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What You Need To Know About the Kaabo Wolf King GT

What You Need To Know About the Kaabo Wolf King GT

The Kaabo Wolf King GT takes the throne as the ultimate ride with its much-anticipated upgrades including exceptional power, unmatched range, exhilarating acceleration, and amazing hill climb ability. It takes your riding experience to a whole new level!

Plus, this scooter’s name aptly reflects the beastly features that make it the top dog of the Kaabo Wolf series that has taken the industry by storm.

To put things into perspective, here is how it holds up to its predecessor, the Wolf King 11(72V):

Features Wolf King GT Wolf King

Top Speed

80 kph

100 kph


180 km

150 km


2 x 2000W

2 x 1500W 


Front & Rear Full Disc Hydraulic Brakes Front & Rear Hydraulic Disc with ABS

Climb Angle 

50 Degrees

25 Degrees

The Wolf King (72V) is already a monster on its own but the upgrades on the Wolf King GT scooter are leading the pack towards the new generation of electric scooters. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, you’re sure to love the mighty force of the Wolf King GT!

Insane Power and Speed

The Wolf King GT comes with remarkable dual 2000W motors and new 72V 50A sine wave controllers. Together, they provide an insane amount of power, efficiency, and control which pushes the boundaries of what this electric scooter can be.

The sine wave controllers supply additional push for the motors without any noise, which makes for a peaceful but exciting ride. Plus, it delivers a strong starting torque that results in exhilarating acceleration and stability. Fly from the start as you can go from 0 to 50 kph in just under 5 seconds! How exciting is that? With this, you’ll be able to go head-to-head with cars on the freeway, theoretically. 

With huge dual motors, the astounding top speed of the Wolf King GT e-scooter clocks in at 100+ kph. Your off-road adventures will definitely be more spectacular as this beast destroys everything on its path and leaves everyone in the dust!

Groundbreaking Range

With a bigger battery of 72V 35Ah, the Wolf King GT can take you to places you’ve only dreamed of, riding on an electric scooter. And since you’ll be carrying an LG/Samsung battery, you’re guaranteed the highest rate for effectiveness.

With this upgrade, this beastly scooter can do a record-breaking 180 km range, beating out its competitors like the NAMI Burn-E. Explore as much as you want for as long as you desire without the need to find a power outlet for charging this scooter. 

Sure, it takes 11.6 hours to charge but you can reduce that to just 7 hours if you use two chargers (it has dual ports), which is an incredible feat given how powerful it is.  For comparison, that’s 3 hours less than the Wolf Warrior.

When used for commuting only, the King GT can survive for days without being charged. For outdoor activities, your adventures will be uninterrupted with its long-lasting battery.

No Uphill Battle

Does your outdoor itinerary include steep terrains or climbing up mountain trails? Well, the Wolf King GT’s got you covered. Thanks to its dynamic dual motors and sine wave controllers, it boasts an impressive climbing angle of 50 degrees which is double what the Wolf Warrior scooter offered.

Remarkable Stability: Brakes, Suspension, and Tyres

The Wolf King GT's front and rear hydraulic disc brakes perfectly match its monster motors. It aims to deliver the best control and stopping power as you can go from 24 kph to 0 kph in just a braking distance of 3 metres.

Additionally, the Wolf King GT is fitted with front hydraulic and rear spring suspension which allows for a smoother and more stable ride regardless of what kind of terrain you’re on. This impressive setup makes the scooter more responsive during your rides.

When it comes to its wheels, the Wolf King GT does not hold back as it’s equipped with 11-inch pneumatic tyres. They’re designed to take on all kinds of pavements without any loss of control as you cruise along. These tyres are also puncture-proof, so no worries about being stuck in the middle of nowhere!

What’s more, you can get the Kaabo Wolf King GT scooter with sturdy off-road tyres if you know you’ll mostly be using them for rough riding.

Smooth Ride Quality

No more noisy rides! The GT’s game-changing controllers not only provide power, but they do so in a quieter, more efficient manner. Plus, they help reduce energy loss, contributing to longer range and extended battery life.

Another notable feature of the Wolf King GT is its ergonomic thumb throttle, which makes it easier for you to control the scooter while maintaining a firm grip on the handlebars.

And speaking of the handlebars, they are now bigger (50mm higher & 100mm wider) and better than the previous model’s, providing easier handling when riding at high speeds. 

Amazing Visibility

With the Wolf King GT's sophisticated lighting system, you can confidently ride even when dark. The mounted headlights are so intense that you’ll get to see clear visuals from any angle. 

Furthermore, there are front and rear turn signals which are great for your and others' safety. And the scooter has deck lights, which add to your ‘cool rider’ points. But, be forewarned, there is no on/off switch, so they are also on when the headlights are on. This might be a little distracting for some but helpful for others.


The Wolf King GT weighs a hefty 52 kg, which isn’t exactly something the average person can carry on their own. 

Never fear! As with the other high-performance scooters, it can be folded. It just takes practice to get the folding mechanism correctly. Once you've mastered it, carrying the scooter is easier, and eventually, you'll discover a technique that works for you when loading it into a car.

Although it’s not exactly the most compact ride, this majestic beast is well worth it for its industry-leading features.

Anti-Glare Screen

For its control centre, this leader of the pack comes with a 3.5-inch TFT screen that displays battery percentage, mileage, riding mode, and speed. Don’t even worry about facing difficulties reading the display during daylight as it’s an anti-glare screen. 

The screen also comes with anti-dimming technology that enables its brightness to be adjusted accordingly. And here’s a bonus, it’s password-protected!

Water Resistance

Unlike its predecessors, the Wolf King GT has been upgraded with IPX5 water resistance. This means less worries while out riding in the rain. It even has an ECU box that stores its controllers and delicate components. Plus, it allows for better ventilation and additional space to make room for its bigger battery. 

But, like any other electrical ride, it’s still best to quickly look for shelter once the rain starts to pour to avoid any damage happening to your scooter.

Leader of the Pack

The Wolf King GT is the top dog in almost every category by a long shot. Its insane speed and long-distance range will make any thrill-seeker jump for joy.

One of the best things about this scooter is despite how much power it produces, it’s still very stable to ride due to its spectacular brakes and suspension. 

Even with its mighty force, the Wolf King GT provides features that ensure that your adventures are safe and not cut short. This remarkable scooter truly has what it takes to live up to the hype and its regal name!

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