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electric scooter gift guide

Electric Scooter Gift Guide 2021

Thinking of getting someone an electric scooter? That’s great! It’s such useful and trendy present to give. When you get someone an electric scooter, you know they’ll be able to make the most out of it because it’s super handy.

Electric scooters are a great present for a number occasions, including birthdays, anniversaries, graduations, promotions, and any holiday you want to celebrate. But with the many e-scooter choices available, which one should you get? Read on to discover the best electric scooter for your loved one.

Best Gift for the Newbie Rider

Is this your friend’s first time owning and riding an electric scooter? If so, start them easy with entry-level electric scooters. These scooters are designed to give you an easy, hassle-free time riding without being too intimidating. With good speed and range, these are e-scooters that are perfect for beginners.

Here are some of our choices for the best starter scooters to give your friend today:

Segway Ninebot E22

segway ninebot e22

Let your friend have an easy time learning how to ride on the handy Segway Ninebot E22. It’s the entry-level e-scooter in the fan-favourite Segway Ninebot series, and offers reliable performance. The E22 can reach a top speed of 20 kph (reasonably fast without going above the usual speed limits). It can also travel as far as 22 km in a single charge.

But what sets this electric scooter apart is that it has upgrades that not many starter scooters have. This 13.5-kg ride has a powerful brushless DC motor, a better lighting system, improved hill climb (up to 15% grade), and flat-free, dual-density tyres. It even comes with a tinkling bell!

Comes in: Black, White

Apollo Light

apollo light

While starter scooters are known for having respectable speed and range, you can go beyond that with the Apollo Light. It’s one of the most powerful entry-level scooters to date. But don’t mistake ‘powerful’ for ‘intimidating.’ This electric scooter is still perfect for riders just starting out.

The Apollo Light can go up to speeds of 35 kph (great for both commuting and playing) and can climb inclines of up to 10 degrees thanks to its incredible brushless DC motor. It also has an above-average maximum range of 35 km and a short charge time of only 3-6 hours. 

What’s more, this 17-kg electric scooter is both convenient and safe. It features a dual suspension system and 8-inch pneumatic tyres for comfortable riding. Plus, it has a dual braking system and an ultra-bright lighting system for better security.

Best Gift for the ‘Always On-The-Go’

The gift of a hassle-free commute is a godsend for many daily travelers. An electric scooter helps your friend avoid tons of inconveniences including parking and traffic. That’s why a commuter scooter is the best gift to give to your friend that’s looking for an easier commute.

Here are our top picks for daily commuter scooters:

Apollo City

apollo city

Commutes have different stages, from leaving your house, getting to work, and everything in between. Your friend will find the Apollo City to be a highly adaptive e-scooter for the entire duration of their travel. 

For one, this 18-kg ride is foldable and portable enough to carry on trains and buses. You can even store it under your desk at work. It also has a top speed of 40 kph (fast for your typical commuter) and a quick acceleration (0-25 kph in 4 secs) so it’s good for both daily commutes and weekend recreation.

Plus, the Apollo Light is a great maximum range of 45 km so it can easily handle both short- and long-distance rides. And its charging time? Quick and convenient at only 4 hours. If you’re looking for a zippy commuter scooter, the Apollo City is a solid choice.

Segway Ninebot Max G30P

segway ninebot max g30p

The Segway Ninebot Max G30P is a fan-favourite among riders (not only commuters) because of its reliably amazing performance. If there's an electric scooter that's guaranteed to excite your friend, it's this one.

The unrestricted global edition of the Max G30P can reach speeds of 30 kph and climb hills of up to 20% thanks to its powerful Gen 2 brushless DC motor.

This 19-kg electric scooter also has all-terrain, puncher-resistant tyres, a dual braking system, and ultra-bright, built-in headlights for safer, more comfortable riding. 

But what really sets this e-scooter apart is its impressive maximum range. With the Max G30P, you can travel farther as it can reach 65 km in a single charge. It’s what makes this scooter a top choice for doubling as a daily commuter and a recreational ride!

Xiaomi Pro 2

xiaomi pro 2

The name of the game when it comes to commuter scooters is reliability. Not everyone needs ultra-fast and super long-ranged scooters as long as it performs dependably well. That’s where the Xiaomi Pro 2 comes in.

This 14-kg electric scooter can reach speeds of 25 kph so you won’t have to worry about going above the usual speed limits. It has a great maximum range of 45 km which makes it perfect for long-distance commutes.

Plus, it’s easy to bring along because of its convenient folding feature and lightweight. When it comes to daily commutes, the Xiaomi Pro 2 is a classic ride you can’t go wrong with!

Best Gift for the Thrill Seeker

Have a friend with a taste for adventure? Give them the best gift ever by getting them a thrill scooter. Ultra-powerful and lightning-quick, these are the electric rides that will get your blood pumping with the sturdy performance of these road warriors.

Let your friend revel in the adrenaline rush that comes with riding any of these fast e-scooters:

Kaabo Mantis Elite

kaabo mantis elite

When it comes to off-roading, Kaabo is a well-known and favoured brand. Its Mantis series, in particular, is a favourite among thrill seekers. If it’s your friend’s first rodeo, the Mantis Elite is a terrific thrill scooter choice!

Just think about its speed! This electric scooter can go up to 60 kph thanks to its strong 1000W dual motors. Besides that, your friend will be enthralled by its incredible 80-km maximum range that’ll allow him to go farther than ever before… all in a single charge!

Plus, the Mantis Elite is designed to be a beast both in rough trails and paved roads so you can conveniently switch from terrain to terrain. Just remember to tell your friend to stick to the speed limit when in public spots… he might forget because of how incredible the Elite moves!

Apollo Pro (52V/60V)

apollo pro 52v

It comes as no surprise that adrenaline junkies demand more from their rides than the common commuter or recreational rider. Looking for a tough ride that can deal with the rough handling? Get your friend the e-scooter phenomenon, the Apollo Pro (52V)!

The Apollo Pro has a speedy acceleration that can get you going from 0 to 25 kph in less than 3 seconds, and it can keep going until 60 kph. Zooming around streets and trails will be no problem. But that’s not all that its incredibly powerful 1000W dual motors can do. They also make it possible for the Pro to eat hills of up to 40 degrees for breakfast!

That’s not to mention that impressive range you can travel to as this e-scooter can go as far as 90 km. It even has an awesome dual spring suspension system and a triple braking system that makes off-road and on-road rides safe, smooth, and breezy.

Plus, this sturdy ride can carry loads of up to 150 kg (which is well above the average that other models can do). You can’t go wrong with the Apollo Pro, that’s for sure!

Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+

kaabo wolf warrior 11+

Looking for the best of the best? It’s pretty hard to beat the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+! If you thought the Mantis series was impressive, your friend is sure to lose their head with the insane performance that the Kaabo Wolf series brings about!

When it comes to fast-paced, very few can compete with this electric scooter’s 80 kph top speed. Its acceleration is wicked and can get you from 0 to 25 kph in less than 2 seconds. Not to mention that it can dominate hills of up to 45 degrees. And who would be surprised when this e-scooter houses not one, but two impressively strong 1200W motors?

If you think that’s already impressive, your friend will be blown away to know that the Wolf Warrior 11+ has an unrivaled 150-km maximum range! 

It also comes with a full-hydraulic dual braking system, hydraulic and spring suspension, and thick pneumatic off-road tyres. Whatever your friend will need for a smooth, comfortable, and exciting ride, the Kaabo Wolf Warrior 11+ is sure to have!

Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost

You don’t need all the kit of an off-road electric scooter to get an exhilarating riding experience. The Apollo Ghost’s supernatural performance is a testament to that. Your friend is sure to enjoy the otherworldly thrills of this e-scooter.

The Apollo Ghost is no slouch in the speed department and can reach 55 kph easily. It has zippy acceleration at 0 to 25 kph in just 3.1 seconds. It can even go up hills of up to 25 degrees. Thank you, dual 800W motors!

The Ghost also has a pretty incredible maximum range of 62 km which will have you going ‘round the tracks for quite a long time. And while it’s not advertised as off-road, its 10-inch pneumatic tyres are ‘terrain-agnostic’ so you can still get away with riding slightly bumpy paths.

What’s more, the Apollo Ghost comes with an adjustable dual spring suspension so you can customize your ride. It also features a reliable triple braking system, convenient eco/turbo and single/dual drive switches, and LED lights (front, rear, and even under-deck). Smooth gliding is what your friend is sure to experience when atop the Apollo Ghost!

Mercane Wide Wheel Pro 2020

mercane wide wheel pro 2020

It’s hard to go wrong with classics and the Mercane Wide Wheel Pro is definitely that. If you want a fuss-free time choosing an electric scooter for your adventurous friend, look no further than this 25-kg, dual-motor powered ride.

The Wide Wheel Pro can sprint up to 40 kph and go up hills of about 40 degrees. Zooming around is easy-peasy with specs like that. Your friend can even enjoy longer rides around the tracks with this e-scooter’s awesome 60 to 70-km maximum range.

And, of course, the star of the show: its ultra-wide wheels! This electric scooter features 8-inch tyres with a 10-cm width for better, more balanced driving. Though it’s not made for off-roading, this is a quick e-scooter that speedsters will love!

Kaabo Mantis Pro

kaabo mantis pro

You already know that the Mantis is a preference among thrill riders. Your friend will be absolutely stoked when you give them the top-of-the-line Mantis Pro. This electric scooter is designed to be high-performing with incredible 1000W dual motors and a high-efficiency 62V battery.

The Mantis Pro is a beast in the streets and can go up to speeds of 60 kph while crushing hills of up to 45 degrees. That’s no mean feat but with the Mantis Pro, it’ll be easy-breezy. What’s more, you can go far beyond what other scooters can take you as the Mantis Pro has a 90-km maximum range. 

This off-road scooter isn’t just great for long-distance rides, it’s also incredibly comfortable. The shock absorption on this ride is insane and will eat bumps for breakfast. Its full hydraulic brakes are super dependable and its 10-inch tyres can dominate any trail!

Comes in: Black, Silver

Best Gift for Teens

Looking to get your budding young adult a ride of their own? An electric scooter is an affordable and convenient choice. Your teenager will be able to get to the places they need easily, whether that be to school, to their part-time job, or somewhere to hang out with their friends.

Give your teens a bit more freedom to move around with these awesome electric scooters:

Segway Air T15

segway air t15

Trendy teens will adore the sleek, futuristic look of the Segway Air T15. This electric scooter’s integrated system (from its press-to-fold handlebars and super-slim, rollable design to its modern display and mobile app connection) makes it the perfect ride for young techies.

The Air T15 provides solid performance with its 20 kph top speed and 12 km maximum range. While not the strongest scooter in the market, it’s a pretty great choice for teens just starting to ride. It even has customizable LED ambient lights (choose from tons of colours) which makes every ride a fun ride!

Segway Ninebot Max G30LP

segway ninebot max g30lp

For teens that are packing more responsibility (hello university and part-time work), the Max G30LP is the perfect ride. Its incredible performance and terrific specs make it a top choice for many, adults and young adults alike.

This 17.5-kg electric scooter’s unlocked global edition has a top speed of 30 kph and can climb inclines of up to 20% because of its Gen 2 brushless DC motor. It can travel to distances of up to 45 km in one charge which makes it a great commuter scooter for your busy teens.

Plus, the Max G30LP has the latest upgrades that make riding easier and more comfortable. Enjoy smoother rides with this e-scooter’s flat-free, self-healing tyres that has improved built-in suspension. Its dual braking system and LED lights add to the ride quality as well. No doubt, the ever-moving teen (or yuppie) will love the convenience of riding Max G30LP!

Best Gift for Kids

Yes, even little kids can enjoy going off on adventures with their very own electric scooters! These electric scooters for kids are made with their age and body in mind, so the specifications and designs match their needs the best. You won’t have to worry about them while they’re riding, for sure!

Let your kids loose and see them enjoy riding these electric scooters:

Segway Zing E8

segway zing e8

It’s hard not to get excited when you see the vibrant colors of any of the Segway Zng E8 scooters. Just a glimpse and you know it’s made with kids in mind. This 8-kg electric scooter can only reach 14 kph (zippy enough for thrills but not too fast). You can even choose from three modes that impose speed limits on the scooter.

What’s more, the Zing E8 has a slip-resistant footpad (deck is also wide) and handlebars as well as anti-skid tubeless tyres that lessen the chances of accidents from happening. This e-scooter even has an innovative triple braking system for maximum stopping power. For sure, your little kids will have the time of their lives riding around with the Zing E8!

Comes in: Pink, Purple, Red

Segway Zing E10

segway zing e10

Slightly older kids might balk at the ultra-colourful Zing E8 line. Never fear, the Segway Zing E10 features a sleek, modern black design with a blue stripe. While it looks a lot like most adult scooters, the Zing E10 still has lower-setting specs perfect for kids.

This 8.5-kg electric scooter can only go up to 16 kph so you won’t have to worry about your kids going too fast. Like the E8, it also has modes that limit the speed if you’d like. 

Another feature that the E10 has is its Cruise Control. Active kids will love kicking off constantly to accelerate their ride. This e-scooter also has an anti-skid deck and grips as well as a reliable dual braking system to keep your kids ultra-safe while they ride.

Best Gift for the Resident Techie

Unagi Model One E500

unagi model one e500

Thinking of what to get your tech-savvy friend? An electric scooter is a handy device to give! After all, it’s known as the iPhone of electric scooters with its super sleek, futuristic design. Built with materials unique to the scooter itself, it’s a great choice for beginners and commuters who love a minimalist look.

The Unagi E500 has a top speed of 32 kph and can go up hills of up to 15 degrees thanks to its 250W dual motors. It can reach distances of up to 25 km which makes it a great short-ride or last-mile scooter. 

But what really makes the Unagi E500 stand out from others is the attention to detail on its custom design. From the integrated dashboard all the way to the puncture-proof tyres with custom air pockets, this is a scooter that any techie will fangirl/fanboy over!

Comes in: Matte Black, Cosmic Blue, Scarlet Fire Red

Best Gift for the Hip & Trendy

Joyor A

joyor a3 a5

Does your friend have a bigger-than-life personality? The usual matte blacks and greys of electric scooters might seem a little bit dull for them. It’s a good thing that the Joyor A series comes in many bright and fun colours!

From cool blues to sunny yellows, hip and trendy friends will love rolling around the streets looking super chipper. But, of course, the Joyor A isn’t just about looks. It also offers dependable performance that’s great for teens, beginner riders, and commuters.

The Joyor A scooters have a top speed of 25 kph (fast enough for commuters without being intimidating for beginners). It can also reach distances from 30 km (A3) to 35 km (A5) in a single charge, making it a fantastic choice for mid-range rides and weekend fun. Plus, the e-scooters weigh more or less 14 kg so they’re ultra-portable. What are you waiting for? Brighten your friend’s day with the Joyor A!

Comes in: White, Black, Blue, Red, Yellow

Top Accessories to Give With Your Electric Scooter

Does your loved one already have an electric scooter? That’s alright. You can still gift that special someone something the enhances their ride when they go out. 

Electric scooter accessories are super handy and everyone can benefit from having two or more while driving. From safety to riding comfort, these accessories are sure to upgrade your riding experience.

Helmets for Total Safety

Accidents still happen regardless is the e-scooter is going fast or slow. That’s why it’s vital that you wear a helmet during your rides. If your friend still doesn’t have an electric scooter helmet, now’s the perfect time to gift them with one.

Here are three recommendations when it comes to stylish & secure helmets:

official segway helmet

xiaomi smart 4u led helmet

thousand helmet

Ride Quality Enhancers

Other accessories can upgrade the quality of your experience even further by making it smoother, more comfortable, and such. These accessories come in many shapes, sizes, and purposes. These are the types of accessories that aren't really necessary but your friend will appreciate, nonetheless.

To help you get started on upgrading the comfort of your rides, add these to your e-scooter:

gaciron electric scooter ebike usb rechargeable light

monorim suspension v3 segway ninebot max

segway max foldable seat attachment

xiaomi seat attachment


One of the most common yet most important categories in electric scooter accessories is anti-theft. Let’s face it, your e-scooter’s are so handy that they can be easily snatched while they’re parked. Anti-theft accessories can help secure them better and give your friend some peace of mind.

Keep your electric scooter safe from scheming busybodies with these fantastically secure locks:

segway ninebot scooter lock

premium electric scooter lock

Handy Bits-and-Bobs

When using your electric scooter as personal mobility, there will be times when you’ll need to bring things with you. Keep your friend comfortable during their rides by getting accessories that can house their essentials. You can even get them a handy bag for carrying their last-mile scooters.

Bring all your essentials along conveniently with these choices:

segway universal phone holder

segway ninebot strap on carry bag

electric scooter shoulder hand carry bag

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