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Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020: A Comprehensive Guide & Review

Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020: A Comprehensive Guide & Review

Experience fun and thrilling rides every time you use your Mercane WideWheel Pro 2020. With its amazing acceleration and ultra-wide wheels, you’ll absolutely feel like you’re floating while going as fast as a rocket. 

mercane widewheel pro 2020 electric scooter

When it comes to cruising scooters, there’s nothing quite like the WideWheel Pro. It’s nimble and can travel long distances. But the best part is all the latest upgrades. Enjoy a larger battery pack, a better braking system, and a sturdier frame with the new 2020 model. Your weekends will definitely be taking a turn for the better with the WideWheel Pro. You can even use this electric scooter for your daily commutes!

Quick Acceleration & Wide Range

One of the highlights of riding the WideWheel Pro is its unparalleled acceleration. You can go from 0 to 25 kph in just 3.3 seconds, and reach top speeds of 40 kph in an ultra-quick 7.7 seconds (assuming the e-scooter is unlocked). Comparing that to the 2019 model, you’ll be reaching maximum speed 12.2 seconds faster than before!

Aside from its amazing speed and acceleration, the WideWheel Pro 2020 doesn’t skimp on its range as well. You can travel up to a distance of 45-50 km (Single or Double Motor, respectively) all thanks to its larger battery pack. With specs like these, travelling along smooth and paved roads will be a breeze, even when you’re commuting a farther distance!

And if you live in a city with hilly streets, no worries. The WideWheel Pro has excellent hill-climbing abilities. In fact, it can climb a 10% grade slope in just 11.1 seconds. 

Upgraded Battery for Superior Performance

It goes to say that with remarkable acceleration and climbing capacity, the WideWheel Pro has a powerful motor behind it. You can choose from a 500W Single Rear or 500W Dual motors to really get the performance you prefer. 

mercane wide wheel pro single double motor e scooter

What’s more, the new 2020 version of the WideWheel Pro also upgraded its battery pack for a wider range and unprecedented performance. Its high-efficiency Lithium-Ion battery provides your electric scooter with optimal electricity with 12% more capacity than the 2019 model, to really give you the best riding experience you deserve. However, it does need about 7 hours to reach full charge so keep that in mind.

And you don’t have to worry too much because its battery is fitted with different kinds of protection for top-notch performance. Some of these are:

  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Overcurrent Protection
  • Overcharging Double Protection
  • Over Discharging Double Protection
  • Temperature Resistance
  • Undervoltage Auto-Sleep Protection

Unique & Advanced Design

Battery isn’t just the only thing that the WideWheel Pro upgraded. Its overall design has been improved by lightweight aluminium alloy parts that are sturdier than previous models. Some of the components in the new WideWheel Pro are also thicker to provide better strength. 

mercane widewheel pro airless wide tyres

But what really makes the WideWheel Pro is its ultra-wide 20cm by 13cm tyres. These are airless and filled with polyurethane foam which is soft and really helps cushion your ride. While it does improve ride quality significantly, just remember that airless tyres work less efficiently under wet surfaces than pneumatic ones.

Another unique feature of this electric scooter is its slim deck. At about 5 inches in width, it’s not the roomiest but its long length still allows you to enjoy different riding positions. 
mercane wide wheel e scooter deck

Let’s head on up to the WideWheel Pro’s steering wheel. Coming from the 2018 version, the new WideWheel Pro’s steering is the most advanced yet. It now has a back-lit LCD display in the middle that conveniently shows your current speed, mode, odometer, and battery status. You can easily switch between two modes, ECO and Sport, with just a click of a button.

You can control your acceleration by a push thumb throttle made from lightweight plastic. The grips on the handlebars are made with an ergonomic design for easier and more comfortable handling. Plus, you get an additional brake lever.

As for lights, the WideWheel Pro has a high-mounted LED headlight that is great for illuminating close distances. But it doesn’t have optics which makes seeing farther distances a bit harder and driving at night trickier. This e-scooter also has a red LED tail light to keep you safe and visible.

The Mercane WideWheel Pro has an IP rating of IP54 which is average, which is better than most daily commuter scooters. An IP54 rating allows you to ride the WideWheel Pro in light rain. But it’s not advisable to submerge your e-scooter or get it thoroughly soaked.

Compact for Commutes

At 16-25 kg (Single and Double Motor, respectively), the WideWheel Pro is light enough to be carried one-handed for short stretches. You can easily carry it up or down a short flight of stairs which makes it slightly portable. 

portable mercane widewheel pro 2020 foldable

But what really stands out is this electric scooter’s folding mechanism. Its stem and handlebars are both foldable which leaves your e-scooter ultra-compact and can fit the trunk of a small car, under your office desk, or even keep it out of the way when riding public transportation.

Its unique threaded locking mechanism is also sturdy and stable, so you can comfortably and confidently lift the e-scooter with one hand even when folded.

Steady Braking & Reliable Suspension

The WideWheel Pro features 120mm disc brakes which perform admirably well in both flat and sloped terrain. In fact, the WideWheel Pro can stop from 25 kph in only 12.5 feet. That’s well above average braking performance.

And the unprecedented ride quality you will be experiencing while riding this e-scooter? That’s because of the dual suspension system in place. Its special alloy-made coil springs can also adjust to most road conditions for a smoother and more comfortable ride. However, you can still experience rough and bumpy rides when going over poor roads.



The Mercane WideWheel Pro is an excellent choice if you want an electric scooter that is both fun and functional. Its acceleration and range are better than most typical daily commuter scooters which makes it a great tool for some weekend fun. At the same time, its comfortable and stable ride will be greatly appreciated by daily commuters regardless if you need for short or long commutes. So if you want to experience both thrill and comfort, the Mercane WideWheel Pro is the top choice!


  • Amazing acceleration
  • Reliable braking
  • Wide wheels & deck for better stability
  • Compact


  • Suspension can be stiff on poor roads
  • Average Maximum Weight at 100 kg



Mercane WideWheel Pro



109.7 cm x 45 cm x 110 cm 


109.7 cm x 45 cm x 41 cm


Single: 16 kg

Double: 25.25 kg

Speed Mode

ECO Mode, Sport Mode

Max. Speed

40 kph

Max. Range

Single: 45 km

Double: 50 km


Single: 500W, Single Rear

Double: 500W Dual, 800W Peak

Battery Power

36V, 4.4Ah

Charging Time

6-8 hours charging time


Front and Rear Disc Brakes

Waterproof Rating




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