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Electric Scooter Riding During Lockdowns

Electric Scooter Riding During Lockdowns

There's no denying that it's hard to be cooped up and limited in our day-to-day from days on end. But that doesn't mean you can't get up and get moving. Read on and discover why you should take up electric scooter riding during the lockdown!

Why Ride an Electric Scooter During Lockdowns?

As a Mental Health Exercise

Staying inside the house can be dull and maddening. There's only so much you can do cooped up indoors. And only seeing the same rooms day in and day can be off-putting.

Having an electric scooter to ride around your property or immediate vicinity can help relax and refresh your mind. Enjoying a quick drive around the area will allow you to see other sights and feel the fresh breeze, just enough to make you feel better about staying back indoors again. 

To Keep the Kids Busy & Active

Young kids should be able to experience the world around them freely, but as there are limits to what we can do right now, short trips outside can still be enjoyable.

Riding a kid's electric scooter around the park or in the backyard would seem like a fun adventure for your little ones. Just make sure to stay away from other households during your rides, and more importantly, allow your kids some space to move independently.

You can even mix up your ride with other activities, like nature viewing, racing, and more.

Easy Mobility For the Elderly

Going around town can be a pain during lockdowns when you need to get your essentials. And if you're not one for driving, public transport can be scary since other people use it.

With an electric scooter, you wouldn't have to worry about being too close to others during your commutes. You'll be safely distanced from other commuters while riding. Plus, scooters provide an easier and faster mode of transport than traditional bikes or walking. 

You can even make riding comfier by adding an electric scooter seat attachment if you'd prefer to be seated during your commutes.

Convenient All-Around Transport

Whether you just need to go on a quick grocery trip or have an essential errand to run, having your own electric scooter is handy during lockdowns. Some reasons why it's a convenient for commuting are:

  • You're guaranteed that you'll be riding alone.
  • There's no need to worry about parking.
  • Petrol fees are not an issue.
  • You can take less-crowded paths.

Where to Ride During Lockdowns

While it's true that lockdowns mean you should stay at home most of the time, there are still places you can go to for a quick trip.

Here are some spots in the city that you'll enjoy riding your electric scooter to:

To the Grocery

If you're low on TP or food items, using your electric scooter to go to the supermarket is best if you'd rather not waste time parking the car. Plus, you'll get the chance to feel the fresh breeze on your way there.

With a bag hook or a strap-on basket installed, bringing home your goods would be no problem.

To Other Essential Services

Sometimes, we can't avoid needing to run some errands despite being in the middle of a lockdown. If you're wary of using public transport because you'd needlessly be exposed to too many people, an electric scooter is a great compromise.

That way, you can conveniently go around the neighborhoods to finish all your necessary tasks while avoiding the crowds. You can ride on less-used streets or just maintain distance from other pedestrians.

To the Neighborhood Park

If you'd like to take a fast break from being cooped up indoors, the nearest neighborhood park is an awesome spot to visit. Take your scooter for a relaxing round around the park and just make the most of the fresh air and different surroundings.

Top Electric Scooters For Lockdown Riding

Now that you know more about the benefits of having your own electric scooter during the lockdowns, it's time to choose which one to get. 

Here are a few of our top recommendations: 

Popular All-Around Choice: Segway Ninebot Max G30P/Max G30LP

segway ninebot max g30p g30lp

For Extra Power: Apollo City & Apollo Explore


apollo explore

Reliable Favourites: Segway E Series (Segway Ninebot E22, E25, & E45)

segway e45

Trendy Techie Pick: Unagi E500 Model One

unagi model one e500

For First-Timers & Regular Commuters: Segway F40

segway f40

For Zippy Adventures: Apollo Ghost

apollo ghost electric scooter

For Top-Notch, One-of-a-Kind Riding: Apollo Phantom

apollo phantom electric scooter

BONUS: Fantastic Electric Rides for Thrill-Seekers During Lockdown

If you have a large property or are near off-road trails rarely used by the general population, going out for an exhilarating ride is something you can do to fight the boredom of lockdowns.

And electric scooters aren't the only type of electric rides that can keep your exploring exciting. Here are a few other rides you should check out:

For the Long-Distance Adventurer: Segway X260 Dirt eBike

segway x260 electric dirt bike

For the Ultimate Racetrack Lover: Segway Go Kart Pro & Segway Go Kart Pro - Lamborghini Edition

segway go kart pro

For Classic Thrill-Seekers: Evolve GTR Skateboards

evolve gtr electric skateboard

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