Back to Uni Specials: Navigate Student Life with E-Scooters & E-Bikes

Back to Uni Specials: Navigate Student Life with E-Scooters & E-Bikes

It’s back to uni season once again! This is an exciting time, but for most students, this translates to the dreaded reality of tight schedules and harsh commutes. Now, while cramming for exams and juggling between classes are unavoidable, there is one thing you can avoid to make your load lighter: traffic woes.

This year, ditch the stresses of traffic jams, crowded buses, and unsuitable parking spots. With electric scooters and electric bikes, take back your commutes and embrace a new way to navigate your university life.

From rushing between classes to exploring the city on your own terms, e-scooters and e-bikes offer a convenient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly ride for every student.

We recommend:

Top Recommendations for Students

Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus

$699 - Shop Now

Segway E2 Plus

The Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus is the perfect beginner scooter for any first-time rider. Cruise between buildings at manageable speeds up to 25 kph, or explore the campus with its 25-km range. Puncture-proof and maintenance-free tyres ensure smooth daily rides, while front electronic and rear drum brakes provide reliable stopping.

The E2 Plus prioritises style and functionality. Only weighing 14.4 kg, it’s highly portable and easy to carry, whether it’s aboard a bus or up the stairs. Meanwhile, its sleek design folds effortlessly in just two steps, so it’s convenient to store under your desk or inside your dorm room.

The integrated bell alerts pedestrians and fellow riders of your presence, while the lighting system—complete with a high-powered light and rear flashing light—keeps you visible, especially in the dark.

Apollo Air V3

$1,499 - Shop Now

Apollo Air

The Apollo Air V3 is the ultimate student e-scooter. With its 500W motor, 34-kph top speed, and 55-km range, it is built not only for covering daily commutes but also for exploring off-campus spots. 

To take one more thing off your mind, you can say goodbye to flats with the Air V3's self-healing tyres, which seal punctures on the go. Plus, the scooter’s regenerative braking system recharges your battery as you ride, extending your range and your brake life.

More importantly, the Air V3 prioritises safety with brighter lights, indicators, and a dual suspension system for smooth rides, even on uneven terrain. To monitor your stats, personalise your settings, and lock your scooter remotely, use the Apollo app for added peace of mind.

Segway-Ninebot MAX G2

$1,699 - Shop Now

Segway MAX G2

School life can be hectic, but your commute doesn’t have to be. The powerful Segway- Ninebot MAX G2 features a 35 kph top speed and a jaw-dropping 70-km range, which really comes in handy if you live off-campus. 

Riding the MAX G2 also means saying goodbye to uncomfortable vibrations. With its combination of front hydraulic and rear dual-spring suspension, the scooter absorbs bumps for smooth and easy rides. And there’s no need to worry if your campus terrain is hilly, as the MAX G2 tackles inclines up to 22%. 

With a reliable braking system (front drum + rear electronic brake), bright headlight and brake lights, and integrated turn signals, you’ll always feel safe and confident riding the Segway MAX G2. 

Pure Air³

$1,199 - Shop Now

Pure Air 3

The 15.9-kg Pure Air³ is a lightweight yet robust ride, boasting a 550W motor, solid components that feel premium, and class-leading features that you might not find in a lot of electric scooters within the same price range. 

Whether you’re a beginner or not, the Pure Air³ is packed with features and functionalities to help you ride confidently. Its comprehensive lighting system consists of a bright headlight, brake lights, and handlebar indicators, while the brand’s Active Steering Stabilisation technology—designed to eliminate jittery movements from the handlebars—keeps rides smooth and controlled. 

Never miss classes again! The Pure Air³ sports an incredibly high IP65 water-resistance rating. Together with puncture-resistant tyres, this is an electric scooter that will keep you riding no matter the weather. 

Pure Advance

$1,899 - Shop Now

Pure Advance

Experience a different kind of commute with the Pure Advance. Designed for unmatched stability and control, this electric scooter features a unique forward-facing riding position that lets you explore the campus with ease and in style.

The Pure Advance achieves a moderate 25-kph speed and a good 40-km range. Weighing in at only 16.2 kg, it is a portable electric scooter that’s easy to carry around. Moreover, it features a slimline foldable design that is 70% narrower than standard scooters, which makes it perfect for storing in dorms or tight spaces.

It also features the brand’s Active Steering Stabilisation technology and complete lighting features, namely bright headlights, brake lights, and handlebar indicators. Plus, similar to the Pure Air³, its IP65 water-resistance rating makes for weather-proof rides. 

Anyhill UM2

$1,449 - Shop Now

Anyhill UM2

The Anyhill UM2 is a sleek electric scooter with a unique feature up its sleeve. Say hello to continuous rides and campus explorations with the UM2’s swappable LG battery. If you’ve had an all-nighter or if you’re running late to class, simply swap the battery for a fully-charged spare and you’re good to go. 

Safety-wise, if you need to charge your electric scooter at school, all you need to do is detach your battery and plug it in. No need to worry about leaving your entire scooter unattended. Plus, the kickstand lets you park your scooter securely between classes. 

The Anyhill UM2 is equipped with a 450W motor that allows you to ride at speeds of up to 31 kph. More importantly, you can effortlessly conquer campus hills thanks to its 20% climb capability. It’s also one of our electric scooters that can accommodate higher rider weights—up to 136 kg.

Aventon Soltera.2

$2,199 (Step-Over) - Shop Now

$2,199 (Step-Through) - Shop Now

Aventon Soltera.2

If you are not in the market for electric scooters but are, instead, more interested in getting an electric bike, we recommend the Aventon Soltera.2. It’s a stylish yet practical e-bike that’s designed for students on the go, covering up to 74 km on a single charge. 

For hilly treks, the Soltera.2’s new torque sensor delivers an intuitive pedal assist that feels more natural and efficient. Meanwhile, its tyres are meant to tackle different terrain, from smooth roads to the gravel walkways in your campus. Moreover, it sports an IPX4 water-resistance rating to deal with light rain and drizzles. 

Weighing only 20 kg, the elegant Aventon Soltera.2 is the most lightweight in our current electric bike category. This is ideal for students who need to traverse buildings or carry their bikes on public transport to complete multi-modal commutes.

Bonus: Thousand® Helmet

$139 - Shop Now

Thousand Helmet

Wherever your rides take you, a Thousand® helmet will keep you safe and looking sharp. Combining a classic design with modern safety features, this helmet is the perfect companion for every student.

Thousand® helmets are certified to meet the highest safety standards, with these certifications for cycling and skateboarding: CPSC, ASTM F1492, CE EN1078. The helmet’s easy-to-use magnetic buckle lets you secure your helmet quickly, while the hidden PopLock keeps it safe from theft.

If you’re worried about staying cool, rest assured that Thousand® has thought of that, too. Thoughtfully designed, it features seven vents to keep your head cool and comfortable, even on hot days. With three sizes and multiple colours to choose from, you’re sure to find the perfect fit.

Wrapping Up

So, ditch the stress and embrace freedom! With electric scooters and electric bikes, conquer your daily commutes and save money—while leaving less carbon footprint at the same time. Remember to ride responsibly, so be sure to follow your local traffic laws, wear proper gear, and respect fellow road-users.

Now, go forth and enjoy the ride!

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