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The Ultimate Review of NAMI Burn E Viper

The Ultimate Review of NAMI Burn E Viper

When it comes to performance scooters, you're always guaranteed top-of-the-line speed and great range. But the Nami Burn E goes even further than that with its impressive ride quality and hyper performance. 

Discover what more you can do with this impressive electric scooter by reading on.

NAMI Burn E Viper Overview

nami burn e viper hyper scooter

The Nami Burn E Viper is among the best in its class today for its insanely quick 100+ kph top speed and ultra-long range (>100 km). It also has one of the fastest acceleration rates in its class so you're sure to go zooming when you go full-throttle.

But what makes it different from other high-powered performance scooters is that it has one of the best suspensions in this type of beastly scooters. Even when you're going incredibly fast, your rides will still feel buttery smooth, thanks to its fully adjustable hydraulic shocks.

And if you want to bring it to your weekend outings, the Nami Burn E is also one of the most portable scooters in its weight class. Sure, it's not lightweight at about 50 kg, but its folding system only takes 10 seconds and then you can easily lift it with both hands onto your car's boot.

nami viper electric scooter

Speed and Power

As a performance scooter, it comes as no surprise that the Nami Burn E has immense power, way higher than your typical commuter scooters. Powered by strong 1500W dual motors, you're guaranteed exciting speed and reliable performance from this hyper ride. 

Top Speed & Acceleration

Topping at 100 kph, the Nami Burn E Viper is one of the fastest scooters today. With this speed, you can easily match moving cars on highways and run circles around your friends on the track. 

But what adrenaline junkies are sure to love about this scooter is its phenomenal acceleration. The Nami Burn E hyper scooter has the quickest acceleration to date, going 11% faster than the insanely fast Kaabo Wolf series. In fact, you would find it effortless to reach 0 kph to 25 kph in just 3 seconds!

Not to mention that you can easily crush hills and inclines, both in city streets and off-road trails, as this scooter can climb up to 45-degree angles.

Riding Modes

An excellent feature of the Nami Burn E Viper is that it's a highly customisable scooter, so you can personalise it to suit your riding needs. In fact, this hyper scooter has 5 riding modes. 3 of them are already preset:

Eco - the slowest setting limited to 30 kph, perfect when you're just starting out

Drive - limited to about 64 kph

Sport - reaches about 88 kph, not for the faint of heart

Then, the scooter also has 2 blank presets which you can personalise for your own riding needs through P1 of your P-Settings.

Besides the modes, the Nami Burn E also has a Smart Cruise Control option that easily allows you to stay at your current speed consistently if you so wish. 

But wait.

You might be confused as to why the Nami Burn E is assumed to have a 100 kph top speed but can only reach 88 kph. That's because, this impressively tough scooter introduces its unique Turbo feature. Once activated, this feature temporarily provides your scooter with a 12% increase in power to reach insanely fast speeds! For a limited time, that is.

Range and Performance

The rules of the game before was that if your scooter was insanely fast, the chances of its range being long is not that high. But the NAMI Burn-E Viper isn't playing by those rules!

Maximum Range

This electric scooter is both hyper-fast and has long-distance capabilities that most adrenaline-seeking riders are sure fall in love with. In fact, not many other scooter models can reach its whopping 120 km range. That's twice as far as other models at the lower end of the 'long-distance' class. 

Huge 72V Battery

And that's thanks to its huge, high-capacity 72V battery (Panasonic for the V2 Max). But providing powerful performance isn't the only thing that this scooter's battery can do.

One unique feature is that the NAMI Burn-E Viper automatically switches to ECO Mode once your charge drops below 30%. That's really cool if you want to preserve battery for a longer ride. Of course, this is still up to you and you can always change the settings of your scooter if you want to prioritise speed rather than range.

Two other reasons why this scooter has one of the best (read, longest) range in the market is its sine wave controllers and ultra-smooth throttle control. It's very efficient and can help save juice to power you up way longer.

You might think that with this kind of performance on such a beastly ride that you'll need to wait an eternity for it to finish re-charging. With the 5-Amp fast charger on hand, you only need to wait less than 5 hours to reach 100%.

Suspension, Tyres, and Ride Quality

A bulky and beastly scooter like the NAMI Burn-E Viper will definitely need to be fitted with highly durable and top-quality hardware if you want to experience the best ride possible. Who wants to feel every bump and pothole when you're going at 'really-fast' kilometres per hour?

Hydraulic Shocks

It's good news, then, that the NAMI Burn-E Viper comes with high-performing 1655mm hydraulic shocks that offer comfortable suspension, even when you're going at breakneck speed. It's even adjustable and a little tinkering can go a long way if you want to ride the phenomenal scooter on different kinds of terrain. 

nami burn e scooter

With its suspension adjustable, you can easily control the rate of the bounce from your coil-over-shocks, allowing the scooter to go smoothly on the city streets and off-road trails.

11-Inch Tyres

And, of course, who can forget this scooter's ultra-huge 11-inch tubeless tyres! These air-filled bad boys offer great road feel and are less susceptible to flats which is really important if you want to feel secure riding at fast speeds. 

Another advantage is that they are also more compatible to tyre sealants, so in case of an emergency, a little Armor-Dilloz or the like can go a long way.

But one other HUGE reason for the NAMI Burn-E Viper's comfortable ride quality is its wide, endless deck that allows you (as the rider) to place both feet firmly on your scooter easily. You can probably even place both feet side to side if you'd like.

Brakes & Safety

Safety is an important factor to look into, especially when you're getting a scooter that can ride as fast and as hard as the NAMI Burn-E. And this scooter's brakes do not disappoint in the slightest!

Dual NUTT Hydraulic Brakes

Its dual 160mm NUTT hydraulic disc brakes are phenomenal, and performs incredibly well with a 3.1 metre breaking distance (equal to the Kaabo Wolf King). Couple that with this ride's suspension and you'll absolutely feel safe going on full brakes without your rear wheels flying since both front and rear tyres stay firmly on the ground. 

It also has regenerative braking which can be disabled if you'd like (but doing so will also disable the brake lights, so we don't recommend if you're using the scooter on the streets).

Bright Headlight & Deck Lights

Besides the brakes, lighting is also another crucial safety feature if you're going out riding at night. The great news is that the NAMI Burn-E Viper is equipped with an ultra-bright, high mounted 2000 Lumen headlight that'll illuminate your path while riding. Its range is wide from side to side, but you'll want to use tools to help angle it the way you want (or the bolts might stay loose).

nami burn e viper scooter australia

Another feature of this scooter is its awesome under-deck lights that not only provide a bit more visibility but also kick up your cool factor another notch.

It also has useful turn signals which can help traffic and pedestrians know where you're planning to go. However, its turn signals are not as visible from the rear as it is from the side (so keep that in mind).

Other Features

The Body

With such a hardcore performance, it comes as no wonder that the NAMI Burn-E Viper has a strong, durable one-piece aluminum frame to keep it all together. Its full carbon fiber stem is also very sturdy with a high-quality stem latch that doesn't fold too quickly.

Display & Handles

Another notable feature is that the NAMI Burn-E Viper has tall sitting handlebars that allow for a more relaxed hold (and less fatigue) if you are a rider on the taller side.

The top side of the scooter looks awesome and not like the usual scooter cockpit's of before. Its display is smack in the middle and offers a ton of useful information you'll need while riding. Though it'll probably be better if the display is a bit brighter, it's still great to see stats while you're out zooming.

What's more, this scooter comes with a motor horn to further warn pedestrians and oncoming traffic of your position.

Water Resistance

The NAMI Burn-E Viper is one of the performance scooters with an exceptional water resistance. At IP55, you'll be able to confidently ride anywhere you want, anytime. Although it's still best to avoid riding in rain and steering clear from puddles as rain has a sneaky way of going into even the most protected parts of a ride.

You'll also want to keep an eye on the charging ports of your NAMI Burn-E as that is the weakest spot against water. A good thing that silicone covers can add a layer of defense here.

NAMI Burn E V2 vs. V2 Max

Currently, the NAMI Burn-E Viper has two versions that are both powerful in their own right, but can work better for different riders. To help you choose which version to get, here's a quick run-down of the differences between the V2 and the V2 Max:

MOTOR 1000W, dual motors 1500W, dual motors
SPEED 75 kph 95-100+ kph
RANGE 80 km 120 km
BATTERY 72V 28 Ah, Standard cells 72V 32Ah, Panasonic/LG
WEIGHT 45 kg 47 kg
TYRES 90/65-6/5 Tubeless, street or off-road tyres 11" Tubeless
BRAKES Front and Rear 160mm Full Hydraulic Brakes, 2 piston Logan Brake Front & Rear 160mm Full Hydraulic NUTT Brakes + Adjustable Regenerative Braking, 4 piston Logan Brake

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