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Segway Max G2 Electric Scooter: Ultimate Guide

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For fans of the Segway Ninebot Max, 2023 brought us the news we’d all feared was coming: the Segway Ninebot Max G30 was finishing production. What had stood as the bastion of the electric scooter industry since 2019 was finally getting its chance to scoot off into the sunset and enjoy a well-deserved retirement. 

For the rest of us, we were left with one question. What was the G30’s replacement going to be? 

With the quiet arrival and equally-quiet sweeping under the rug of the G65 Max II, we saw a glimmer of hope of what was coming next: a Ninebot Max with suspension. 

Much like a British Prime Minister, the G65’s time at the top was short lived because not long after it took on the mantle, the official replacement was announced: The Segway Ninebot Max G2. 

Promising to be everything we wanted it to be and then some, the G2 punched straight into the hearts and minds of e-scooter riders throughout 2023, and with every day that passed towards its Australian launch, we were increasingly satisfied that we had a worthy successor to the Ninebot Max. 

Overview of the Segway Ninebot Max G2

Segway Ninebot Max G2

The Segway Ninebot Max G2

Let’s take a look at what we get with the G2:




35 kph


450W (Peak Power 900W)


Up to 70 km


120 kg


24.3 kg


551 Wh


approx. 6 hrs


22 %


Front and Rear 10-inch Self-Healing Pneumatic Tubeless






Front Hydraulic + Rear Double Spring (Adjustable)


Front Drum Brake + Rear Electronic Brake

At a first glance, you could be fooled into thinking the G2 isn’t a huge departure from the G65. After all, they look almost identical. They are the same size and same shape. They have the same suspension. They have the same dark grey colour scheme with yellow trim. They even weigh the same. Side by side, they’d be difficult to tell apart if it weren’t for the indicators on the G2’s handlebars. 

Yet that’s where the similarities end. With the G2 you get the latest and greatest of everything Segway, from a more powerful motor, better security, new tyres, and improved lighting setup to Segway’s new RideyLong™ technology.

Powerful Motor for Effortless Speed

The Segway Max G2's motor has been improved by as much as 28% from the motor on the original Ninebot Max. Now, the G2 is powered by a strong 450W brushless motor that can push out up to a maximum of 900W. While the G65 had a motor power of 450W as well, its peak output was capped at 600W, so the G2 is a significant improvement on both models.

The Rear Motor On The Segway G2

The rear wheel with the housed motor & double piston suspension

With this extra power, acceleration is about 32% quicker than the original Ninebot Max. You can reach 24 kph on the G2 in just 4.1 seconds (roughly, 2 seconds faster than the previous record). 

From there, the Max G2 is able to go as fast as 35 kph (Global Editions only). If this is too fast for you, you can also customise your ride experience by switching between 3 riding modes (Eco, Drive, Sport).

Eco has the lowest speed limit but can extend your real-life range while Sport allows you to ride up to the scooter's top speed. The scooter also has a walk mode, so you can easily push it around when not riding.

The motor also improves hill climb up to 22%, and ensures that the G2 still performs while lugging up to 120kg of weight.

The New RideyLONG™ Technology For Enhanced Range

E-Scooter manufacturers are rushing to produce proprietary technology to give them an edge in a crowded market: Pure Electric has Pure Control™ Steering Stabilisation; Apollo has the MACH 1 controllers. Now, Segway has RideyLONG™. 

This newly-developed system uses an algorithm to coordinate the G2's high-performing motor, long range-formulated self-healing tyres, and the more optimized controller to enhance your ride quality and extend your range by up to 15%. This means the G2 can reach a maximum range of up to 75km on a single charge. 

Beyond that, the G2 uses a new structural design and an electromagnetic circuit upgrade to optimize ride stability, reduce motor noise, and lessen internal friction.

It also features an advanced BMS that protects it from different situations, including overcharging and short circuiting, and ensures longer battery cell life. The BMS & battery itself work together to ensure the G2’s top speed can be reached until the battery hits 20%. 

The Much-Awaited Suspension with the Latest Tech

Rear Suspension on the Segway G2

The rear suspension on the G2

Ask any Ninebot Max riders to name one thing they could add to their e-scooters to make them better, and the vast majority of them would say suspension. The Max G2 delivers on that with its front and rear suspension system, which was the best feature found on the G65. 

The Segway Max G2 features adjustable front hydraulic and rear double spring suspension that reduces the impact of speed bumps, uneven terrain, and other obstacles, making riding on most surfaces smoother, more comfortable, and more stable.

On top of that, this electric scooter has an automobile-class Traction Control System (TCS) that, when paired with the Ninebot controller, allows for more precise control of your ride. This helps to improve stability on slippery conditions and prevents losing control while on the move.

Improved Tyres

As part of its RideyLONG™ tech upgrade, the Segway Max G2 also has new long range-formulated self-healing tubeless tyres.

They feature a self-developed patented pattern that improves the tyre's grip and prevents it from skidding. Its automotive-grade formula also makes it possible to lessen the heat generated while moving, thereby increasing the tyre's efficiency by up to 20%. This is good news for anyone that’s tried to replace the tyre on a Ninebot Max. 

Built-In Charger

A favourite feature of the Ninebot Max, the built-in charger replaced the need for a charging brick so you only have to move a single cord around. This feature also comes to the G2. 

The G2's Built In Charger

The built-in charging port is a popular feature

Reliable Braking System & Safety On The Go

Riding around on your electric scooter is as safe as it can get with the Max G2's various upgraded features, including its reliable braking system.

Front Wheel on the Segway G2

Improved Segway tyres & the front drum brake

It has a front drum brake and rear electronic brake that doubly protect you by providing efficient stopping power while requiring minimal maintenance. The electronic brake also feeds energy normally lost during braking back into the battery to squeeze that little bit more range from your ride. 

It also has a bright 2.1W front head light paired with red brake lights that increase your visibility significantly in low-light conditions. Plus, the Segway Max G2 introduces integrated turn indicators that make it safe for you when moving around.

The turn signals themselves are a huge selling-point of the G2. Located on the handlebars, they can be seen from all angles, and are activated by an easy-to-use switch on the handlebars. 

Indicators On The G2 Max

The handlebar indicator

The G2 also comes with an electronic horn. While the switch for the horn is on the handlebars, the horn itself actually lives on the connecting stem behind the front wheel. It’s loud and noticeable, even over the noise of a car engine. 

A More Streamlined, Ergonomic Scooter Design

The sleek, modern design of the Segway Max G2 is inspired by sports cars, the influence of which is noticeable with the rear “wing” at the end of the deck. Its streamlined look was created to be more ergonomic and rider-friendly, whether used by a short or tall rider.

Its stem height has been increased to 126.5 cm versus the original's 117.8cm. The scooter also has a wider and thicker foot pad to accommodate heavier riders, making for better durability and balance.

The Segway Max G2 also has wider handlebars to accommodate for space when you want to add in accessories, such as a phone holder. The angle of the stem has been increased by a few degrees (from 40° to approx. 45°) to make for more comfortable and stable control.

The Handlebar Layout of the G2

The handlebar layout of the G2

The generally larger size helps improve rider balance and stability when riding while providing a more comfortable riding position for taller riders. 

A Ride That's Always Connected

The Segway Max G2 is equipped with tech that connects it to your phone via Bluetooth. Once connected to the Segway app, you will be able to control and customise your ride with ease.

This connection also introduces us to Ninebot AirLock; a handy feature that automatically turns the G2 on when your phone is near, and enables a one-kick launch mode. Similarly, AirLock will lock your scooter when you aren’t nearby to prevent theft. You’ll also be able to customise the unlocking distance in the Segway app. 

On the topic of theft, the G2 has an industry-first feature that we love: you can sync up your Segway Max G2 with the new Apple Find My Ninebot technology on iOS. That way, you can have the peace of mind that you'll always know where your scooter is located. 

Apple’s Find My iPhone is tried and tested, so it’s fantastic to see Segway taking the initiative and jumping on widely adopted technology. 

Segway Max G30 vs. Max G2

The Segway Max G30 is a beloved electric scooter for many reasons. Its durable build and dependable performance are top of those, but the Segway Max G2 combines all that you loved from the original while coming with a whole range of its own upgrades.

While you can't go wrong with any of the scooters, they do have significant differences. The first difference being its motor, as the Max G30 has a 350W Gen 2 brushless motor and the G2 has a 450W.

Having a more powerful motor, the G2 can also reach a faster top speed of 35 kph versus the G30's 30 kph (Global Edition).

What's more, a stronger motor allows the Max G2 to climb steeper hills of up to 22%. While the 20% climb angle of the Max G30 isn't far behind, the G2 also has an increased weight limit as well, so hill climb is generally improved. 

Both electric scooters have high-performing 551Wh batteries, which allowed the Max G30 to cover distances of up to 65 km, but thanks to RideyLONG™ technology, that distance is increased to 75 km for the G2. However, remember that maximum range is based on ideal riding conditions, and both scooters will probably average 50 km in real-life. Either way, with most journeys made on e-scooters coming under 5KM, you could realistically only charge the G2 once a week. 

Both scooters are also portable thanks to their quick and easy folding systems. In terms of unit weight, it’s no surprise that the G2 weighs about 5KG more than the Ninebot Max. That’s a trade off you’ll need to accept for the generally larger size, more stable ride, improved tyres, more powerful motor & adjustable dual suspension.

You'll also enjoy better security and visibility with the Max G2's integrated turn indicators at the end of its handles.

Here’s a comparison of each scooter’s features:


Segway Ninebot Max G30

Segway Ninebot Max G2

Motor Power (Nominal)



Motor Power (Peak)



Top Speed

30 kph

35 kph


65 km

75 km


551 Wh

551 Wh


19.1 kg

24.3 kg

Size (L xW x H) (Unfolded)

116.7 cm x 47.2cm x 120.3 cm

121.0 cm x 57.0cm x 126.5 cm

Size (Folded)

116.7 cm x 47.2cm x 53.4 cm

121.0 cm x 57.0cm x 60.5 cm

Rider Weight

100 kg

120 kg

Charge Time

6 Hours

6 Hours

Water Resistance Rating



Hill Climb





Front Hydraulic & Rear Dual Piston


Front Drum + Regenerative

Front Drum + Regenerative

App Integration






Turn Signals



Traction Control












Segway G65 vs. Max G2

The Segway G65 and Max G2 are both newer models of the Segway, and have some of the latest upgrades that the brand has introduced. Both electric scooters have built-in suspension and an overall larger frame than the original Segway Max.

The two scooters also have strong 450W motors and reliable 551Wh batteries. But the Segway G65 can only reach speeds of 25 kph and distances of 65 km while the G2 can go as fast as 35 kph and as far as 70 km.

Both rides are also foldable and moderately lightweight at a little above 24 kg, so you can easily bring them with you on public transport, or store them away in the garage or car boot.

However, the Segway Max G2 does have a few extra features that the G65 does not. It has the integrated turn indicators and Segway's latest RideyLONG™ technology, which allows you to maximise your motor's power.

Why Would You Buy A G65 Over A G2?

Given all the improvements in the G2, this may leave you wondering why anyone would choose a G65 over a G2. The answer lies in what is important to you. The G65 will become increasingly rare as stockists will flock to the superior G2. However, if the fancy features & technology of the G2 doesn’t interest you, keep an eye out for deals & bundles on the G65. Over the next few months, you’ll be able to grab a bargain on the G65 e-scooter and experience the same comfortable ride, reliability, and design as the G2 at a lower cost.

The New Gold Standard

Much like iPhones, the new Ninebot Max didn’t have to do much to be considered a worthy successor. Segway could have literally banged some fancy lights and better app integration into the G30 & called it a day.

But they didn’t.

They went all out on the G2. They added the better motor and app integration, but kept going with indicators, proprietary technology, performance, comfort, and tyres. 

If it weren’t for the Max moniker and the colour scheme, this could be an entirely new electric scooter from Segway, but it rightfully takes its place as the new Ninebot Max, and if it's anything like its predecessor, we’ll be enjoying riding it for the next 4 years. 

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