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apollo electric scooters guide

The Ultimate Guide to Apollo Electric Scooters

Apollo Scooters Now Launched In Australia

There’s a reason why this Canadian-based scooter brand is blowing up across the world (and now, in Australia!). Simply put, Apollo scooters combine speed, acceleration, range, and comfort seamlessly.

It’s a scooter brand that’s built by two founders with a love and passion for scooters to a "nerd like level", and they have created a scooter for all commuters and thrill seekers alike. 

Apollo electric scooters have been featured in the Wall Street Journal, CNet, Tom's guide and more., the world's biggest scooter review platform rated the Apollo Explore one of the best electric scooters in the world!

Today, this global brand is expanding its horizon even further, and soon, you’ll be seeing the Apollo scooters zooming around Australia. Australian scooter riding is about to level up, be one of the first to experience Apollo. 

The Apollo Range

Right now, the Apollo has a range of scooters that can fit whatever riding experience you’re looking for. From beginner riders to weekend adventurers and off-road warriors, this scooter brand has the answer. All that’s left is for you to choose which one works the best for you.

Here are six Apollo scooter models that you’re sure to love:

Apollo Light

    apollo light electric scooter entry level commuter

    The Apollo Light is the brand’s entry-level scooter. If you’re just beginning your electric scooter journey, this model is tailor-fit to keep you at ease and comfortable while riding. It’s super portable with hassle-free controls that provide top-notch performance without being intimidating.

    Say hello to the Apollo Light:

    Apollo City

      apollo city electric commuter scooter
      The Apollo City is the brand’s solution for everyday urban commuting. This sleek city scooter balances portability and power so you can enjoy your trips to and from your house with no problems. You can even bring it on public transportation whenever needed.

      Witness the Apollo City performance:

      Apollo Explore

        apollo explore premium electric commuter scooter
        The Apollo Explore is the brand’s premium commuter scooter. It offers the perfect balance between everyday commuting and having a ride for some weekend fun. Slightly more powerful than the City, this scooter is best for longer distances and riders who want a single scooter for both commuting and recreation.

        What's more, the Apollo Explore was voted as Electric-Scooter Guide's #1 Single-Motor Electric Scooter for 2020. With its first-rate performance, there's no doubt how it got that distinction.

        Watch the Apollo Explore in action:

        Apollo Ghost

          apollo ghost dual motor electric scooter
          The Apollo Ghost is the brand’s come-on for speed enthusiasts. With strong dual motors, incredible range and speed, and impressive acceleration, there’s no doubting the thrills and excitement you can get when you ride this electric scooter on streets and trails.

          Glide around in the Apollo Ghost:

          Apollo Phantom

          apollo phantom electric scooter

          The Apollo Phantom is the latest electric scooter in Apollo's range. You can bet that this ultra-powerful scooter has got upgrades that will make each ride better and more comfortable. Besides its strong performance on the road, the attention to detail on this scooter will make you every rider's envy!

          This ultra-cool scooter can provide you with all-out power during your rides thanks to its strong 1200W dual motors. You can reach speeds of up to 62 kph and even crush hills of up to 25 degrees. Its high-capacity 52V battery allows you to go as far as 64 km in just one charge.

          Check out what's in store for you when you get the Apollo Phantom:

          Apollo Pro


            apollo pro premium electric scooter dual motor offroad

            The Apollo Pro is the brand’s top-tier scooter, perfect for adrenaline junkies and daredevils. It’s an electric scooter that can take on high demands, whether it be quick acceleration or crushing high hills, because of its incredible dual-motor power.


            "Using the Apollo Pro for my commuting has made my rare supply runs around town (almost) fun. The scooter is fast, responsive, and ideal for bumpy New York streets." - Joseph Kaminski, CNet

            There’s no doubt that you won’t ask for more speed nor distance when riding the Apollo Pro.

            Catch the Apollo Pro's incredible burst of speed:

            Speed & Range

            The Apollo scooters can provide you with the speed and range you need depending on which you choose. But one thing's for certain, these models can offer you above average performance than most other scooters in their respective levels.

            The Apollo Light has a top speed of 35 kph and a maximum range of 35 km (vs. the typical entry-level specs of 20-25 kph and 25 km). It also has good acceleration at 25 kph in 6.2 seconds and commendable climbing ability at a maximum of 10-degree inclines. Read more about the Apollo Light on Clean Technica.

            The Apollo City has a top speed of 40 kph and a maximum range of 45 km. Most city commuter scooters just average top speeds of 25 kph and about 25 to 30 km maximum distances. Plus, this e-scooter's acceleration (25 kph in 4.1 seconds) is top-notch. It's hill climb ability (max. 15-degree inclines) is also excellent.

            The Apollo Explore has a top speed of 50 kph and a maximum range of 55 km. It clearly surpasses most average commuter scooters in the speed and range department. What's more, its acceleration (25 kph in 3.5 seconds) and climbing ability (up to 25-degree inclines) are also well above what the average commuter scooter can do. Read more about the Apollo Explore on Electrek & E-Ride Hero.

            The Apollo Ghost has a top speed of 55 kph and a maximum range of 62 km. It's the perfect in-between if you want something with more power than the Explore. Its acceleration (25 kph in 3.1 seconds) and climbing ability (up to 25-degree inclines) are sure to up your performance as well.

            The Apollo Phantom has a top speed of 62 kph and a maximum range of 64 km which makes it an awesome weekend recreational scooter. With industry-leading 1200W dual motors, it has the power to provide you with the speedy acceleration that Apollo is known for.

            The Apollo Pro has a top speed of 60 kph and a maximum range of 90 km. This is the perfect scooter for thrills seekers and packs an incredible range and top speed. What makes the Pro a touch above the rest of the other e-scooters on its level is its wicked acceleration (50 kph at 6.2 seconds) and its impressive climbing ability (max. 40-degree inclines). The price also crushes the competition, with much more value for money than similar Zero and Bexley scooters. 

            All Apollo scooters feature 3 riding modes, each having their own maximum speed limits. So you can totally ease your way into being comfortable with your Apollo model's top speed.

            All Apollo scooters can be ridden in flat, paved roads and can easily tackle small bumps and humps. The Apollo Explore, Apollo Ghost, and Apollo Phantom are sturdy enough (with excellent suspension) to withstand light trails and dirt paths. In fact, the Apollo Phantom features an industry-first Quadruple Spring Suspension system. The Apollo Pro, however, can be ridden in off-road conditions with off-road tyres. 

            Motor & Battery

            The Apollo scooters all feature brushless DC motors with different power capabilities to provide you with the type of ride that you need.

            The Apollo Light has a 350W motor (600W Peak Power), the Apollo City has a 600W motor (800W Peak Power), and the Apollo Explore has a 1000W motor (1400W Peak Power). The top-notch and reliable motors on this scooters make it possible to get the speed, acceleration, and climbing ability that Apollo scooters excel at.

            But that's not all. This scooter range also has three dual-motor scooters. The Apollo Ghost has 2 800W motors (1000W Peak Power/motor), the Apollo Phantom has 2 1200W motors (1800W Peak Power/motor) and the Apollo Pro has 2 1000W motors (1200W Peak Power/motor) for its 52V version and 2 1200W motors (1600W Peak Power/motor) for its 60V version. 

            apollo pro fast thrill electric scooter

            All the Apollo scooters except for the Pro come with batteries made up of A-rate Dynavolt cells, the same cells used to power motorbike batteries. There's no doubt that the Apollo scooters were designed to supply impeccable range, even at full speed.

            Unlike the other models, the Apollo Pro is equipped with industry-leading LG batteries (52V) and Samsung batteries (60V) that guarantee you get the extra juice you'd be needing to go on thrilling adventures.

            The charging times for each scooter varies, depending on the battery's power. But you can always use a fast charger to cut the re-charging time in half.

            All Apollo scooters are protected with Smart Battery Management systems that keep you safe from conditions like:

            • Short Circuit
            • Overcurrent
            • Over-Charging
            • Over-Discharging
            • Temperature Resistance
            • Under-Voltage Auto-Sleep 

            Brakes, Tyres, & Suspension

            The Apollo scooters are well-known because of their impressive braking systems. Only the Apollo Light differs inasmuch as it has a simple yet reliable dual braking system composed of a rear drum brake and an electric regenerative brake on its motor. But more on that later.

            The Apollo City, Apollo Explore, Apollo Ghost, Apollo Phantom, and Apollo Pro all have unique and innovative triple braking systems. The Apollo City has a front disc, rear drum (requires less maintenance), and electric regenerative brake on its motor. The other four models have disc brakes on its front and rear and an electric regenerative brake on their motors. 

            apollo explore rear wheel

            The electric regenerative is such a convenient and innovative addition because it does more than automatically provide your electric scooter with powerful braking power. It also helps re-charge your battery simultaneously.

            Besides having the iconic triple braking system, the Apollo Phantom also features bigger disc brakes at 160 mm (vs. the industry-standard 140 mm). It allows for a faster cooling time after the brakes are used.

            But the main thing that makes Apollo scooters stand out is their impeccable ability to provide super smooth and comfortable rides. That's mainly due to their high-quality tyres and incredible suspension systems.

            All Apollo scooters are equipped with pneumatic tyres (except of the Apollo Light's rear solid tyre) ranging from 8 inches up to 10 inches. These impressive wheels can easily swallow up bumps on the road. 

            Couple that with the trademark dual spring suspension that the Apollo scooters have, and it'll feel like your gliding on clouds. But it's not just like any other kind of dual suspension.

            The Light, City, and Explore all have dual spring suspension on their rear wheel and an additional suspension in front which makes ultra-comfortable rides possible when riding these e-scooters. The Apollo Ghost even has adjustable suspension. All you need is to turn it with an allen key. 

            apollo pro electric scooter suspension

            These complex and highly innovative suspension systems make the Explore, Ghost, and Pro what the brand calls 'terrain-agnostic.'

            Unlike the other models, the Apollo Phantom features and updated version of Apollo's well-lauded suspension system. It is equipped with the brand's proprietary Quadruple Suspension System (the first of its kind) highlighting four springs both in front and at the rear for maximum shock absorption.

            It's super easy to think that you're riding on a solid, flat surface even when you're on dirt paths and rough trails. That's how comfortable riding an Apollo scooter is!

            Design & Control

            Let's go back to basics. A lightning-quick, long-distance capable, and comfortable ride is useless if you don't have a good design. Luckily, the Apollo scooters also excel in their simple yet efficient models.

            apollo electric scooter models

            All Apollo scooters have forged aluminum frames that are highly durable without being too bulky and heavy. It can effortlessly take on weight. In fact, all the scooters (except the Light) have exceedingly great load capacity that's well above the average capacity that most scooters in their levels can carry. 

            For their sturdiness and performance, these electric scooters also feature light weights. At 16.8kg to 34 kg, the Apollo models can still be considered portable, especially considering their power and range. Plus, they do have quick and convenient folding systems that lock the frame securely into place. You can even collapse the handlebars so that they don't scrape and bump things on the side. The Apollo Phantom even has a unique triple lock design on its folding to make everything extra sturdy and compact.

            apollo ghost foldable electric scooter

            What's more, the Apollo scooters are easy to handle. They feature user-oriented index finger throttles that make them simple to operate during rides. This is with the exception of the Apollo Phantom which has a convenient thumb throttle that makes controlling the e-scooter easier & comfortable during long rides.

            Their impeccable LED display is crystal clear and can show you your riding stats in real-time. Plus, the Apollo Phantom ups the notch by featuring the one of the biggest (if not THE biggest) displays in the industry to date. At 3 inches wide, its integrated LCD HEX display topped with anti-glare glass makes it easier for you to check your stats.

            You'll be able to customize your riding experience because you can quickly configure the settings you want. From activating cruise control to determining acceleration strength, the Apollo scooters make it possible to really personalize your experience to the next level.

            Lights & Water Resistance

            With the incredible performance of the Apollo scooter range, it comes as no surprise that safety is a priority with this brand. Besides its top-notch braking system, Apollo also has other features that help protect you from harm while riding.

            All the Apollo scooters are designed with IP54 resistance. That means they can handle a little bit of rain and riding on wet surfaces. However, you should take care not to let it get submerged. Heavy rain should also be avoided as it might damage the internal parts of the electric scooters.

            Even the lighting system in these electric scooters are designed to keep you highly visible at night. It also illuminates your path effectively. Both the Apollo Light and Apollo Pro have front and rear dual LED lights. The Apollo Ghost has the same dual LED lights on its front and rear with additional blue LED lights under the deck.

            apollo city urban commuter scooter

            The most well-lit scooters in the range are the Apollo CityApollo Explore, and the Apollo Phantom. The first two models both have dual LED lights on their fronts and rear as well as blue LED lights on their stems and under the decks. The Phantom has a built-in 1000 Lumen headlight, 2 front deck lights, 2 rear turn lights, and a footrest light.

            Which Apollo Scooter Is Best For Entry-Level Riders?

            With the many powerful scooters available in the market today, it can be intimidating to choose one for a new rider. At the same time, you wouldn’t want to be duped by dirt-cheap, entry-level scooters that wouldn’t last you the year. Apollo has a solution to that in the guise of the Apollo Light.
            apollo light electric scooter portable compactThis electric scooter is the perfect entry-level scooter for any new rider. It’s lightweight and compact yet it still packs a punch when it comes to performance. The Apollo Light is designed to keep you comfortable throughout all your rides. 

            It’s a great commuter scooter that you can quickly integrate into your daily travels. At only 16.8 kg, it’s ultra-portable and its 3-second folding mechanism makes it easier to carry around or store (even under your desk or at the back of your trunk).

            That’s not to mention that the Apollo Light ensures your safety through its LED lighting system, dual braking system, and innovative dual suspension.

            As for performance? You wouldn’t ask for more. The Apollo Light can go to top speeds of 35 kph and can climb hills of up to 10 degrees due to its high-efficiency brushless motor. It can even go as far as 35 km because of its Dynavolt-celled battery. That’s way more than what you can get with the average entry-level scooter, for sure!

            Which Apollo Scooter Is Best For Everyday Commuters?

            When you’re thinking of getting an electric scooter for daily commutes that packs a punch, of course you’d want one that’s conveniently portable yet high-performing. Look no further than the Apollo City. This electric scooter was designed specifically with busy, on-the-go riders in mind.

            apollo city commuter scooter

            The Apollo City weighs only 18 kg and folds quickly into a sturdy locked position that allows you to carry it on to the bus or train. You can also store it effortlessly under your desk. Whether you’re thinking of getting a scooter for full or last-miles, the Apollo City can quickly adapt to your type of commute.

            Its powerful brushless motor allows the Apollo City to go up to speeds of 40 kph and climb inclines of up to 15 degrees. It can even handle up to 120 kg and reach 25 kph (average city speed limit) in just 4.1 seconds. Its battery helps it reach 45-km distances in ECO mode. For a city commuter, these stats are pretty above average.

            But if you’re looking for a bit more power in your urban scooters, you can always go with the Apollo Explore. A bit more powerful than the City because of its 1000W motor and 52V battery, this electric scooter can double as your weekend ride as well.
            apollo explore long distance commuter scooterThis electric scooter can go up to speeds of 50 kph and quickly reach 25 kph in just 3.5 seconds. It can even climb hills of up to 20 degrees and reach far distances of 55 km. For a city commuter, that’s really top-notch! And for a weekend fun ride? It’s all cool as well. You can go on leisurely rides around the city to discover new hot spots without any problems. All those amazing features and the Apollo Explore only weighs 23 kg. That’s still ultra-portable so you can easily incorporate it to your daily commutes. 

            "The first time I stepped on this [Apollo Explore] scooter, stepped on the accelerator, and tore down the street, I knew I was in for some serious fun." - Mike Prospero, Tom's Guide 

            But what makes the Apollo Explore a good all-in-one scooter is its suspension. You can go from paved roads to hilly trails and still enjoy a comfy ride with its terrain-agnostic dual spring suspension. Sure, it might not be the best scooter for the genuinely rough dirt trails in the mountains but it’s a good ride when you’re just looking to feel a little bit of offroad fun.

            Which Apollo Scooter Is Best For Thrill Seekers?

            When it comes to exciting and adrenaline-pumping rides, speed is an important factor. But it’s not the end all be all. You’ll need an high powered high quality scooter to enjoy and keep safe when you’re off on thrilling adventures. The Apollo Ghost can help you do just that.
            apollo ghost dual motor high performance electric scooterThis electric scooter has dual-motor power that can have you zooming up to speeds of 55 kph and reach 25 kph in just 3.1 seconds. It can climb hills of up to 25 degrees and reach distances of 62 km. Its dual-spring suspension even allows you to comfortably ride around in diverse terrains, from flat paved roads to semi-rough trails.

            But what makes the Apollo Ghost such a great choice is the added improvements to its design that some of the other models don’t have. It has high-visibility deck lighting, a dedicated footrest, a sturdier stem, aluminum fenders, collapsible handlebars, and even a convenient key lock ignition.

            If you're looking to go up another level, the Apollo Phantom is a sure solution for you. With its powerful 1200W dual motors, you can snake through trails with a top speed of 64 kph and reach farther distances of up 64 km.

            Its proprietary Quadruple Suspension System is sure to keep you comfortable no matter how rough the paths may get. And with the upgrades featured in the Phantom like better lighting, a multi-layered aluminum stem, and the signature Apollo triple braking system, it's pretty hard to beat.

            But if you’re going for the fastest and the most powerful for your thrill rides, then you’re sure to love riding the Apollo Pro.
            apollo pro premium offroad electric scooter dual motorThis Apollo electric scooter is the top of the line when it comes to powerful performance. It has impressive dual motors (1000W each) and a 52V battery can give you specs that are off the charts. Zoom around the area up to top speeds of 60 kph and reach 25 kph in less than 3 seconds. Crush huge hills of up to 40 degrees and go further than ever before  with its 90-km maximum range. Indeed, the Apollo Pro doesn’t disappoint when it comes to raw, physical power!

            What’s more, you wouldn’t need to worry about demanding more from this electric scooter. It comes with incredible safety features that’ll keep your ries worry-free. You’ll be able to enjoy its innovative braking system, impressive lighting system, and fantastic suspension system. When it comes to adventures, the Apollo Pro has got you covered.


            PRICE $1,099.00 $1,399.00 $1,799.00
            MAX. SPEED 35 kph 40 kph 50 kph
            MAX. RANGE 35 km 45 km 55 km
            MOTOR 350W BLDC 600W BLDC 1000W BLDC
            WEIGHT 16.8 kg 18 kg 23 kg
            BATTERY 46V 10.3Ah 48V 13.2Ah 52V 18.2Ah
            CHARGE TIME 3-6 hrs 4-8 hrs 4-5 hrs
            BRAKES Rear Drum + Electric Re-gen  Front Disc + Rear Drum + Electric Re-gen Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen
            TYRES From 8.5" Pneumatic + Rear 8" Solid Front & Rea 8.5" Pneumatic Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic
            CLIMB ANGLE 10 Degrees 15 Degrees 20 Degrees
            OFFROAD No No Yes, Light Offroad


            PRICE $2,299.00 from $2,499.00 from $2,799.00
            MAX. SPEED 55 kph 60-64 kph 62 kph
            MAX. RANGE 60 km 80-90 km 64 km
            MOTOR 2 x 800W BLDC

            2 x 1000W BLDC


            2 x 1200W BLDC

            2 x 1200W BLDC
            WEIGHT 29 kg 34 kg 35 kg
            BATTERY 52V 18.2Ah

            52V 22.5Ah

            (also available in 60V)

            52V 23Ah

            (TBA: 60V)

            CHARGE TIME 6-12 hrs 10-12 hrs Approx. 12 hrs
            BRAKES Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen

            Front & Rear Disc + Electric Re-gen

            Upgrade to: Hydraulic Brakes

            160 mm Dual Disc + Regenerative Brakes

            Upgrade to: 160 mm Nutt Hydraulic + Regenerative Brakes

            TYRES Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic Front & Rear 10" Pneumatic 10" x 3.25" Hybrid Pneumatic
            CLIMB ANGLE 25 Degrees 40 Degrees 25 Degrees
            OFFROAD Yes, Light Offroad Yes Yes, Light Offroad
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