The Pure Advance Flex Review: Australia's Most Revolutionary E-Scooter?

The Pure Advance Flex Review: Australia's Most Revolutionary E-Scooter?

In a sea of lookalike electric scooters, it's hard to find one that stands out.

This is because despite the growing market—no matter how many e-scooter models get released each year—most of them look more or less the same. 

That remained to be true until Pure Electric decided to shake up the industry by introducing what is probably the most groundbreaking e-scooter we have ever laid our eyes on: the Pure Advance Flex.

Up until the release of the Pure Advance Flex, Pure Electric was known for its dependable and conventional Pure Air lineup. These budget-friendly scooters are reliable and rainproof, with a top speed of 25 kph and a range of 30 to 50 km—perfect for city commuters who need to ride rain or shine. 

On the other hand, the Pure Advance escooter range (which includes the Pure Advance Flex) maintains similar specs while incorporating more design decisions for unrivalled portability and stability.

With its premium components, top-tier engineering, and features that are clearly based on the needs of real riders, the Pure Advance Flex stands out from the crowd. If you're looking for an innovative yet portable electric scooter that's built to last, this could be your best bet. 

What We Know About the Pure Advance Flex

Pure Advance Flex

The Pure Advance Flex belongs to Pure Electric’s Advance line, which also features the Advance and the Advance+

On paper, the Pure Advance Flex might not seem like a revolutionary electric scooter. Its speed and maximum range are fairly standard.

While it is fitted with a powerful 500W (710W peak rated) motor, Pure Electric keeps the top speed to 25 kph, which meets the legal requirements in states across Australia. It also covers a maximum range of 40 km. Again, fairly standard, but these figures are consistent with what the Advance Flex is meant for: urban commuting. 

Some riders may be hesitant to try the Pure Advance Flex because it doesn't have suspension, but it's important to remember that it's not built for off-roading. What it does have is 10-inch puncture-resistant tyres that soak up whatever bumps and vibrations you might feel on rough pavement.

The Pure Advance Flex is all about comfort and convenience, not speed or power. It's here to elevate your standards for commuting and be your number one choice of personal transportation.

Here’s how the Flex does all these. 

First Impressions

Out of the box, it’s easy to see that the Pure Advance Flex is unlike other scooters.

Available in two colours, Mercury Grey and Platinum, the Pure Advance Flex is a sleek and sophisticated electric scooter that embodies first-class engineering and design. With its solid construction —no unruly cables or protruding bolts in sight—it is no wonder this award-winning scooter has been praised by Red Dot, A'Design, and Good Design.

But aside from being a feast for the eyes, the Pure Advance Flex’s true appeal lies elsewhere.

Revolutionary Riding Position

Pure Advance Flex

While full of innovative features, the Advance Flex’s revolutionary approach to scooter riding is one of the things that really sets it apart. 

Unlike most e-scooters, which require riders to stand sideways, the Pure Advance Flex's front-facing configuration is stable and easy to learn. With this scooter, you can ride in a more comfortable position that doesn't require you to twist your waist, back, shoulders, or neck, saving your body from unnecessary strain.

At the same time, its balanced handling and precise control make it a breeze to ride, and because it feels natural, even complete beginners will get the hang of riding in no time. This position is also safer because it allows you to easily look over both shoulders and check your blind spots.

Now, we’ve tested so many electric scooters—we’ve officially lost count—and we're still puzzled as to why this design isn't more common. 

If you're concerned about braking, particularly about not being able to brace yourself due to the front-facing position, don't be. We've tested the Advance Flex extensively, and at no point did we lose control of the e-scooter.

Next-Level Portability

The Pure Advance Flex's next best feature is one you won't see at first glance—unless you spot the hinge right in the middle of its frame. 

While most electric scooters boast varying degrees of portability, the Advance Flex takes things to the next level with its fully foldable design. In just 5 easy steps, you can collapse the entire scooter into an ultra-compact package that fits virtually anywhere, from under your desk to the boot of your car.

The folding mechanism itself is straightforward enough. Of course, just as expected, it’s not as quick and simple as other e-scooters that only fold in one point. However, it really doesn’t take a long time to master. 

It's incredible how the Pure Advance Flex, with its aluminium alloy frame, battery, and tires, manages to weigh only 16.2 kg. It's not the lightest e-scooter we sell, but we found it convenient enough to carry and transport with ease. You can see this in action when we took the Flex out to film on Melbourne’s public transport system.

(By the way, if you don’t need this level of portability but can’t help but feel FOMO over the forward-facing configuration, check out the cheaper Pure Advance.)

Enhanced Stability

Pure Advance Flex

In addition to its front-facing riding position, the integration of Pure Electric’s Active Steering Stabilisation technology makes the Advance Flex incredibly stable. This feature keeps the handlebars in the centre even after you turn. 

Based on our cumulative experience, there was no wobbling or capriciousness when we took turns manoeuvring the e-scooter.

Similar to pricier performance electric scooters on the market, the Pure Advance Flex comes with a dual braking system that features a front drum brake and a rear KERS (kinetic energy recovery system) brake, a type of regenerative braking that stores and reuses energy to extend your e-scooter’s range and enhance battery efficiency.

To determine its power and reliability, we took the Advance Flex to slippery roads. True to its word, the braking system kept us in full control even in challenging road conditions.

Safety Features

Pure Advance Flex

Pure Electric pays careful attention to rider safety. That said, despite not being a high-speed electric scooter, the Pure Advance Flex is packed with features that will keep you safe on the road, especially during night rides.

The e-scooter is fitted with a 150-lumen front light that is four times brighter than the previous version as well as a brake and always-on running light. There are also large turn indicators placed on the ends of the handlebars and the back of the footpads. We loved that the indicators flashed to ensure maximum visibility at night. 

As if the lights and indicators are not enough, Pure Electric has also placed reflectors all over the scooter’s frame so it is seen from all angles.

Apart from its lighting system, the Pure Advance Flex also sports a remarkable IP65 water-resistance rating, which means your e-scooter has a high level of protection against dust and water jets from all directions. Considering the electric scooter’s multiple folding points and sections, which could be possible entryways for water droplets, its rating is an amazing feat and a testament to Pure Electric’s impeccable engineering.

Of course, you shouldn't submerge your Advance Flex, but you can rest easy knowing that it's built to withstand the elements.

Points of Improvement

We have plenty of love for Pure Advance Flex, but if we have to find one flaw, it would be the height. As it is not an incredibly tall scooter, it felt a bit uncomfortable for taller riders. This was really for riders over the 6’2” mark, who found they had to slightly bend over to hold the handlebars.That’s manageable for smaller journeys, but if you’re riding like that for a while it can start to get uncomfortable. 

Other than that, if Pure Electric were to release a better version of the Advance Flex in a year or so, it could come with a longer range, higher speed, and maybe a suspension. 

Now, that’s easy to say, but there are trade-offs to consider. A longer range would require a bigger battery, which would make the scooter heavier, slower to recharge, and less foldable. Suspension would also add weight and reduce range. And giving it a faster top speed might be fun, but it would make the Flex illegal in some of Australia’s biggest states. 

Ultimately, the Advance Flex is all about balance—not just literal balance brought by the riding position, but a perfect blend of quality and features that commuters need.

The aforementioned features are nice to have, but they could change what the Flex is about: a world-class and unique commuter e-scooter.

Final Verdict

If you're looking for a feature-rich ride that's innovative, comfortable, and stylish, the Pure Advance Flex is one of the best electric scooters you can buy today.

Sure, you could get a more powerful off-road electric scooter for $2,299. But not everyone needs (or wants) to ride off-road. It’s also worth mentioning that with state-imposed speed limits for e-scooters, a high-speed ride is not the best choice for most commuters.

Prioritising stability over speed, the Pure Advance Flex is a premium commuter e-scooter that's built for the daily grind. It's designed for riders who want more than your average commuter scooter—a headturner that’s still sensible enough for urban riding. 

The Pure Advance Flex achieves something other electric scooters haven’t yet, and that’s stepping outside the imaginary boundaries of e-mobility.

Are you curious about the Pure Advance Flex? Call us now at 1300 054 257 to speak to one of our representatives.

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