Best Lightweight & Portable Electric Scooters of 2023

Best Lightweight & Portable Electric Scooters of 2023

We love our powerful electric scooters, but as much fun as they are going at lightning fast speeds and climbing steep hills, one thing they aren’t is lightweight. For some, these power machines are too much for what they need. Their generally larger size means heavier weight, and more difficulty storing them or navigating congested areas. 

That’s why we also carry a range of lightweight and portable electric scooters. Designed for commuters and riders who like the practicality of being able to easily carry their ride, or fold them up and store them under desks, buying a lightweight e-scooter doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up on getting something that can also handle a variety of tasks. 

So if you’re looking for a lightweight e-scooter, we’ve put together this list of the best low weight, foldable, and portable models. Read on to find out more. 


  1. Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus
  2. Pure Advance Flex
  3. Pure Advance+
  4. Pure Air3
  5. Segway-Ninebot F2
  6. Apollo Air V3
  7. Inokim Light 2 Max
  8. Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro

What Makes an E-Scooter Portable?

There are many types of electric scooters, each with its own unique purpose. Some are hefty and high-powered, perfect for adrenaline junkies who need to release some steam while conquering challenging trails.

On the other hand, commuter electric scooters are typically lighter for enhanced agility. These are ideal for manoeuvring around congested city streets and discovering alternative routes.

If you are looking for a portable electric scooter, here’s a quick guide to know what you should consider: 

Low Weight

There will be situations that will require you to bring your scooter up and down stairs, lift it up on buses and trains, or take it to a suitable storage location. For this purpose, it is essential to choose an e-scooter that you can comfortably carry. The lower the weight, the better.

Below, you will see our list of the best lightweight scooters with no entry going over 20 kg.

Is There An Adult Scooter Less than 10kg?

An electric scooter for adults that weighs less than 10 kg sounds like a fantastic idea; unfortunately, this is very unlikely as it would mean possible on performance and durability. The lightest e-scooter available in Australia today is the Mearth S 2023, which weighs in at 12KG. Light as it may be, it’s still not under 10KG, and it has a maximum range of just 15km. 

On the other hand, you can find kids’ electric scooters that weigh around 10 kg, but they are not meant for commuting. Or adults, for that matter. 

Foldable Design

A lightweight scooter that doesn’t fold or collapse is still cumbersome, so aside from the weight, look for an e-scooter with a good folding mechanism. With a good folded form, the e-scooter becomes more portable and easier to handle.

Look for an e-scooter with:

  • A strong folding mechanism: The folding mechanism is essential to the electric scooter’s structural integrity. It is important to make sure your e-scooter folds securely, as a loose mechanism can make the scooter wobbly and unstable. It may even cause the scooter to accidentally collapse while you’re riding, which poses a very serious safety risk. You also need to ensure that it is tough enough to handle constant wear and tear.
  • A folded stem that locks in place: Check that your e-scooter’s stem clamps into place when folded. Aside from being more secure, this allows you to lift the folded scooter by the steam. 
  • Collapsible handlebars: Aside from having a stem that folds, a portable e-scooter will have folding handlebars as well to take up the least amount of space when folded. For example, the Pure Advance Flex has a 5-step folding mechanism that packs down the deck, the stem, and the handlebars. 

Smaller Size, Easier Storage

Aside from being much easier to manoeuvre on the streets, a smaller electric scooter is more compact when folded. This is handy if you need to store your ride in tight spaces at home, in the office, or inside another mode of transportation. 

All the features above make for portable electric scooters that take up less space, whether it’s the streets or in the corner of your room. Portability also presents a major advantage when it comes to security. When not in use, you can store your electric scooter indoors, where it is safe from theft and vandalism.

Most Portable Electric Scooters as of October 2023

Here is a list of our lightest and most portable electric scooters available on our website right now (as of September 2023). For older models, check out our Previous Entries section below.

1. Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus - 14.4 kg

$649 - Shop Now

Segway E2 Plus

The E2 Plus brings Segway-Ninebot’s signature look and durability. It sports a minimalist yet robust appearance and premium components, which makes it a stylish and reliable choice for commuters.

It weighs a mere 14.4 kg—a weight that is easy for almost anyone to carry. Aside from being lightweight, the Segway-Ninebot E2 is portable. Thanks to its quick 2-step folding system, you can effortlessly fold and unfold the scooter whenever you need to.

For commuters who reside in areas with strict speed restrictions, the E2 has a law-abiding top speed. Powered by a 300W motor, the E2 can go as fast as 25 kph, which makes it a good choice for areas where you can’t legally ride high-speed scooters on the road.

It does not cut corners on performance either, as the E2 can handle inclines of up to 20%. It also covers a good 25 km, which is usually sufficient for daily rides.

2. Pure Advance Flex - 16.2 kg

$2,299 - Shop Now

Pure Advance Flex

Designed for modern mobility and convenience, the Pure Advance Flex boasts not only a sleek aesthetic design but also a feature that is unique to the industry: a forward-facing riding position. With footpads placed on either side of the chassis, riders can comfortably place their feet parallel from each other, which enhances balance and stability.

Aside from its revolutionary approach to riding, the Advance Flex boasts a rare folding mechanism never seen in any other electric scooter. The entire ride—and we’re talking about the body, deck, stem, and handlebars—collapses into a compact folded form that easily fits into almost every storage space imaginable. 

The Advance Flex has many unique surprises up its sleeves, but it is still a solid commuter scooter at its very core. Equipped with a 500W motor, it reaches top speeds of 25 kph, covers a good range of 40 km, and even climbs hills with angles up to 19%. With bright lights and indicators, it ensures safe rides, especially during nighttime.

3. Pure Advance+ - 16.2 kg

$2,099 - Shop Now

Pure Advance

The Advance Flex’s sibling also features the lineup’s fundamentally different front-facing riding position, which enhances balance and control—a plus for beginner riders. Paired with the brand’s patent-pending Active Steering Stabilisation technology, all your commutes will be steady and smooth-sailing.

Unlike the Flex, the Pure Advance+ doesn’t completely collapse. What it has, however, is a slimline folding design. With handlebars, footboards, and a stem that all fold inwards, the result is a folded form that is 70% narrower than a standard e-scooter. 

While the Flex is great for small areas, the Pure Advance+ is ideal for storing neatly against walls or behind doors. 

Aside from being lightweight and portable, the Pure Advance+ is a completely safe e-scooter. Packed with safety features like bright front light and rear lights, handlebar indicators, and a dual-braking system, you can enjoy your rides with confidence.

4. Pure Air³ - 15.5 kg

$1,199 - Shop Now

Pure Air 3

The most lightweight in the current Pure Air lineups, the Pure Air³ is light enough to be carried and transported. It retains a lightweight design despite having a premium-quality steel frame, large 10-inch tubeless tyres, and dual brakes.

With its 350W motor and improved battery technology, it gives enough power to get up to 30 km of range. If you need a commuter scooter that complies with speed limits, the Pure Air³ is another option you can consider, as its top speed does not exceed the usually mandated 25 kph.

The Pure Air³ is also equipped with regenerative braking, which, as mentioned above, is not typical of affordably priced electric scooters.

Another thing you can find in the Pure Air³ that is usually found among high-end models? A cruise control technology that has you set the desired speed, which the scooter will then maintain without you having to constantly brake or accelerate.

When coupled with regenerative braking, you can enjoy long journeys without worrying about running out of battery or losing control of your ride.

Plus, the Pure Air³ gives you a very high IP65 water-resistance rating, so you can use it rain or shine.

5. Segway-Ninebot F2 - 17.5 kg

$949 - Shop Now

Segway F2

With the F2, Segway-Ninebot released one of its most powerful and functional commuter scooters. While it’s one of the heavier e-scooters on our list (and might not even be considered “lightweight” by some), its performance and features make it one of best choices for commuters who need something more out of their ride.

Powered by a 400W motor, it reaches a top speed of 25 kph and gives you a decent mileage of 40 km. Plus, it confidently handles inclines of 18%, which you should consider if you need to go through hilly areas. 

While lighter than most high-powered e-scooters, the F2 attempts to perform at the same level. It has Segway’s Traction Control System, a technology that allows for better grip and stability if you have to ride on rough or slippery roads. 

The Segway-Ninebot F2 also features a wider set of handlebars, which allows you to comfortably control your ride and, at the same time, leaves enough room for additional accessories.

6. Apollo Air V3 - 17.5 kg

$1,499 - Shop Now

Apollo Air V3

The newest Apollo Air is another fully-featured electric scooter under 20 kg. Like the Segway-Ninebot F2, it might not be as light as some of the entries in our list, but its upgrades and enhancements offset this minor inconvenience.

Aside from retaining its forerunner’s sleek and lithe design, the Apollo Air V3 introduces a redesigned zero-wobble folding mechanism, which removes instability and unwanted motions. Since it stays perfectly still, it eliminates the need for frequent re-adjustment.

It’s also a powerful electric ride, propelled by a 500W motor that pushes to achieve a peak speed of 34 kph. With a max range of 55 km, it also covers more distance than your standard commuter e-scooter. It also tackles hills with angles of up to 10 degrees.

The Apollo Air V3 is also one of the few lightweight and portable electric scooters that is equipped with a suspension. Thanks to its front-dual fork suspension system, the Air V3 delivers a consistent performance on both smooth city streets and bumpy off-road trails.

7. Inokim Light 2 Max - 14 kg

$1,599 - Shop Now

Inokim Light 2 Max

Inokim’s newest offering is one of the lightest in our list. Weighing a mere 14 kg, the Inokim Light 2 Max maintains a weight that is within most riders’ comfort zones. Beyond its minimalist style, it also accomplishes practical functionality by reaching a 34 kph top speed and giving you a good 40-km range.

The Light 2 Max boasts a quick-fold system that allows you to collapse the e-scooter within a few seconds. Because the scooter features a telescopic stem and foldable handlebars, what you get afterwards is a truly compact folded form. 

Another benefit that a telescopic stem offers is adjustability. Since the stem can be adjusted to suit different heights, the Inokim Light 2 Max can accommodate a wide range of riders.

Furthermore, the Light 2 Max is a very safe ride. Its front and rear drum brakes deliver maximum stopping power, while an Auto Motor Cutoff feature prevents the scooter from running when not in use. And with a never-flat rear tyre, there is no need to worry about punctures and flats when getting to your destination.

8. Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro (For Kids) - 10.7 kg

$499 - Shop Now

Segway C2 Pro

Previously, we mentioned that it is unlikely – often impossible – to find an adult electric scooter that weighs around 10 kg. However, this is an average weight for kids’ electric scooters like the Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro.

Ideal for children and young teenagers from age 9, the C2 Pro delivers just enough speed and power to go around the backyard or a safe neighbourhood. It is equipped with a 150W motor, which achieves a 20 kph top speed and covers around 12 kilometres. With your supervision, this electric scooter empowers kids to explore and have fun on their own terms!

The C2 Pro, just like most of its older Segway-Ninebot siblings, features an easy-fold mechanism for effortless storage or transportation. 

Another great feature of the C2 Pro is its adjustable stem: it either grows along with a single child or can be shared among siblings or friends. 

The Segway-Ninebot C2 Pro appears very stylish. With its surfing-inspired design and 256-colour RGB lighting, it is bound to turn heads at every corner. As if this is not cool enough, the C2 Pro also comes with a bluetooth speaker that produces music that syncs with the scooter’s ambient lights.

Comparison Chart


Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus

Pure Advance Flex

Pure Advance

Pure Air3

Segway-Ninebot F2

Apollo Air V3

Inokim Light 2 Max

Segway-Nnebot C2 Pro











14.4 kg

16.2 kg

16.2 kg

15.5 kg

17.7 kg

17.5 kg

14 kg

10.7 kg

Max Rider Weight

90 kg

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

120 kg

100 kg

100 kg

60 kg

Top Speed

25 kph

25 kph

25 kph

25 kph

25 kph

34 kph

34 kph

20 kph

Max Range

25 km

40 km

40 km

30 km

40 km

55 km

40 km

15 km











Front electronic + rear drum

Front drum + rear KERS

Front drum + rear KERS

Front drum + rear KERS

Front disc + rear electronic

Front + regenerative

Front + rear drum

Rear drum

Water Resistance









Climb Angle





Not specified

Not specified

Charge Time

7.5 hrs

5.75 hrs

6 hrs

4 hrs

6.5 hrs

7 hrs

5 hrs

4 hrs

Previous Entries

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Do I Need a Portable Electric Scooter?

As aforementioned, electric scooters come in various forms and sizes to suit different riding needs and preferences.

Are you looking for a high-powered ride to satisfy your need for speed? If so, this list is probably not for you. However, if you need a practical and efficient ride, prioritising low weights, simple folding mechanisms, and manoeuvrability over breathtaking force and acceleration, then you need a portable commuter scooter.

If you just want the lightest electric scooter with enough power for daily commutes, consider the Segway-Ninebot E2 Plus or the Inokim Light 2 Max

If you require the best of both worlds, options like the Segway-Ninebot F2, the Pure Air3, and the Apollo Air V3 offer a great blend between portability and performance.

Finally, if you need an e-scooter that you can stow away in the tightest of storage spaces, your best bet is either the Pure Advance or the Pure Advance Flex.

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