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EMove Cruiser

by EMove
Original price $2,299.00
Original price $2,299.00 - Original price $2,299.00
Original price $2,299.00
Current price $2,249.00
$2,199.00 - $2,249.00
Current price $2,249.00
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Colour: Black
  • product-top-speed 50 kph
  • product-maximum-range 100 km
  • product-weight 23 kg
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Cruise far and wide, the EMove Cruiser is a scooter that can take on up to 100 km in the real world. So when they say 100 km, you get 100 km! And that's not all that this electric scooter can give! It can even go up to speeds of 50 kph and fold down conveniently so you can fit it in your scooter bag to bring on public transport, up a flight of stairs, or store in your car boot.




Get cruising! The ultra long range and water resistance make the EMove Cruiser as standout commuter electric scooter.

An average commuter scooter will allow you to cruise on speeds of 25 kph as far as about 25 km. We can safely say that the EMove Cruiser is not average at all!

This commuter scooter is powered by a strong 1000W Brushless DC motor that allows you to reach top speeds of 50 kph which is twice as fast as your typical commuters. That's also 20% faster than the previous model.

What's more, the EMove Cruiser is equipped with a high-performing 52V 30Ah LG battery with 21700 battery cells that produce more juice to keep you going. Indeed, you'll be able to enjoy 100 kilometers of real-world distance! That's almost four times as far as the average commuter can go, making the EMove Cruiser well above the rest of its class.

But that's not all. The EMove Cruiser is also designed to be comfortable for all types of riders. It has an awesome 160 kg maximum load (high enough for you and your kid to double). Its front spring and rear air suspension also lessen the bumpiness of the road when you're traveling.

The EMove Cruiser also has awesome 10-inch tyres in the front and back. Both are pneumatic, tubeless, and car-grade so they're more likely to withstand surprising potholes and bumps.

Safety is also 'key' as this scooter has a voltmeter and locking key to help keep it more secure. You can even fold its handlebar and stem so that you can store it away more easily. Indeed, when it comes to going the farthest distance while commuting, the EMove Cruiser is a great pick!







MAX. SPEED 50 kph
MOTOR 1000W Brushless DC
MAX. RANGE 100 km (Real World)
WEIGHT 23 kg
CHARGE TIME 9-12 hrs
CLIMB ANGLE Up to 20 Degrees
TYRES Front and Rear 10-inch by 2.7-inch Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade
OFFROAD Yes (grass, gravel, dirt)
BRAKES  Front and Rear Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes
  • 50 kph top speed
  • 100 km REAL WORLD range
  • Strong 1000W Brushless DC motor
  • Above-average 130 kg maximum capacity load
  • Portable at 23 kg
  • 10 inch by 2.7 inch Pneumatic Tubeless Car Grade Tyres
  • IPX6 water resistance
  • Foldable stem and handlebars
  • Front spring + rear air suspension
  • Front and rear hybrid XTECH hydraulic brakes
  • Front and rear lights, front side lights, & turn signal lights
  • Voltmeter + power key for added security
  • Wide deck & adjustable stem height
  • Finger throttle




We offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scooters. For more information, please see our warranty page.




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Download the EMove Cruiser Instructions.



Is the EMove Cruiser good for long distance rides?

Definitely, the EMove Cruiser has one of the longest in its class with a 100 km REAL WORLD range.

How fast can the EMove Cruiser go?

The EMove Cruiser can reach 50 kph.

What kind of batteries does the EMove Cruiser have?

The EMove Cruiser has a 52V LG battery.

Does the EMove Cruiser come with a charger?

Yes, the EMove Cruiser comes with 1 regular charger.

Is the EMove Cruiser legal in Australia?

The EMove Cruiser has three different riding modes to help you control your speed limit. You can easily comply with local guidelines if you ride on a mode that has a lower speed limit, like Gear 1.

Does the EMove Cruiser come with a thumb throttle?

No, the EMove Cruiser comes with a finger throttle. But you can purchase a thumb throttle as a supplementary accessory.

Can I ride the EMove Cruiser off-road?

Yes, you can ride the EMove Cruiser on gravel, grass, and dirt.

Is the EMove Cruiser a good fit for tall people?

Yes, the EMove Cruiser features and adjustable stem that can accommodate more rider heights.

Is the EMove Cruiser good for heavier riders?

Yes, the EMove Cruiser has one of the highest carry loads in its class at 160 kg

Does the EMove Cruiser come in different colours?

Yes, the EMove Cruiser comes in Black, White, Orange, and Purple

Can I ride the EMove Cruiser in rain?

The EMove Cruiser has amazing water resistance at IPX6. However, we strongly recommend not riding it in rain as it still has electric components.

Is the EMove Cruiser easy to bring around?

The EMove Cruiser is portable at 23 kg and features a foldable stem and handlebars.

Does the EMove Cruiser have suspension?

Yes, the EMove Cruiser has front spring + rear air suspension

Product Specs

  • Weight (kg) 23 kg
  • Top speed (kph) 50 kph
  • Carry Load (kg) 130 kg
  • Tyres Pneumatic, Tubeless, Car-Grade
  • Tyre Size (inch) 10 x 2.7 inches
  • Brakes Front and Rear Hybrid Hydraulic Brakes
  • Water Resistance IPX6
  • Range (km) 100 km
  • RRP ($) $2,249
  • Suspension Front Spring + Rear Air Suspension
  • Portability Foldable
  • Hill climb Up to 10 Degrees


Built Strong

Built Strong

Built-In Suspension

Built-In Suspension

Long Range

Long Range


Perfect For Commuting

Perfect For Commuting

Very High Water Resistance (IPX6)

Very High Water Resistance (IPX6)

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
April Daly

The product was per description. However it was disappointing that the scooter was shipped without the thumb throttle assembled which was what I requested in the order. I was also not expecting so much aftermarket fiddling required to get it to a roadworthy status. It would be good if Voro offers a 24/7 chat support instead of the customer trying to understand numerous videos and manuals, then needing to go to the Voro facebook group for crowd support when you fix problems by the book and the problem presist.

Neil Morrison

First experience of an e scooter and have to say I was surprised at the acceleration of this beauty even on the slowest mode. Have been taking it easy as an older Easy Rider but must admit it made me feel like a kid again - great fun and practical as well.

Seanoa Faraimo

EMove Cruiser

Brandon Hinds
Great Scooter

I got my EMove Cruiser the other week and its a beast. Very quick, very comfortable, and has extremely impressive range. I switched out the default throttle for the twist variant, and installed the tow bar to make it easier to carry (it's pretty heavy/awkward to carry with just the stem when folded down). I highly recommend this scooter.

I also recommend purchasing from Electric Kicks, as they did a full assessment of the scooter before sending it to me, and they emailed me a set of handy tips specific to the scooter (rather than something generic about a generic electric scooter). I really appreciated these personal touches.

Chris McEwen
Great scooter I love it

So far very good, I have only had this a short time but I love the emove cruiser, the suspension is worth it, excellent speed, easy to ride and great km's, my first charge I tested the km distance and at 92km the battery charge indicator went empty so I thought that was good enough but probably would have gone very close to the advertised 100kms if I had kept going until battery turned off. I was not going flat out the whole 92km's probably about 25km/hr average speed. The only thing I can not talk about is reliability over time as I have only ridden for a short time but trust this will be good.

Jason Nakhla

Great service, knowledge and tips