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An Ultimate Guide to the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

An Ultimate Guide to the VSETT 10+ Electric Scooter

The VSETT 10+ is a beastly scooter that ticks all the boxes of what a dynamic, exceptional ride should be, with its incredible power and stellar performance.

Its superb speed of 75 to 80 kph, remarkable range of up to 160 km, and magnificent design that allows for easy handling makes it one of the elite scooters in the world. You’ll be a trailblazer when you ride on this one!

Here’s a quick look at some of its technical specifications:


VSETT 10+ (60V 20.8Ah)

VSETT 10+ (60V 25.6Ah)

Top Speed

75 kph

80 kph


Dual Motor: 65km
Single Motor: 130 km

Dual Motor: 80km
Single Motor: 160 km


36 kg

36 kg


2 x 1400W

 2 x 1400W

Battery 60V 20.8Ah 60V 25.6Ah


Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + Electric Brake

Front and Rear Hydraulic Brakes + Electric Brake


Pneumatic 10x3-inch Tyres

Pneumatic 10x3-inch Tyres

Speed Is the Name of the Game

The VSETT 10+ is equipped with strong dual 1400w motors, which is a 40% increase compared to its predecessor. It doesn’t matter if you ride it for commutes or adventures, the sure thing is it’s going to be exhilarating.

Its robust dual motors allow the VSETT 10+ to put up blazing top speeds between 75 to 80 kph that puts it on par with other high-performance scooters such as the Wolf King GT and NAMI. It has strong acceleration and maintains its speed as you cruise along which allows you to go to your destination in record time!

There are 2 ways to ride the VSETT 10+ scooter. Either you run on a single motor, giving you a whopping 130 km maximum range or switch to dual motors, which provides you extra juice to go extra hard.

On dual motors, you can even activate Sports Mode which will take you a further 10 kph faster... for just 2 minutes (to preserve power & battery). Just give your scooter a 10-minute break, and you can re-engage Sports Mode again.

Dynamic Battery and Impressive Range

The VSETT 10+ comes with 2 battery options, the 60V 20.8Ah and 60V 25.6Ah. They’re made by LG which speaks volumes about their reliability and effectiveness.

With powerful batteries, you can enjoy an amazing range of 65 - 130 km depending on whether you’re in single or dual motor mode. Other electric scooters can’t even reach half of that mileage!

If you’re using it for commuting, you won’t even have to charge daily before it reaches its limit. This is good news for thrill-seekers as riding the VSETT 10+ on a trail for hours is absolutely do-able!

Plus, charging doesn’t take too long. Though it’s initially at around 10 to 12 hours when 1 charger is used, you can quickly cut the time in half by using 2 chargers simultaneously.

Climbing Prowess

Steep terrains are no challenge for this top dog! It’s got an amazing hill climbing ability that can handle inclined hills of up to 35 degrees, thanks to its strong dual motors. It speaks volumes of how much power and torque its engine unit produces.

Of course, it has to be noted that this kind of performance will depend on the rider weight, terrain, and battery charge. But don’t worry! The VSETT 10+ Performance Scooter can carry up to 130 kg, well above the average among other rides.

Remarkable Tyres

The tyres fitted on the VSETT 10+ are very notable as it’s a pair of tough pneumatic 10x3-inch wheels that provides very stable performance. Pneumatic tyres are amazing as they basically act like sponges that soak up whatever terrain you’re on. This enhances the handling and grip of the scooter, especially on wet and uneven pavements.

Rough roads? No problem. Rain? Not an issue. Uneven landscapes? VSETT 10+ to the rescue!

Magnificent Braking and Suspension

The brakes of the VSETT 10+ are absolutely no joke! It has front and rear Zoom hydraulics paired with an electronic anti-lock braking system (E-ABS). The outcome of that combination makes the scooter highly responsive and gives it remarkable stopping power.

Additionally, the E-ABS provides an extra layer of safety and stability to the VSETT 10+ as it prevents the brakes of the unit from being locked up when stepped on too hard. It's a great feature that avoids loss of control when trying to stop at high speeds, especially on rough roads. No need to worry about falling off this scooter!

The VSETT 10+ is not all about dominant power as it also promises comfort. It’s decked out with front and rear hydraulic spring coil suspension that gives you a stable ride, even on lopsided roads.

Great Portability

Now, the VSETT 10+ is not one of the lightest scooters out there but with all its power and big battery, its weight, which clocks in at 36 kg, makes a lot of sense. But the scooter does come with collapsible handlebars and a foldable stem, which makes it easy to store in a car or when carried in public transportation. It’s something you don’t usually get with other high-performance scooters.

It’s even equipped with a triple lock folding system which keeps the scooter from flailing around while on-the-go.

Safety First

The VSETT 10+ is equipped with multiple safety features so you can ride with no worries. First up is its remarkable NFC Key Lock Immobiliser which means thieves no more!

The NFC card is used to activate the scooter through the card reader located on the right handlebar. It’s quite convenient to carry and hard to replicate.

LED lights on the front and back are also fitted on the VSETT 10+, which makes it easier and safer to ride in the dark. Also, the turn signals are placed conveniently and can be prompted when you’re on the road with other cars. Not only is it secure for you but also for those around you.

This two-wheeler kick is also IP54 water-resistant. So, being caught in light rain does not automatically mean expensive maintenance. Just be sure to seek shelter as soon as possible to avoid damage.

Ergonomic Design

One glance is all it takes to know that the VSETT 10+ is one heck of a looker! It’s all-black with a dash of yellow in all the right places. Not only that, it’s created to offer riders practicality and handiness.

Its handlebars are ergonomically shaped to strike the perfect balance between function and great design. The curved shape makes it nice to handle and manoeuvre. It’s comfortable and easy on the eyes. What more can you ask for?

Overall Ride Quality

The VSETT 10+ raises the bar of what a dynamic and spectacular scooter should be. From the incredible dual motors to its marvellous brakes and suspension, this impressive kicks can take you just about anywhere.

Not only that, but convenience is also not forgotten with its improved QS-S4 display which acts as a command centre where you can adjust your speed, acceleration, and brake power. All that control is within your grasp!

The VSETT 10+ is a total upgrade to your everyday riding. Its quality and amazing performance are definitely worth looking at. It’s a scooter that’s sure to give you all the thrills you want!

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