Guide to Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter

Guide to Fiido Q1 Seated Scooter

Do long commutes tire you out? Do you get uncomfortable standing for long periods of time? If your answer to either of these questions is yes, then you’re in the right place. The Fiido Q1 electric scooter is here and it’s ready to take you places without even having to stand up. Designed with an integrated seat, you can enjoy its speed and range while pleasantly sitting down. 

While e-Scooters with optional seat attachments have been available for some time, the Fiido blends the best attributes of both bicycles and scooters while still managing to be unique. Plus, thanks to its high-quality build, the Q1 is durable, stable, and sturdy. This should come as no surprise as Fiido is known for making fun, yet practical, electric rides. 

A range of practical accessories such as additional seats, bags, & baskets also make this one of the most practical electric scooters on the market. 

Here’s a little snippet for you of its features and specs:

Top Speed

25 kph


250W Gear Motor

Maximum Range

50 km


36V 10Ah Li-ion Battery


18 kg

Load Capacity

120 kg

Charging Time

3-4 hours

Why The Fiido Q1 Should Be On Your Wishlist

Not everyone is a fan of standing up throughout daily commutes. Some enjoy this aspect of riding an electric scooter, but others find that it's a hassle. And that’s understandable, especially during lengthy trips. 

That said, you can experience a breezy cruise around town with the Fiido Q1 as it comes with a seat attachment. 

Power and Speed

The Fiido Q1 does not lack when it comes to providing an amazing pace. It’s equipped with a 250W gear motor with a peak power of 500W, which is on par with some entry-level and mid-range e-scooters. Not only that but having a geared motor helps with producing higher and more efficient speeds.

And thanks to that incredible single-power train, the Q1 can reach a top speed of 25 kph. That’s more than enough to get you to your destination in no time. Whether you’re going to work or getting some groceries, the Fiido can give you a zippy lift without worries.

It also sets off an amazing torque that allows for a nice 15-degree climbing angle. That means experiencing little to no struggle even if you have to traverse hilly areas, albeit at a slower pace. Together with its speed and power, your trips can be efficient and exciting.

Battery and Range

fiido q1 australia

A Fiido Q1 with bag, spare seat, & back basket fitted.

Needing to stop so your scooter can be charged can be bothersome. The same goes for having to transfer to another vehicle when the mileage on your kick is not enough. 

fiido q1 basket scooter battery


The Fiido Q1's battery is hidden in the seat post.

Fortunately, the Fiido Q1 is fitted with a very capable 36V 10Ah Li-ion battery. With that much voltage, you’ll be able to travel for up to 50 km. Having a solid range that holds out that far will be convenient for commutes and errands. Just keep in mind that the mileage may be affected by other factors such as rider weight and terrain. Still, that’s a pretty decent reach compared to others. 

On top of that, you won’t have to wait too long for it to be fully charged. The Fiido Q1 only needs 3 to 4 hours of charging before it’s ready to be out and about again. 

Moreover, Fiido’s battery pack is integrated with multiple protection systems to prolong its life. The structure shields the battery from overcurrent, overcharging, short circuits, and overheating. It even helps with delivering balanced power throughout your journey.

Riding Quality

The most obvious distinguishing feature of this electric scooter is its seat attachment. And since it’s padded, you won’t worry about your behind going numb while you’re out. Supreme comfort will be apparent as you navigate your way through the city centre or the suburbs in the Fiido Q1. 

fiido q1 scooter with seat


The main Fiido Q1 seat (right) with optional kid's seat (left).

As a result, you won’t agonise about balancing yourself on a deck or dread long commutes. Plus, with such a comfortable setup, you can enjoy your ride even more as you don’t have to think about falling off. 

Even better, it’s fitted with bigger wheels than the usual ones seen on other e-scooters. The Q1’s 12-inch front and rear pneumatic tyres provide a nice grip which leads to incredible stability. Also, they’re wear-resistant, anti-slip, and shockproof which makes it easier to ride on different terrains. With that, you won’t experience discomfort even as you go through some bumps and cracks.

fiido q1 scooter tyre brakes


The Fiido features 12 inch front & rear wheels with powerful brakes.

Lastly, let's not forget one of its best features: the basket at the rear. It’s a very convenient attachment to have, especially if you're using the Fiido Q1 for leisure. Carrying groceries is one less thing to worry about with this two-wheeler. And if that’s not enough storage, you can equip it with an additional bag under the seat. 


As with any other vehicle, safety must take precedence especially when you’re on public roads. Luckily, the Fiido Q1 has got that covered and you can dash through neighbourhoods worry-free.

fiido q1 disc brakes

The Fiido Q1's front brake has some solid stopping power.

Its exceptional braking system allows for a solid stopping prowess. The Q1 e-scooter comes with front and rear disc brakes that let you have great control over your speed at any given time. Plus, with its great rotors, halting is stable and smooth.

Moreover, you can use this electric scooter even when it’s lightly raining. While it's not advised to ride in such weather, at least you can have some time to find shelter without it breaking down immediately when it gets wet. Just remember to be careful when the roads are damp.

fiido q1 electric scooter lights


Every Fiido Q1 comes with an LED headlight as standard.

This e-scooter also has an LED headlight for better visibility while you’re riding at night. However, you might need to invest in some “be seen” lights for the rear. You can also unlock and lock the Q1 using its own set of keys, which gives your ride greater security since no one else can access it. So whether you need to park it outside your office or while you’re in Starbucks, you can rest easy knowing someone can't steal your Fiido Q1.

Build and Design

No matter what type of e-scooter a rider gets, the sure thing is no one wants a feeble kick. Choosing from an unreliable brand will just result in headaches and high repair costs. But those worries can be foregone with the Fiido Q1.

Aluminium alloy materials are used in the construction of the electric scooter's frame, making it durable. Such craftsmanship results in a sturdy ride that can handle different types of terrain without trembling. Plus, it’s resistant to corrosion, so you won’t have to worry about having a two-wheeler that looks like it has seen combat after a few uses.

fiido q1 seated electric scooter australia


The Fiido Q1 comes with all the above accessories shown as standard.

As for its design, the Q1’s trendy aesthetic is on point as it is the perfect combination of a bicycle and an e-scooter. All the components are ergonomically placed to make riders as comfortable as possible.

The handlebar is a prime example. Every button and switch is within the rider’s grasp to control the Fiido Q1 with ease. It also has a twist throttle as opposed to the more traditional thumb throttle. This is an advantage for those who are used to riding motorcycles or e-bikes. With its size and position, you can adjust your grip on the throttle effortlessly.

fiido q1 throttle

The LCD screen & throttle on the Fiido Q1.

When it comes to the display, the Q1 comes with a small digital screen attached to the handlebar. It’s not the big LED screen you often see in other e-scooters, but it still shows you some information that you can use to maximise your riding experience like the battery level.


One of the most notable features of the Fiido Q1 is its small size. It only weighs 18 kg, which is quite surprising given its specs and power. Aside from being lightweight, the handlebars and stem of this scooter are foldable. Even on a flight of stairs, it won't take too much effort to carry this.

The Q1’s compact design also makes it easy to store, whether in your apartment or garage. Plus, if you’re using this for leisure trips such as camping, it’s easy to keep in the trunk of a car like a hatchback.

The Verdict

The Fiido Q1 is an incredible bicycle and scooter hybrid that offers both convenience and fun while retaining a distinctive identity. You don’t have to keep an active rider stance or pedal your way through your destination. Simply hop on the Q1’s seat and experience a relaxed trip to wherever you need to go.

When it comes to riding quality, this e-scooter delivers despite being in the entry-level category. Even though it doesn’t have a built-in suspension, the huge tyres make up for it as they provide traction and stability. It also has a great set of brakes that allows it to go from top speed to a complete stop smoothly.

Overall, the Fiido Q1 is a fantastic electric scooter to have. It’s compact and portable, which makes it easier to store and carry. Plus, it has a great deal of power from its motor and battery that allows for a decent speed and range. It also has built-in storage for better convenience while you’re travelling. Although some aspects can be improved, this scooter allows for effortless commutes and leisure trips.

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