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The Best E-Rides 2021

Weekend fun just got an upgrade! From exciting family bonding to thrilling new adventures, Segway’s line of electric rides is sure to brighten your play time. There’s no time to relax when you can experience the exhilaration with the Segway Go Kart Kit, Go Kart Pro, and Z10 Unicycle.

These three e-rides are perfect for the weekend warriors looking to level up their recreational activities. Read on about these cool electric rides so you can discover which one you should most definitely get!

The Rides

Segway Go Kart Kit

segway go kart kit

Your Segway S-PRO or miniPRO is a fun ride in itself. But if you want double the fun, you can outfit it with the Go Kart Kit. It’s compatible with either the Segway S, S-PRO, or miniPRO and turns your two-wheel rides into incredibly fun go-karts. It’s even adjustable so that kids and adults can take turns zooming around the tracks!

Segway Go Kart Pro

segway go kart pro

The Segway Go Kart Pro was designed alongside a professional GoKart racer and it’s setup like a supercar (more weight in front than at the back). You know you’re getting the real-deal with awesome features and improvements like better hill climb, drifting assistance, incredible acceleration and bluetooth speaker with synchronized engine noise. Aspiring racers are sure to love the high-speed riding you can experience with the Go Kart Pro!

Segway Ninebot S-PRO

segway ninebot s-pro

The Segway Ninebot S-PRO is what you get when a Segway and a hoverboard have a baby. This unique two-wheel ride is perfect for adventurous riders who want to have double the fun. It can go as fast as 20 kph (which isn’t extreme but still super fun) and is only 13 kg so it’s easy to carry around. Plus, you can combine it with the Segway GoKart Kit to get twice as much weekend entertainment.

Segway Ninebot One Z10

segway ninebot z10 unicycle

What’s more unique than an electric unicycle? The Ninebot One Z10 gives a breath of fresh air to thrill-seekers all around. It’s not like any dirt bike or scooter you’ve ridden before. Balance yourself atop its 18-inch wheel while zooming up to speeds of 45 kph (you’ll be even faster than some e-scooters!).

Segway Dirt eBike X160 and X260

segway dirt ebike x260

Better and more daring adventures are super reachable with Segway’s electric dirt bike series. You can choose between the X160 and the X260. Both have high-torque motors and top-rate batteries that allow them to provide incredible performance while you’re on the trails. It also helps that they have quite the zippy acceleration. 

For novice riders, the X160 has specs that might make you more comfortable. But if you’re already confident in your skill, the X260 is definitely the way to go.

Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike

sur ron x light bee dirt ebike

Rough roads and forest trails have never looked as inviting as when you’re speeding on them with your Sur Ron Light Bee. This electric dirt bike is the perfect ride for thrill-seekers looking for new adventures, without having to worry about petrol and thundering noise. This dirt ebike also has great top speed and maximum range thanks to its high-torque motor and top-quality Lithium battery.

Go Crazy with the Go Karts

segway go kart pro move ride

Everyone, younger and older, can enjoy the speedy thrills of a go-kart. It’s every racer’s dream! You don’t have to be a professional to ride it so it really is something fun for everyone. Segway knows this and has come up with its own electric take on go-karts.

Here are a few reasons why the Go Kart Kit and Go Kart Pro reign supreme in the tracks:

Speed & Range

When it comes to zooming on the tracks, speed is critical. The Segway Go Kart Kit (when outfitted on your Segway S, S-PRO, or miniPRO) can go from 0 to 24 kph in just a few short seconds. The Go Kart Pro ups the thrills with an excitingly quick 37 kph top speed that’ll have you cheering loudly as you accelerate. It can even go in ‘reverse’ with a safe maximum speed of only 3 kph. 

Of course, the range is also an important factor if you want to maximize your time on the tracks. The Go Kart Kit allows you to go up to 15 km. It may seem a bit short but rest assured, you’ll be able to go around and around the course quite a few times.

The Segway Go Kart Pro offers you a chance to travel the distance with a maximum range of 25 km (almost twice as far as the Go Kart Kit). Its powerful 432Wh battery makes it possible for you to keep racing for longer and further.


The reliable performance of both the Go Kart Kit and the Go Kart Pro is because of their power sources. The Go Kart Kit relies heavily on your S, S-PRO, or miniPRO for motor power as it doesn’t have one of its own. However, the entire kit is also powered by 6 AA batteries. The kit can help you overcome inclines with 10% gradeability and below.

The Go Kart Pro is equipped with its own powerful 500W dual motors which can reach a peak of 2400W. Its incredible power allows you to take on hills of up to 15% gradeability so complex race tracks will be no bother. You can even up the challenge by racing on hilly streets!


The Go Kart Kit has a two-layer design integrated with an impact protection system. This safety feature is made from plastic and steel beams to absorb energy from collisions and reduce impact force. 

The kit’s frame is also adjustable so that more people can fit and enjoy the go-kart’s ride, from young kids to fully-grown adults.

The Go Kart Pro’s frame is made from high-strength steel to really provide you with a more durable shield from possible collisions. It is also outfitted with triple anti-collision protection. The three layers of TPE consist of:

  • Inner Layer: Shape-maintaining steel frame
  • Middle Layer: Energy-absorbing high-polymer material that swallows up impacts
  • Outer Layer: Damage-reducing TPE front lip

Both the Go Kart Kit and the Go Kart Pro boast reliable dual braking systems. These systems are composed of an electric brake and a handy mechanical brake for maximum stopping power.


Unlike other go-karts, the Segway go-karts are run by an electric motor. You just need to charge and recharge for it to power up. That way, you can save on fuel money while also reducing your impact on the environment since you won’t be using petrol 'just for fun'.

Fun Factor

The Segway Go Kart Kit is an immensely fun way for the entire family to bond. Younger kids will be able to enjoy zipping through the tracks with this kit as it can adjust to fit their height. It’s also not super fast (a fun 24 kph is quick but not enough for them to go flying). 

Even adults are sure to love zooming around racecourses with this kit. And if you’re feeling up for something else, you can always disassemble the kit and turn your ride back into the awesome two-wheeled S, S-PRO, or miniPRO. It’s like having two recreational rides for the price one!

The Segway Go Kart Pro, on the other hand, will have you zooming impressively fast and travelling further distances. It’s a thrill-seeker’s dream! It's even great for children as it has an adjustable frame and multiple speed modes to help them build their confidence. It even comes with step-by-step tutorials.

What's more, the Go Kart Pro also comes with the Ninebot S-Max which is a hoverboard attachment similar to the Segway miniPRO, but more powerful.

Segway Go Kart Kit vs. Segway Go Kart Pro

You can’t go wrong with either the Segway Go Kart Kit or Go Kart Pro. But one does have some advantages over the other.

If you already have a Segway S, S-PRO, or miniPRO, then the Go Kart Kit might be the better choice. That way, you can always change up the way you ride wherever you are. It’s like bringing double the fun to your weekend trips.

The Go Kart Kit is also a better choice if you want to share your ride with the entire family. Not only does it adjust to fit most people, but its lower top speed and design are more suitable for younger children.

However, if you’re searching for more excitement, the Segway Go Kart Pro is definitely designed to have you racing like a champ. Its higher top speed, farther range, and upgrades make it the better fit for adventurers out for a thrill. Plus, it was designed alongside a professional go-kart racer so you know you’re getting only the best from it. 

The Pro Improvements

Being the latest and stand-alone version of Segway’s go-kart, the Go Kart Pro has tons more upgrades than the kit. It’s an electric ride that’s definitely known for its power and ability to provide entertainment and excitement.

Here are some of the improvements you’ll see on the Go Kart Pro that’s not on the kit or other electric go-karts:

  • 10.2 G acceleration
  • High-grip front tyres and specially-designed rear TPE tyres
  • 4 driving modes
  • Aerodynamic rear wing for stability
  • Metal pedals
  • High-traction, adjustable steering wheel
  • Upgraded and comfortable racing seat
  • Bluetooth speaker + Immersive Engine Sound Simulator
  • Triple anti-collision protection + high-strength steel frame
  • Unique Drifting Assistant System

No matter which go-kart you choose, you’re sure to have the time of your lives on the tracks, streets, and trails.

Happy Hovering with the Segway Ninebot S-PRO

segway s pro ride

Are you a fan of innovation and anything quirky? Segway’s Ninebot S-PRO is definitely a modern electric toy that can provide riders with a one-of-a-kind experience. It has the ability to be speedy but you can also choose to glide around at a relaxing pace, which is perfect for whatever mood you find yourself in.

Here are a few reasons why the modern rider will love going on the Segway S-PRO:

Speed & Range

The Segway Ninebot S-PRO, like any other recreational ride, can give you thrills with how fast and far it can go. This electric ride has the ability to reach 16 to 20 kph. Sure, it isn’t the fastest ride in the world, but imagine just standing and being able to match the fastest man running at full-sprint. It’s still pretty incredible. 

What’s more, the Segway S-PRO can go as far as 22 km. Comparing it to your typical commuter scooter, that’s a pretty great range on average. Its modest speed and range make the Segway Ninebot S-PRO good for commuter rides as well. Albeit, you might want to use it for short rides to the store and back (and not for daily travels to work or school).


The Segway Ninebot S-PRO has strong engine power thanks to its 800W dual motors. This is what makes it possible for you to ride smoothly on most urban terrains. You can go forward and even up small inclines. This two-wheel ride adapts smoothly and really well to any road you find yourself on.


The main feature of the Segway Ninebot S-PRO is its unique two-wheel design. This hands-free ride may look hard to control but it actually isn’t. For one, the Ninebot S-PRO features Smart Auto-learning which means it actually adapts to your riding style. Making it near effortless to learn how to ride the S-PRO. 

Its three riding modes (Beginner, Standard, and Sport) also aid in giving you confidence as you get comfortable riding. The Ninebot S-PRO also has 26.5 cm wheels that make it easier for you to smoothly navigate most urban terrain.

You can even ride at night or in low-light conditions as the S-PRO has 4 unique LED tail lights to improve your visibility. And if you need to go up stairs? No worries, because it’s super lightweight at 13 kg and almost effortless to carry.

Fun Factor

The Segway Ninebot S-PRO is the perfect electric ride if you’re looking for something fun, unique, and a little less extreme than some of the other electric rides. Segway recommends this ride for riders aged 16 to 60, but if your kid can balance on it well, it’s a fun ride to go on.

And if you feel like taking the fun up a notch? Pair up your Segway Ninebot S-PRO with the GoKart Kit. Now, you can choose between riding your unique hoverboard or speeding around in an electric go-kart!

Unlimited Fun with the Z10 Unicycle

segway z10 unicycle move ride off road

Are you bold enough for a new, daring challenge? Not everyone can balance and ride on a unicycle, but Segway’s inviting weekend adventurers to test their limits with the new Z10 Unicycle. It’s zippy, long-range, and surprisingly easy to use!

Here are a few reasons why the Z10 Unicycle is the new toy for the big kids:

Speed & Range

Riders with a bold personality and a fearless mindset will absolutely enjoy the electrifying speed of the Z10. It can go up to a lightning-quick 45 kph without any problems. Imagine speeding along tracks and paths on a SINGLE wheel and still be faster than some commuter scooters in the market today!

You can even take your adventures further with this one-wheel ride as it has an impressive 90 km maximum range. That’s twice as far as some premium commuter electric scooters can go in one charge.

And you’d think that being only one-wheeled would make climbing up inclines hard, but the Z10 will dispel any doubt. This electric unicycle can crush hills of up to 25-degrees. Are you getting as pumped up as we are?


There are two big reasons why the Z10 unicycle can give you the incredible performance it dishes out; say hello to its motor and battery. This electric ride is powered by a 1800W motor. From speed and hill-climb to tackling small road obstacles, there’s worry because the might of the Z10 can handle it. It can even travel on various terrains such as packed dirt, paved roads, hilly trails, and small bumps.

The Z10 also performs super well because of its impressive 995Wh battery. It’s responsible for giving you the juice to go as far as you can in a single charge. Plus, it’s equipped with a Smart battery management system that protects you from problems like short circuits, overcharging and more. Just remember that this recreational ride needs about 11 hours to fully charge.


The idea of a one-wheel ride sounds so simple that you wouldn’t believe how many features Segway was able to jampack into this electric ride. From its sleek and futuristic frame all the way to its interior system, the Z10 is a modern toy that anyone will love to play with!

Let’s start with the star of the show: the Z10’s wheel. You’ll be riding a durable 18-inch structured wheel outfitted with a 4.1-inch thick tubeless pneumatic tyre that can ride through urban and off-road terrains with ease. 

And speaking of ease, it’s super simple to adjust and customise the kind of ride you want. Just connect your Z10 to the mobile app. Besides checking your riding stats, you can also change the colours of your ambient lights and even get firmware upgrades from here.

Another exciting feature is the Z10’s lighting system. It has a 3W highly-illuminating LED front light and a red rear light that increases your visibility in the dark. Of course, it’s still safer not to ride at night (but we won’t tell if you don’t). The unicycle is also equipped with an IP54 rating so it can get a bit wet, however, it's not recommended for use in the rain.

Last but definitely not least is the Z10’s convenient Carry Mode. When it’s time to pack up and go home (or if you just feel tired of riding), you can activate Carry Mode, pull up the Z10’s handle, and push it while you walk. It’s as easy as that!

Fun Factor

It's safe to say, the Z10 unicycle is definitely a fun recreational ride. The recommended age to ride it is 16 years and over because it can be a tad difficult to manoeuvre for young children.

But don't worry if you're an adult and have never ridden a unicycle before. The Z10 is a self-balancing ride which makes it a whole lot easier to stand on and handle. In addition to that, this electric unicycle also has a Beginner Mode which helps first time riders control the unicycle with minimal effort. It automatically turns off after 1 km of use but you can always reactivate it until you're comfortable riding. 

Either way, the Z10 unicycle will keep adventurous riders on their toes.

Explore the trails with the Segway Dirt eBikes

segway dirt ebike x160 x260 ride

Snake through the trails with ease when you ride the electric dirt bikes from Segway. Now you can ride through forest paths and paved tracks without the guilt of consuming too much petrol or making lots of noise.

Segway even has two models that you can choose from: the X160 and the X260. Both bikes are incredibly high-performing and super fun to ride, especially when you’re an adrenaline junkie.

Here’s why thrill-seekers find the X160 and X260 dirt ebikes an awesome electric ride:

Speed & Range

Riders will definitely want electric dirt bikes that can fulfill their need for speed. Fortunately, both of the Segway dirt ebikes can do just that. The X160 can reach top speeds of 50 kph while the X260 can go as fast as 75 kph. Imagine zooming around as fast a car! Of course, the deal is that much sweeter because these electric bikes also have breakneck acceleration. Both models can reach 0 to 50 kph in just 4 short seconds!

But let’s face it, unless you’re going on a relatively straight path, you wouldn’t need to go at top speed all the time. What’s more critical is the range capability, and the Segway dirt ebikes deliver fantastically on this front. The X160 can reach distances of up to 65 km while the X260 goes even further at a whopping 120 km in just one charge cycle. That’ll leave you with a lot of room to really get to the places you want to explore.


The powerful performance of the Segway electric dirt bikes are made possible by their high-torque motors and top-notch batteries. The X160 boasts off a 23.6ft*lb motor and a 1920 Wh Panasonic battery while the X260 has a 184.3 ft*lb 5KW motor and a 60V 32Ah battery.

As for the driving system, the X160 features a Dual Drive System (primary: HTD 8M 56-cm belt; secondary: 420 chain with 112 sections) that makes it near effortless for it to provide top-quality performance. The X260 also has a dual driving system with its primary being a HTD 8M 56-cm belt and its secondary as a 420 chain with 106 sections.

What’s more, both models have interchangable batteries. That means you can bring an extra fully-charged battery during your trip to double the range you already have. And if that’s not impressive enough, you can charge each battery quickly, with the X160 only needing 3 hours and X260 needing just 4-5 hours.


With the rough terrains and high demands that riders will definitely have, the Segway dirt ebikes come prepared with sturdy frames. The X160 and X260 are made from sturdy and reliable forged aluminum alloy.

Both electric bikes have superb off-roading tyres that can handle even the roughest and bumpiest terrains you can think of. The X160 sports 70/100-17 tyres and the X260 has a 70/100-19 pair. 

What’s more, the comfort is boosted even further by both models’ terrific suspension systems. The X160 has a single-shoulder inverted front fork for its front suspension and a multi-link hydraulic spring central type for its rear. On the other hand, the X260 has adjustable suspension both in the front (double-shoulder inverted front fork) and rear (multi-link hydraulic spring central type).

Fun Factor

The Segway electric dirt bikes are top-quality bikes that many adventurous riders are sure to enjoy. Ultimately, it is designed for adult use but teens are sure to have fun riding around on it as well. Remember that the bike is a bit taller and heavier than some bikes but as long as your kid can reach it and balance on it, they can probably ride it. Just be extra careful.

As this electric ride can reach really fast speeds, it’s also important to wear protective gear when riding. A helmet, as well as shoulder and knee pads, will be super useful. You can have all the fun you want and still be safe.

Go on new adventures with the Sur Ron Light Bee

sur ron x light bee dirt ebike ride

Fly through rough roads and challenging tracks when you ride the extremely thrilling Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike. The great thing about this electric dirt bike is that it provides exhilarating riding experiences while being easier on the environment. Think about it: no petrol, no problem!

But, of course, that’s not the best part about this electric ride. Its incredible speed and acceleration and other innovative features make it one of the top electric dirt bike choices today. 

Here are a few reasons why you should consider getting the Sur Ron Light Bee:

Speed & Range

The Sur Ron Light Bee is well-known among the riding community as a fast and exciting electric ride. Of course, that’s partly thanks to its fantastic top speed of more than 50 kph. It also helps that it has zippy acceleration and goes from 0 to 50 kph in just 4 seconds! 

And though lightning-quick rides are thrilling, avid explorers of trails will love its impressive range better. By maintaining an average of 20 kph during your rides, you can reach as far as 100 km in a single charge. While that sounds slow in comparison to the bike’s top speed, you wouldn’t be able to maintain an extra fast speed when you’re weaving in and out of trails. 

You can also take on hills and inclines of up to 35 degrees. Steep trails? Don’t sweat it when you’re on the Light Bee!

Plus, the Light Bee dirt eBike has two modes that you can switch between. If you want to lengthen your range, stick to ECO mode. If you want all the power you need to zoom as fast as you can, go for Sport mode.


A big contributor to the Sur Ron Light Bee’s strong and reliable performance comes from its 5400W motor and 60V Lithium battery. Its motor produces all the power you’ll need thanks to its maximum torque of 200 Nm. So those neat tricks and crazy tight turns you’ve wanted to try will be easier to do on the Light Bee.

This electric dirt bike has a FOC vector controller that features a multi-curve compounding algorithm so you can control your ride even better than before. Plus, it even has extra features like Kinetic Energy Recovery. 

As for the driving system, the Sur Ron Light Bee has a dependable belt + chain system.


Besides its impressive power, what makes the Sur Ron Light Bee’s performance a touch above other models is the attention to detail on its design. Let’s start with the frame. 

This electric dirt bike has a G3 curved surface frame made from forged aluminum alloy that keeps it highly durable and gives it that sleek, modern metallic look. 

Plus, this ride keeps you super comfortable no matter how rough or bumpy the terrain gets. It features a progressive INTERSECT TR suspension system with a custom-designed, lightweight DNM inverted front fork that makes your rides smoother. And, to top that off, the bike has a thick, foam saddle for you to sit on that’ll help cushion your behind while you go off on adventures!

But, of course, safety is also a critical feature that needs to be addressed. The Light Bee takes your safety seriously (especially as you’ll be riding rough) with its custom-designed, all-metal braking system. It features front and rear four-piston hydraulic disc brakes with the addition of an electronic brake for maximum stopping power.

Fun Factor

Safe to say, the Sur Ron Light Bee is extremely fun if you’re in to thrilling adventures in off-road terrains (although it is also fun in on-road tracks). The height and weight of the Light Bee are similar to the Segway X260, meaning it is mostly designed for use by adults and older teens. But if your kid can handle it, you’ll just need to be extra careful.


Just by checking this article out, you can see that there are so many fascinating and exciting electric rides that you can hop on for your weekend recreation. Three cheers for science and technology! These rides are sure to change the entertainment game with the adrenaline-rushing experiences you’re sure to love.

Product Specifications

Segway Go Kart Kit and Segway Go Kart Pro

Segway Go Kart Kit Segway Go Kart Pro
PRICE $1099.00 $2799.00
REQUIREMENTS attach to Segway miniPRO or Segway S stand-alone

Before extension: 

110.4 cm by 82.2 cm by 45.9 cm

After extension:

138.3 cm by 82.2 cm by 60 cm

142 cm x 85.2 cm x 60 cm
MAX. SPEED 24 kph 37 kph, reverse: 3 kph
MAX. RANGE 15 km 25 km
WEIGHT 30 kg 51.2 kg
MAX. WEIGHT 100 kg 100 kg
MOTOR - 2 x 500W
BATTERY POWER 6 AA batteries 432 Wh
BRAKES Electronic + Mechanical Handrake Electronic + Mechanical Handbrake

Segway Ninebot S-PRO

Segway Ninebot S-PRO
PRICE $1,099.00
DIMENSIONS 26 cm by 54.8 cm by 59.5 ccm
WEIGHT Approx. 13 kg
RIDE MODE Beginner Mode, Standard Mode, Sports Mode
MAX. SPEED 16-20 kph
MAX. RANGE 22 km
MOTOR 800W, Dual
COLOUR Black, White 

Segway Z10 Unicycle

Segway Z10 Unicycle
PRICE $2999.00
DIMENSION 45.7 cm x 53 cm x 17.8 cm
MAX. SPEED 45 kph
MAX. RANGE 90 km
WEIGHT 24 kg
MAX. WEIGHT 150 kg
TYRES 18-inch Tubeless Pneumatic

Segway Dirt eBike X160

Segway Dirt eBike X160
PRICE $4,999.00
TORQUE 162.2 ft-lb.
TOP SPEED 50 kph
ACCELERATION 0-50 kph in 4.02 seconds

Front: Single-shoulder Inverted Front Fork

Rear: Multi-link Hydraulic Spring Central Type

BRAKES Front Mechanical Drum + Rear Regenerative Electric
TYRES 70/100-17 Off-Road Tyres

Segway Dirt eBike X260 and Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike

Segway Dirt eBike X260 Sur Ron Light Bee Dirt eBike
PRICE $5,999.00 $5,999.00
DIMENSIONS 188.5 cm by 78 cm by 105 cm 187 cm by 78 cm by 104 cm
WEIGHT 44 kg, 55 kg w/ battery 50 kg
SPEED MODE Novice, Standard, Sport Eco, Sport
ACCELERATION 0-50 kph in 4 seconds 0-50 kph in 4 seconds
MAX. SPEED 75 kph >50 kph
MAX. RANGE 120 km 100 km (@20 kph)
BATTERY POWER 60V 32Ah 60V 32 Ah, Lithium Battery
CHARGING TIME 4-5 hrs 3-4 hrs
BRAKES Disc brake Front & Rear to the four-piston hydraulic disc brake

Battery: IP65

Controller: IP67

Motor: IP55

Controller: IP67

COLOUR Black Iron Grey
WHEEL BASE 126.5 cm
SEAT HEIGHT 81 cm 84 cm to 88 cm
POWER SYSTEM High speed brushless DC motor
MAX. TORQUE FOR DRIVING WHEEL 184.3 ft*lb (250 N*m) 200 N*m
VEHICLE MATERIAL Forged Aluminum Alloy Aluminum Double Cradle

Tyre Type: Spoke Wheels, 19 x 1.4 Alloy Hubs

Tyre Size: 26" 70/100-19 CST

FRONT SHOCK ABSORBER SYSTEM Double-shoulder inverted front fork (adjustable) Double Cylinder, Vertical Telescopic
REAR SHOCK ABSORBER SYSTEM Multi-link hydraulic spring central type Multi-link Center Shock
PRIMARY DRIVE SYSTEM HTD 8M belt 56 cm Belt + Chain
SECONDARY DRIVE SYSTEM 420 chain with 106 sections

*note: prices in all tables are subject to change.

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