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Segway Zing C20

by Segway
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  • product-top-speed 16 kph
  • product-maximum-range 20 km
  • product-weight 10 kg
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Level up your kid's riding experience with the all-new, powerful Segway Zing C20. Unlike its brothers, this ultra-sleek ride looks more grown-up and has fantastic specs and features that your older children are sure to appreciate.




Every Teen's New Best Friend: Segway Zing C20

This sleek black scooter with its popping red details is sure to make your teenager feel all grown-up! With a safe top speed and a longer range, this is definitely a step up from your typical kid's scooter while still being secure enough for younger riders! Your teen is sure to enjoy hanging out with friends all the more on the Segway Zing C20.

Now, they'll be able to enjoy the same zippy, fun, and safe 16 kph top speed for farther as this scooter can go as far as 20 km (or about 5 hours riding time) in a single charge. Plus, it's still super lightweight at 10 kg so it's easy to bring along to weekend trips or hangouts with friends.

It even features 3 riding modes to help customise your teen's ride:

Safe Mode for beginners, 10 kph top speed

Cruise Mode one kick to move, 16 kph top speed

Turbo Mode maximum power, 16 kph top speed

Of course, safety is at the forefront of the Segway Zing C20 with its one-push rear hand brake found on the left side of your handlebar. Its high-performing capability and EBS energy recovery allow for maximum efficiency when coming to a stop.

All this power is at your teen's disposal with just a single press to its convenient and easy-to-use thumb throttle. Its moderate resistance and responsiveness assure that your child won't dangerously zoom around while they're not prepared.

What's more, the Segway Zing C20 is designed to sturdy and comfortable with its wear-resistant, maintenance-free rubber tyres, double-tube frame made from steel, anti-slip footboard, and grippy TPR handles. It even comes with cool ambient lights that vary depending on which riding mode you're using (Safe has pulsing red lights, Cruise has pulsing blue lights, and Turbo has a variety of colours).

Your teen can easily store away this scooter as well because of the convenient 2-step folding mechanism. With just one hand, you can fold or unfold the Segway Zing C20 to store under desks or in car boots.




    MAX. SPEED 16 kph
    150 W
    RANGE 20 km
    WEIGHT 10 kg
    BATTERY VOLTAGE 108 Wh (5000 m Ah)
    CHARGE TIME Approx. 5 hours
    CLIMB ANGLE Up to 5 Degrees
    TYRES 7-inch Solid Maintenance-Free Tyres, Synthetic Rubber
    BRAKES Hand-Operated Rear Brake
    • Suitable for kids ages 10 years and up
    • Zippy but safe 16 kph top speed
    • Great 20 km maximum range
    • Lightweight at 10 kg
    • 150W motor & 108Wh battery
    • Short 5-hour charging time
    • Foldable (2-step folding system)
    • 3 riding modes
    • Thumb throttle-operated
    • Wear-resistant, maintenance-free rubber tyres
    • grippy TPR handles
    • Ambient lights under the deck




    We offer a 1 year warranty on all our electric scootersFor more information, please see our warranty page.




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    Download the Segway Zing C Series Instructions.



    What age is the Segway Zing C20 appropriate for?

    The Segway Zing C20 is a great scooter for kids ages 10 and up.

    What range do the Segway Zing C20 scooters have?

    The Segway Zing C20 has a 20 km maximum range.

    How do kids accelerate on the Segway Zing C20?

    There are three acceleration modes on the Zing C20 - First is with the throttle by pressing it with your thumb. Second mode of acceleration is by kicking the scooter forward, each kick will speed up the scooter faster combining exercise and fun! Third is the 'sports' mode which takes the scooter to the top speed. You can access these modes by pressing the on button and hearing the 'beep' noises.

    My child is younger than the recommended age, is this still ok to buy?

    If they are a reasonably confident rider on other toys (bikes, skateboards, rollerskates etc) they may be ok to ride the Zing C20. We also have other kids scooters that can better fit young beginners like the Zings C10, E10, C8, E8, and A6.

    Can you clip and carry the Segway Zing C20?

    Yes, you can clip and carry the scooter by pressing the leaver at the base of the stem. The stem will fold over and lock into place. Then you can carry the C20 scooter by the stem.

    Is the Segway Zing C20 waterproof?

    The Segway Zing C20 is water resistant. It has an IP rating of IPX4 which means you can ride in rain but should still avoid it where possible.

    Can you ride the Segway Zing C20 off-road?

    You can ride the Segway Zing C20 on flat roads and short, grassy grounds, but not on really rough terrain. It's best for footpaths and smooth surfaces.

    Can two kids or people ride the Segway Zing C20 at the same time?

    While the Segway Zing C20 can handle a maximum load of 50 kg, it is inadvisable to ride double on it. Please do not let your kids attempt this.

    Product Specs

    • Weight (kg) 10 kg
    • Top speed (kph) 16 kph
    • Carry Load (kg) 50 kg
    • Tyres Solid Maintenance-Free Tyres, Synthetic Rubber
    • Tyre Size (inch) 7-inch
    • Brakes Hand-Operated Rear Brake
    • Water Resistance IPX4
    • Range (km) 20 km
    • Suspension -
    • Portability Foldable
    • Hill climb Up to 5 Degrees


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