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Kaabo Skywalker 10C V2 Electric Scooter

by Kaabo
Original price $1,599.00 - Original price $1,599.00
Original price $1,599.00
$1,599.00 - $1,599.00
Current price $1,599.00
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  • product-top-speed 42 kph
  • product-maximum-range 50 km
  • product-weight 22 kg
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The Skywalker 10C hits the perfect balance of commuter convenience and thrills, and much like the 8S is one of the most powerful scooters in it's commuter class. The Skywalker 10C combines solid speed, comfort, quality and style.




Kaabo Skywalker 10C version 2 Electric Scooter

The "force" is back in the latest model in the Skywalker series. The 10C is the next level up from the Skywalker 8S and features a slight increase in speed, range and power along with larger 10” Pneumatic tyres (note, this is basically the same as the Skywalker 10H). 

*note - the Kaabo 10H V2 has black suspension

The Skywalker 10C is part of the renowned Skywalker series. Its impressive 800W rear motor and 48V battery will keep you zooming down streets with ease. Reaching top speeds of 42 kph, your long-distance commutes of up to 50 km will be a breeze (depending on speed, rider weight, and terrain).

kaabo skywalker 10c electric scooter guy walk

Its front drum and rear disc brakes are incredible and will keep you safe and sound during your ride. This e-scooter's fantastic front and rear suspension coupled with its durable pneumatic tyres will result in smooth, comfortable adventures where ever you go.

kaabo skywalker 10c electric scooter girl

Own the galaxy with the Kaabo Skywalker 10C. Get it today with fast free shipping from Electric Kicks Melbourne! 




Kaabo Skywalker 10C

MAX. SPEED 42 kph 
MOTOR 800W, Rear Rotor
RANGE 50 km


120 kg


22 kg


48V, 15.6Ah


4-6 hrs


Up to 15 Degrees


10” Pneumatic


No official manufacturer rating




Front and Rear Disc Brakes

  • Powerful 800W rear rotor motor
  • Top speed of 42 kph
  • Maximum range of 50 km
  • Maximum rider weight of 120 kg
  • Dual disc braking system
  • Front and rear suspension
  • Large 10-inch pneumatic tyres
  • Powerful 48V battery




We offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scooters. For more information, please see our warranty page.




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Does the Kaabo Skywalker 10C have any water resistance?

The Kaabo Skywalker 10C does not have any official IP rating but it can withstand shallow puddles and light rain. That being said, it is still better if you avoid riding on wet surfaces.

Is the Kaabo Skywalker 10C a good scooter for heavier riders?

Yes, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C is a great choice for heavier riders as it has a max. load of 120 kg.

Does the Kaabo Skywalker 10C come in Australia with a 25 kph limit?

Yes, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C comes with a 25 kph limit out of the box. But you can easily unlock its top speed via its P-Settings.

How do you access the P-Settings on the Kaabo Skywalker 10C?

To access P-Settings on a Kaabo scooter, you will need to simulataneously long-press the mode and power button. Once in P-Settings, use the mode button to cycle through each setting and press the power button to confirm. Use the mode button to increase the value.

How do you unlock the top speed of the Kaabo Skywalker 10C?

To unlock the top speed of the Kaabo Skywalker 10C, go to P-Settings and cycle through to P09. Use the mode button to change the value. You'll be starting in the 40-60 range, and the higher the value, the faster your scooter will be.

What's the difference between the Kaabo Skywalker 8S and 10C?

The main difference between the two scooters are top speed, range, and brakes. The Kaabo Skywalker 8S can reach speeds of 40 kph, a range of 45 km, and has E-ABS + rear disc brakes. On the other hand, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C has a top speed of 42 kph, a range of 50 km, and dual disc brakes.

Is the Kaabo Skywalker 10C a good scooter for commuting?

Yes definitely, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C is a powerful commuter scooter that will get you to where you need to be.

Can you ride the Kaabo Skywalker 10C off-road?

To an extent, yes, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C is equipped with sturdy 10-inch tyres that can handle rough terrain. But it is classified as a commuter scooter, and is best ridden on paved roads.

Is the Kaabo Skywalker 10C legal in Australia?

The Kaabo Skywalker 10C has three different riding modes to help you control your speed limit. You can easily comply with local guidelines if you ride on a mode that has a lower speed limit, like L1.

Does the Kaabo Skywalker 10C have warranty?

Yes, we offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scooters. Please see our warranty page for more details.

Does the Kaabo Skywalker 10C have adjustable handlebars?

Yes, you can adjust the stem height of the Kaabo Skywalker 10C to fit your own height better.

Does the Kaabo Skywalker 10C have suspension?

Yes, the Kaabo Skywalker 10C features dual front and rear suspension.

Product Specs

  • Weight (kg) 22 kg
  • Top speed (kph) 42 kph
  • Carry Load (kg) 120 kg
  • Tyres Pneumatic
  • Tyre Size (inch) 10 inch
  • Brakes Front and Rear Disc Brakes
  • Water Resistance no official IP
  • Range (km) 50 km
  • RRP ($) 1,599.00
  • Suspension Front & Rear
  • Portability Foldable
  • Hill climb Up to 15 Degrees


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Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Darrell Griffiths


George B.
Great service

+ great scooter

Dean Jennings
Exceptional Service

The service from Chris was above and beyond my expectations and began with a quick call from Chris a day after placing my order to confirm my order and gave me a quick run down of the scooter I ordered. Chris' service didn't stop there as he gave me a full overview of the components and features of the scooter when I picked it up from him. Definitely the place to go for exceptional service, advice and quick delivery. Thanks Chris :)

Kane Clayton
Great service

Extremely happy with the scooter and aftermarket support received.

Juanita Caddy
Great service and quick COVID friendly delivery

Great communication and prompt delivery. Looking forward to testing my new scooter this weekend. Thanks guys!