The Ultimate Guide To The Apollo City 2023

The Ultimate Guide To The Apollo City 2023

Since the original version came out in 2021, the Apollo City has quickly become the favourite choice of commuters everywhere. With more power than regular commuter electric scooters, the City achieved better speeds and covered better range while maintaining portability. 

Put simply, the Apollo City offered a combination of performance and features that made daily commutes a breeze and weekend adventures a blast.

As one of Apollo's most popular and successful lineups, it's no surprise that the City series is still thriving today thanks to improved versions released every year, and the Apollo City just got even better. With better features and newer technology, the 2023 version is about to take scootering to the next level. 

Today, let’s talk about everything you need to know about the Apollo City 2023.

Don’t want to read? Watch our video walkthrough of the new City 2023 below:

The 2022 Lineup: Apollo City and Apollo City Pro

Before we explore Apollo City 2023, let's backtrack a bit and take one last look at its predecessors. 

In 2022, Apollo released two versions of the city: the City and the City Pro. Despite having slight differences in power, range, and capacity, both models gained equally serious traction among riders and commuters.

The Apollo City was equipped with a 500W motor that allowed it to achieve a 40-kph top speed. On the other hand, the City Pro had dual 500W motors that propelled the scooter to reach speeds of up to 50 kph. While the former climbed angles of 10 degrees, the latter was able to scale steeper hills of up to 20 degrees. 

In terms of range, the City covered a 40-km maximum range while the Apollo City Pro could go even further (up to 60 km) thanks to its larger battery. When it came to load capacity, the City supported 100-kg of rider weight, while the Pro comfortably accommodated up to 120 kg.

Both versions of the Apollo City featured regenerative brakes which provided excellent stopping power and better battery efficiency. Additionally, both scooters had triple-spring suspension, which effectively absorbed bumps and vibrations from rough roads. Lastly, the two models boasted IP56 water-resistance ratings. 

The New Apollo City Pro 

Apollo City Pro 2023

The Apollo City 2023 Pro has arrived, freshly following the massive success of the Apollo City 2022 and Apollo City 2022 Pro, and it promises to be the brand’s best commuter e-scooter yet. 

But what does the new City have to offer that its predecessors didn't?

Key Upgrades

Better Speed and Range

While the new Apollo City 2023 Pro’s top speed of 51 kph is only slightly higher than the previous City Pro's 50 kph, its upgraded batteries offer a significant increase in range, covering up to 70 km on a single charge in Eco Mode.

Improved Throttle

In 2022, some Apollo City users complained of throttles that tended to stick. Even though Apollo quickly stepped in to rectify the issue, they went above and beyond by making the solution a standard feature in the 2023 version. 

Now fitted with better in-house designed throttles, characterised by wider thumb pads, ergonomic mode buttons, and more resilient throttle springs, the City Pro accelerates like a dream—smoother and more stable than ever.

Upgraded Components

The new Apollo City Pro also features upgraded locking components for enhanced security and stability. It has a new clasp that locks the stem in place firmly and securely, completely eliminating stem wobble for a more confident ride. 

Moreover, its extendable arm now has a clip that locks it in place when you fold your electric scooter. With the clip in place, the e-scooter is now much easier to pick up. The City Pro's kickstand has also been reinforced for superior support, providing a stronger and more secure platform for your e-scooter.

Safety Features

In addition to its upgraded power and performance, the Apollo City 2023 Pro has also been enhanced for safety, with the addition of indicators on both ends of the handlebars. They are self-cancelling, which means they automatically turn off (in case you forget to do so).

The indicators are also easier to operate thanks to buttons that are located on opposite sides of the handlebars—we found this layout to be more intuitive than the stacked buttons found on other electric scooters.

Apart from the turn indicators, Apollo has made the City Pro’s headlight brighter. At 20 LUX, the headlight is twice as bright as the 2022 version. This means you no longer need to buy additional electric scooter lights to ensure visibility at night.

Lastly, the new Apollo City Pro now sports an even higher water-resistance rating than the previous versions. With its remarkable rating of IP66, the City Pro is nearly waterproof and ready for all-season riding.

Similarities to the 2022 Versions

Despite its upgrades and redesigns, all the features that made the City/City Pro 2022 fantastic electric scooters are still present in the 2023 version.

Aside from sporting Apollo’s trademark sleek design, expect to still see the following functionalities in the City 2023 Pro:

  • Puncture-resistant self-healing tyres: The Apollo City’s tyres come with a gel lining that instantly seals cuts and tears.
  • Triple-spring suspension: Thanks to an all-terrain triple-spring suspension system, the City effortlessly glides over any rough terrain.
  • 120-kg load capacity: Similar to its previous version, the new City Pro is tough enough to accommodate heavier riders.
  • Regenerative braking system (RBS): The Apollo City 2023 Pro sports the same RBS Apollo has perfected in the 2022 version, which stores and reuses energy from braking to extend range and improve battery life.

Thanks to a combination of carefully selected features and upgrades, the result is a practical and reliable electric scooter that can handle almost any riding situation.

Overall, the Apollo City 2023 Pro is significantly better than its forerunners—an amazing feat considering how the 2022 versions were already highly regarded in every aspect. It’s a clear testament to Apollo's commitment to innovation and excellence. 

With improved range, components, and mechanisms, the new Apollo City Pro is a top-of-the-line electric scooter that should be on your shortlist this year.

Comparison Chart


Apollo City ‘22

Apollo City Pro ‘22

Apollo City Pro ‘23

Top Speed

40 kph

50 kph

51 kph

Max Range

40 km

60 km

70 km



2 x 500W

2 x 500W

Load Capacity

100 kg

120 kg

120 kg

Battery Voltage

48V 13.5Ah

48V 18Ah

48V 20Ah


10-inch Self-Healing


10-inch Self-Healing


10-inch Self-Healing



Triple-Spring Suspension

Triple-Spring Suspension

Triple-Spring Suspension


Dual Drum Brakes + Regenerative Brakes

Dual Drum Brakes + Regenerative Brakes

Dual Drum Brakes + Regenerative Brakes

Water Resistance




Wrapping Up

The 2022 versions of the Apollo City were some of our bestselling electric scooters, but when we thought about how they could possibly be made better, the 2023 version is exactly what we had in mind.

Apollo’s focus on customer feedback and their deep understanding of real-world riding conditions—a result of years of experience—helped them make ideal improvements to the new City Pro. The result is a meticulously crafted electric scooter that strikes the perfect balance between power and function.

Ready to ride the new Apollo City Pro? Give us a call on 1300 054 257, and we'll set you up with a FREE Apollo phone holder and maintenance kit! Contact us today; our customer service team is here to help you every step of the way.


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