Make 2024 the Year You Ride Electric

Make 2024 the Year You Ride Electric

If your daily commutes feel more like an endurance test than a journey, it’s time to buckle up for a new way to move. This year, it’s time to leave old habits behind—and that includes changing your transportation options for the better.

It’s the perfect time to enter the world of electric mobility. Electric scooters, ebikes, and erides present a greener, much better way to navigate your world.

2024 is the year to raise the bar and transform the way you ride. We've got the electric rides you need to make it happen.


Electric Scooters

Electric scooters are now charting their own course in the transportation landscape. Here are our top picks:

Segway-Ninebot MAX G2

$1,699 - Shop Now

Segway MAX G2

Bumpy commutes and unreliable rides are a thing of the past with the Segway-Ninebot MAX G2. Designed with built-in suspension for a silky ride, the successor to the ever-popular G30P zips to 35 kph, tackles hills with its powerful motor, and explores further on a single charge with its 70 km range.

As with any Segway-Ninebot model, safety and comfort are paramount for the MAX G2. That said, it has been equipped with dual brakes, 10-inch self-healing tires, and a larger frame for more confident and comfortable cruising. Meanwhile, an anti-skid deck, ergonomic controls, and high-visibility lights keep you seen and in control.

But the MAX G2 isn't just a ride. It's built to be a reliable companion, where you can track your riding stats, stay connected, and remotely control your e-scooter using the official Segway app.

Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro

$599 - Shop Now

Segway C2 Pro

Scootering becomes a family affair with the Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro. Designed for budding riders 9 years old and above, this kids’ scooter leaves a mark with its power that does not overwhelm. It brings a gentle 20 kph speed and a sufficient 15 km range, which are perfect for letting young riders cruise without leaving the safe zone. 

One of the best features of the C2 Pro is its ability to grow with your kids. Thanks to its adjustable stem, this electric scooter can accommodate various heights from 3'8" to 5'6". This is also ideal if you have multiple kids in the family, where siblings can easily share!

While the scooter has so many great and fun features—from reliable brakes and puncture-proof tyres to fun RGB lights and a built-in Bluetooth speaker—we know that there are fewer things more important than safety. That said, the Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro has passed rigid drop tests and real-scene road tests to ensure optimal safety and quality.

Apollo Ghost

$2,499 - Shop Now

Apollo Ghost

The best-selling Apollo Ghost just got even better, boasting a sturdier build with a reinforced stem and locking mechanism, faster speeds, and stronger rims than its predecessor. Two 1,000W motors power the Ghost, delivering a hair-raising acceleration rate of zero to 30 kph in just 4 seconds, which then maintains a 60 kph top speed afterwards.

But the Ghost isn’t just a speed demon; it’s a smooth ride. Dual spring suspension eats up bumps from the terrain, while a triple braking system—including hydraulic discs and regenerative braking—ensures confident control even at high speeds, even over rough and challenging landscapes.

Beyond pure brawn, the Ghost proves to be one of the most versatile rides and can accommodate heavier riders up to 135 kg. With this potent combination of power, speed, and reliability, the Apollo Ghost remains to be a top contender in the electric scooter arena this year.

Apollo Air V3

$1,499 - Shop Now

Apollo Air V3

The Apollo Air remains one of the best commuter electric scooters in 2024, especially since the latest version boasts self-healing tyres, brighter lights, and a redesigned folding mechanism for smoother and more convenient rides. Its aircraft-grade aluminium frame, on the other hand, houses a 500W motor that takes you to zippy 34-kph top speeds.

You can explore further with the Apollo Air V3. Thanks to its upgraded 36V battery and powerful regenerative braking, it can cover up to an impressive 55 kilometres in Eco mode. Plus, because of its incredibly high IP66 water resistance rating, your Apollo Air lets you weather any storm.

The Apollo Air is not just stylish and robust—it’s also smart. Using the Apollo app, you can adjust your settings, track your battery levels, remotely lock your scooter, and personalise your overall riding experience.

Apollo City Pro V3

$2,699 - Shop Now

Apollo City Pro V3

In 2024, the Apollo City Pro V3 remains to be one of the ultimate choices for city dwellers and thrill-seekers. The sleek powerhouse combines stunning design, exhilarating performance, and top-of-the-line features to bridge the gap between daily riding and momentous adventures.

The City Pro’s dual 500W motors easily propel you to speeds of up to 51 kph, while the robust yet stylish aluminium frame empowers you to ride with confidence. Plus, the upgraded battery grants longer rides, covering up to 70 km on Eco Mode.

While designed to give you the best city rides, the Apollo City Pro V3 is also equipped to handle rougher terrain. This is thanks to a formidable combination of self-healing tyres, a triple-spring suspension system, and an IP66 water-resistance rating.

Pure Advance Flex

$2,299 - Shop Now

Pure Advance Flex

Forget everything you know about e-scooters. Pure Electric has taken a radical approach when they designed the Pure Advance Flex—featuring a unique and revolutionary forward-facing configuration that offers unmatched comfort and stability.

Another thing that makes this scooter stand out is its folding mechanism. While most electric scooters feature a stem that folds down towards the deck, the Pure Advance Flex has a folding design that packs down the deck, stem, handlebars, and body in just 5 steps. The result is an ultra-compact folded form that fits just about anywhere.

The Pure Advance Flex is rife with safety features, too, including the brand’s Active Steering Stabilisation technology, a comprehensive lighting system with handlebar and footpad indicators, and an IP65 water-resistance rating.

Pure Air³ Pro

$1,299 - Shop Now

Pure Air 3 Pro

The Pure Air³ Pro is a sleek and stylish powerhouse on wheels. Its 500W motor produces enough power for you to tackle hills with ease, while its 37V battery offers up to 40 kilometres of range on a single charge. Experience all these while maintaining a legally abiding top speed of 25 kph. 

Though lightweight at only 16.9 kg, the Air³ Pro is packed with class-leading safety features. It features the brand’s trademark Active Steering Stabilisation technology and includes a comprehensive lighting system with a headlight that’s now 4x brighter, rear lights, and handlebar indicators.

Finally, you’ll always be ready to ride no matter the weather, as the Air³ Pro boasts an IP65 water-resistance rating that can handle downpours and puncture-resistant tyres that conquer bumps and obstacles.

Inokim OXO

$3,399 - Shop Now

Inokim OX

For seasoned riders hungry for power and luxury, the Inokim OXO 2023 delivers. This electrifying beast boasts dual 1000W motors for a thrilling 1300W peak output that can tackle hills and reach up to a breathtaking 65 kph with surprising silence. 

With 10-inch pneumatic tyres and Inokim’s adjustable dual suspension system (OSAP), the OXO is one of your best bets when it comes to conquering any terrain—from gliding smoothly on pavements to soaking up bumps on mountain trails. Plus, its spacious deck and ergonomic throttle enhance your riding experience and make it more comfortable.

To rein in the OXO’s force, it comes equipped with a rear disc brake and a front drum brake for maximum stopping power as well as integrated front and rear LED lights to keep you safe and visible no matter where your ride takes you.

Inokim OX Super

$2,399 - Shop Now

Inokim OX

After the OXO, the Inokim OX Super is another all-terrain ace that we have up our sleeves. Built for both city streets and weekend adventures, the well-rounded beast balances an exhilarating 44 kph top speed and impressive stability thanks to its robust build. 

With a maximum range of 97 kilometres, there’s virtually nothing you can’t do with the OX Super. Even better, you can expect these long-distance rides to be smooth and comfortable, as the scooter boasts a dual suspension system that you can adjust to suit flat roads and off-road trails.

As always, Inokim prioritises your safety and well-being by equipping the OX Super with a rubber deck carpet for better grip, integrated LED lights for visibility, and powerful drum and disc brakes for confident stopping.

Inokim Quick 4

$2,199 - Shop Now

Inokim Quick 4

Finally, we have the Inokim Quick 4, which lives up to its name by blazing through commutes with a powerful 600W motor and a 40 kph top speed. But that’s not it—it also quickly folds up in as little as 4 seconds, turning into a compact package for effortless storage or transport.

While not as beastly as its previously mentioned siblings, the Quick 4 is capable of gliding over bumpy terrain thanks to its 10-inch pneumatic tyres and dual adjustable suspension. With powerful drum and disc brakes that keep you in control and integrated LED lights, you’re guaranteed to enjoy fun and safe rides.

And if you’re tall, another great thing about the Inokim Quick 4 is its telescopic handlebar that you can easily adjust to suit your height. 

Electric Bikes

Feel the wind in your hair, not the burn in your legs. Electric bikes offer a powerful assist for effortless climbs and extended adventures. We recommend the following:

Aventon Pace 500.3

$2,599 - Shop Now

Aventon Pace 500.3

Designed for laid-back riding, the Aventon Pace 500.3 redefines and amplifies the entire casual biking experience with its ergonomic design, state-of-the-art intuitive features and powerful performance. 

Zip around town with its 500W motor that takes you to speeds of up to 45 kph, or simply enjoy the view and go further thanks to the bike’s extended 96 km range. Because it has been upgraded to a torque sensor that amplifies your pedalling efforts, you can conquer miles and heights, giving you an extra boost without draining your energy.

When it comes to experience, the Pace 500.3 doesn’t just offer speed and technology. Its comfortable upright frame is reminiscent of classic cruiser bikes, complete with swept-back handlebars, a cushioned saddle, and an adjustable stem to suit your riding preferences.

Aventon Aventure.2

$3,799 - Shop Now

Aventon Aventure.2

Fans of the original Aventon Aventure will love how this version takes its esteemed predecessor’s best qualities and kicks them up a notch. It still has the powerful 750W motor, a removable battery, oversized puncture-resistant 26” tyres, and the same excellent build quality, but it adds exciting upgrades for a better ride.

First we have the torque sensor, an upgrade from the older version’s cadence sensor. It reads your pedalling effort and adjusts motor power accordingly, which translates to effortless acceleration, greater efficiency, and a more natural riding experience. Thanks to this technology, the Aventure.2 now covers a longer range—up to 92 kilometres.

The Aventure.2 features a comprehensive lighting system including auto-cancelling turn indicators. A sturdy rear rack is included out of the box, which is capable of supporting up to 25-kg of weight.

Aventon Abound

$3,499 - Shop Now

Aventon Abound

The much-awaited Aventon Abound is a must-have for families and individuals who require ample storage space for their daily rides. The Abound has enough room as well as an expansive range of accessory options and attachments to handle groceries, equipment haul, and even school pick-ups.

With the Aventon Abound, you get high-end performance, stunning aesthetics, and a budget-friendly price tag—a rare combination in the world of electric cargo bikes. Safety-wise, the cargo ebike is equipped with powerful hydraulic brakes, reflective sidewalls, and puncture-resistant tyres.

Similar to other Aventon models, the Abound also features a new torque sensor, which acts in sync with your pedalling efforts and delivers smoother acceleration.

Aventon Sinch.2

$2,899 - Shop Now

Aventon Sinch.2

If you need an electric bike that quenches your need for off-road adventures but doesn’t take up all the space in your garage, consider the Aventon Sinch.2. Designed for limited spaces, the Sinch.2 folds in half to make storage and transport a breeze without compromising on riding stability.

The Aventon Sinch.2 packs a punch with its 500W rear-hub motor that delivers a top speed of 32 kph even on rough, uneven landscapes. On the other hand, thanks to its 48V battery, you can enjoy an impressive range of up to 88 kilometres on a single charge. 

Don’t let its compact size fool you—the Sinch.2 features a robust build, oversized fat tyres, and heavy-duty components. It is not exactly lightweight at 31 kg, but all these translate to serious off-road capabilities, which allow you to conquer all kinds of terrain.

Electric Rides

From exciting laps to hair-raising trail rides, electric go-karts and dirt bikes are built to transform off-road fun. Check out these rides for your next adventure.

Segway-Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini

$3,999 - Shop Now

Segway Go Kart Pro Lamborghini

Unleash your inner racer and zoom around the track in style with the Segway-Ninebot Go Kart Pro Lamborghini edition. Feel the wind whip through your hair as you hit speeds up to 40 kph and conquer corners with precision. Plus, its 25-km range lets you keep going, lap after lap.

The Segway Go Kart Pro is built for fun for all ages. Featuring an adjustable length and four speed modes, you can share the excitement with your kids. Its complex braking system, which includes a brake pedal, an automatic brake that activates when you stop on a slope, and an emergency handbrake, ensures safety and control on any course.

With built-in Lamborghini engine sounds blasting through the Bluetooth speaker, you can completely immerse yourself in the racing experience. Alternatively, personalise your ride with your own playlist!

Sur-Ron Light Bee X

$7,490 - Shop Now

Surron Light Bee X

The Sur-Ron Light Bee X roars to life with a robust motor, which blasts you to speeds of 75 kph even on rugged terrain. On top of electrifying speed, its 60V battery allows you to explore further, covering distances of up to 75 km. 

Despite its power, its advanced FOC vector controller ensures responsive handling, letting you manoeuvre—and pull off tricks—confidently. Paired with the Light Bee X’s high-torque motor, this feature delivers personalised control and precision handling so you can conquer any obstacle, even 35-degree hill climbs. 

Beyond power and speed, the Light Bee X is a superior, comfortable ride characterised by a premium foam-filled saddle, forged aluminium G3 frame, and INTERSECT TR suspension system that smooths out even the most rugged trails.

Sur-Ron Ultra Bee

$9,990 - Shop Now

Surron Ultra Bee

Another masterpiece from Sur-Ron, the Ultra Bee electric dirt bike redefines off-road riding with robust power and performance and refined traction control. It reaches exhilarating speeds of up to 90 kph—boasting lightning-fast acceleration of zero to 50 kph within 2.3 seconds—while letting you explore up to 140 kilometres in range on a single charge. 

The Ultra Bee’s 4th generation powertrain delivers precision handling, while the fully isolated electrical architecture prevents interference between components to ensure smooth rides. With fully adjustable front and rear suspension, you'll fly over bumps and climb steeper inclines than ever before.

Even as you conquer difficult terrains and steep hills, you are always in control of your ride, thanks to the combination of an advanced SRTC traction system and front and rear 240-mm hydraulic disc brakes.

C3Strom Astro Pro Electric Bike

$4,499 - Shop Now

C3Strom Astro Pro

The futuristic C3Strom Astro Pro electric bike blurs the lines between motorcycle and mountain bike. The result is an eye-catching ride that’s perfect for urban riders. With this electric bike, you can blast through traffic at speeds of up to 50 kph and conquer roads within an impressive 125-km range (it also features a removable/swappable battery so you can keep going if you run out of range).

The C3Strom Astro Pro’s suspension and puncture-resistant tyres conquer bumpy roads and other city obstacles, while its powerful 4-piston hydraulic brakes ensure safe stops, even when you’re running at top speed. It also features a bright headlight, taillight, and turn signals for maximum visibility.

In need of storage space? You’d be happy to know you have the option to add a rear rack to your C3Strom Astro Pro for additional cargo space.

Bonus Entry: Segway Power Cube

$2,799 - Shop Now

Segway Power Cube

From keeping the lights on during an outage to powering your remote work setup or off-grid adventures, the Segway Power Cube is the ultimate power backup plan in 2024. 

This versatile station can keep your devices humming and adventures rolling with Segway’s self-developed LiFePO4 batteries that last over 4,000 cycles (or over a decade of normal use). Its modular design lets you expand capacity up to 5kWh to power everything you need—from smartphones and laptops to TVs and refrigerators.

The Segway Power Cube is built tough to endure any adventure. Its magnesium alloy frame is UV-resistant, crush-and-shock-resistant, and even drop-resistant. Plus, its IP65 waterproof rating keeps it safe in any weather. 

The Power Cube has a 2200W AC output and 4400W surge function to safely power even high-demand appliances. It activates in just 0.03 seconds in the event of an outage, and you can stay in control of your energy usage and consumption using the Segway Smart app. 

Wrapping Up

From city streets to winding trails, this is your year to redefine mobility. 

Let's make 2024 the year we all discover the joy of electric rides. So, put down the car keys and strap on your helmet—the future is here and it's silent, sustainable, and way more fun.

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