The Ultimate Guide To The Pure Air³ Electric Scooter

The Ultimate Guide To The Pure Air³ Electric Scooter

Renowned European brand Pure Electric has made its way to the shores of Australia, bringing its trademark quality, modern aesthetic, and innovative technology. Owing to their sleek design and practical features, Pure Electric scooters are the perfect fit for the modern commuter’s on-the-go lifestyle. 

With Electric Kicks as their partner, Pure Electric has made their two lineups available: the Pure Air³ and the Pure Advance. Both versatile and ideal for urban commuting, these two ranges share similar specs, but the key differences lie in riding positions and folding mechanisms. 

For now, we will focus on the Pure Air³ range, taking a closer look to see why these are some of the best electric scooters on the market.

The Pure Air³ electric scooter parked on a slight gradient.

Getting to Know Pure Electric

Pure Electric started as the passion project of entrepreneur Adam Norris, who also happens to be F1 racer Lando Norris’ dad. Confounded by worsening urban pollution and more congestion in cities, he set on a mission to find a solution to these issues. 

And so Pure Electric was born—the UK’s answer to Chinese-made mass-produced electric scooters. The company’s mission is to create a practical yet beautiful product, something Australians are going to be proud to own because it’s “just way better than everything else out there.” 

Today, the Pure Air range stands as one of the company’s flagship products. Lightweight and compact, these scooters are made for commuters and city-dwellers who are looking for a sustainable and stylish way to get around. 

The Pure Air³ Range: Which One is Right for You?

Pure Air electric scooters are notably characterised by the same legally-abiding top speed of 25 kph. If you reside or work in a state that only permits the operation of e-scooters that don’t exceed the speed limit (which is usually 25 kph), any Pure Air model would be a great option for you. 

But, apart from the obvious similarities, there are important differences between the Pure Air³, the Pure Air³ Pro, and the Pure Air³ Pro+. To help you select the best Pure Air escooter for you, here’s a table comparing the three models in the lineup:






550W (Peak)

710W (Peak)

710W (Peak)

Top Speed

25 kph

25 kph

25 kph


30 km

40 km

50 km


15.9 kg

16.9 kg

16.9 kg


266.4 Wh

355.2 Wh

432 Wh

Charging Time

4 hours

6 hours

7.25 hours

Water Resistance




Weight Capacity

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

Climb Angle









Every Pure Air³ scooter has the makings of being one of the best electric commuter scooters in the country. Featuring the brand’s patent-pending Active Steering Stabilisation technology, which stabilises the handlebars and keeps the scooter manageable during turns, there is no wobbling or swerving when you operate a Pure Air scooter. 

Aside from sporting the same top speed, they can comfortably accommodate loads of up to 120 kg, making these rides ideal for commuters of most sizes. 

And true to its British origin, every model has the same impressive IP65 water resistance rating, which means it has the highest level of dust protection and can be safely ridden through light to moderate rainfall.

You’ll also be getting puncture-resistant tubeless tyres to prevent flats while on the go. Reliability is also improved with a fully-enclosed front drum brake to minimise the potential for dust & water ingress into the brakes. 

Finally, every Pure Air e-scooter is equipped with complete safety features: dual brakes, 180-degree handlebar indicators, a front light, and a rear brake light. For added security, every model is digitally lockable when connected to the official Pure Electric App, which is available for both iOS and Android users.


While all relatively lightweight, the Pure Air³ is the lightest of this lineup, weighing a kilogram less than the Pro and the Pro+. If you need to frequently carry or transport your electric scooter, we recommend the Pure Air³. 

The models are also fitted with different motors and batteries, which push them to cover different ranges. While the Pro and the Pro+ are equipped with the same 710W motor, its higher-capacity battery allows the latter to cover the most number of kilometres. Thus, if your requirements include long-distance commutes or cruises, your best option is the Pro+. 

On the other hand, if you are willing to sacrifice a bit of range for a quicker charging time, the Pure Air³ is the more practical choice. Because its battery fully charges in just 4 hours, you can enjoy uninterrupted rides with minimal downtime.

Finally, if you are looking for the best of both worlds—a scooter with a powerful motor-battery combo that offers a better range and climbing ability than the Pure Air³ but requires less downtime than the Pro+—you should choose the Pure Air³ Pro electric scooter.

How Is The Pure Air³ Different From The Pure Advance?

The Pure Air³ & Pure Advance E-Scooter Side By Side

The obvious difference between Pure Electric’s Air³ & Advance lineups is the riding position. The Pure Advance lineup debuted a unique forward-facing riding position that offered superior safety & comfort while riding. To many that are used to a more traditional riding stance, where one foot is in front of the other, facing forward might seem unusual, but plenty of riders prefer this stance. 

It offers improved stability, and it makes it easier to look over both shoulders, which is important for using around traffic and making turns. 

Comparing the riding position of the Pure Air³ and Pure Advance Electric Scooters

The second major difference between the models is their width when folded down. The Air³ handlebars are fixed in place, so when you fold it down, the actual unit remains the same width. However, the handlebars on all three Advance models collapse downwards, helping the Advance shrink to be 70% slimmer than most electric scooters on the market. 

This makes the Advance easier to store and transport as it simply takes up less space when not being used. 

The Advance Flex, however, takes this one step further by folding in five different ways, making it one of the most compact electric scooters in the world. Surprisingly, it does this without sacrificing motor power, speed, rider carry weight, or overall build quality. 

Beyond that, however, the differences are few & far between. The Advance models all come with the same 500W, 710W peak motor found on the Air³ Pro & Air³ Pro Plus. The Advance models all come with the same Active Steering Stabilisation, the same IP65 water resistance rating, the same brakes, the same lighting including indicators, the same tyres, the same LCD display and the same size wheels. 

The Pure Air³ range is slightly lighter than the Advance, weighing about a kilo less. 

So which one is right for you? Firstly, if you like facing forward while you’re riding, then the Advance is your go-to all day long. It’s one of the only forward-facing e-scooters in the world, let alone Australia, and it’s a safe & manageable ride that suits the e-scooter riding laws of most Australian states. 

If you need something compact that’s easy to store out the way, you should also consider the Advance.

However, if you don’t care for the forward-facing position or the space saving benefits of the Advance, but want the same technology, then the Air³ range is a cheaper alternative that will give you all the features you want with the riding position you find more comfortable. 

Wrapping Up

25 kph is modest compared to the top speeds our ultra-fast rides can achieve, but the Pure Air³ line was not designed to be ludicrous. Instead, it is built for steadfastness and dependability. 

Today, the presence of Pure Air electric scooters in Australia has changed the game, offering speed-limit-compliant options that don’t compromise on style and performance. 

This range of Pure Electric is designed to elevate your daily commute, making rides easier, more secure, and a lot more enjoyable. Choose the Pure Air³ for its lightweight design, the Pure Air³ Pro+ for its powerful motor and long-range capacity, and the Pure Air³ Pro for a balanced combination of both. 

Are you ready to purchase your Pure Air electric scooter? Get in touch with our team today for a personalised recommendation. 

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