest-looking e-scooter displays we've seen. 

NFC Connectivity

Just below the HUD is a unique and convenient feature installed in the P65SE and P100SE, its NFC pad for locking. Unlike other electric scooters that have physical keys, the Segway P Series allows you to use a special keycard to unlock it. 

With its Near-Field Connectivity, you can sync your phone with the app to make it function as extra security. 

Keep Yourself Connected

Both Segway P Series scooters are Bluetooth-enabled and you can sync it up on your smartphone via the Segway App. Here, you'll be able to access your scooter's real-time stats, like current speed, battery level, riding mode, and more. You can also check for firmware updates and control your NFC lock from here.

Both models even have an integrated USB-C port so you can charge your phone while you ride, a great detail when you use it as your navigational tool.

Segway P65 vs. Segway P100

Which is better for beginners?

The great thing about the Segway P Series electric scooters are that they have a super wide deck, which makes it easy for new riders to balance themselves while riding for the first time.

But, among the two, the Segway P65 is the better option if you're a novice at electric scooter riding because it's much easier to control and less intimidating.

It has the convenient wide deck and a slightly slower acceleration, which makes a huge difference on your nerves. The P65 is gentler at the start of the ride. It's also easier to maintain at a slower speed once you're moving.

Which is better for thrill-seekers?

There is no doubt that between the two scooters, the Segway P100 is the definite choice for adventurous riders. It's at the more exciting end of commuter scooters, with an high top speed and great range. 

Its acceleration is also no joke, so you can get going fast as soon as you kick off. However, while powerful the acceleration is smooth and controlled. 

Plus, the heavy built of the Segway P100 makes it more durable for rigorous riding in between commuting or on the weekends.

How do they differentiate from other commuter scooters?

While the Segway P65 and P100 are commuter scooters at their core, they are on a whole other level.

Just a quick glance at them proves that they're stronger built than their counterparts, with a bulkier and heavy-duty frame. You're sure to feel more secure on them while riding.

Plus, both scooters are faster than your average commuter ride. Even the P65 has a Global Edition that goes quicker than most Segway scooters. Their solid acceleration also adds a thrill to your usual commutes.

Top Tips for the Segway P Series

Brace Yourself From The Start

Keep calm but vigilant. Both the Segway P Series scooters have a more powerful acceleration than the typical commuter scooter. If you're not ready, your start will most likely be jerky.

And when you find yourself already comfortable, gently press the trigger when you want to go faster. It's important to do it gently or you might find yourself thrown away by how quickly you're going faster. 

Find the Best Position for Balance

First time riders will benefit most from this tip. Since the Segway P Series scooters have a wider deck, you have more choice on where to put your feet. 

Make sure to find your balance first before going faster. Staying too much in front or too much at the back can make controlling the scooter harder than it should be.

A good way to do this is to place one foot on the deck as an anchor. This foot will act as a guide, and it won't be moving from its position. That way, you know which space is left to place your other foot on after kick off.

Allot Some Storage Space

A huge positive for the Segway P Series is their strong, well-designed body. However, it makes the scooters significantly wider than your typical electric scooter. 

Make sure to reserve some space for this scooter. Even folded, it does take up more area.

A Class Of Their Own

As it turned out, we'd been letting the category define the e-scooter. Commuter scooters should be this way, ludicrous scooters should be that way. Everything had a place in life and we were happy with that. If a scooter didn't to X, it couldn't be in category Y and so on. 

The P-Series confronted so much us because it they were the scooters that were defining the category, and that category was a blend of everything we loved in a scooter presented in a way we weren't expecting. 

In reality, we all fell in love with the P-Series. Whether you choose the P65 or P100, you'll be getting a versatile & powerful ride tooled up with technology and wrapped in a great-looking package.

You'll be getting something truly special. 

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