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unagi e500 electric scooter black

The Ultimate Guide to Unagi Scooters

Sleek, simple, and stylish: the Unagi E500 masterfully balances tech, beauty, and convenience when you ride it around town. Imagine 'iPhone' for personal mobility, and the E500 is your closest match!

It has tons of unique features you won't see in other electric scooters. From the top-quality magnesium alloy-Japanese TORAY fibre frame to the 7.5-inch puncture-proof custom tyres, this is one e-scooter you don't want to miss out on.

Every Commuter’s Dreams

Urban riding is no problem with the Unagi Model One because of its smooth acceleration and respectable maximum range of 25 km. Couple that with it faster than average top speed of 32 kph, you'll get to your chosen destination with ease.

unagi e500 electric commuter scooter

It's superb performance makes it every commuter's dream scooter. And if you choose to upgrade from the E250 to the E500, you can ride around in flat, even terrain as well as climb up ramps and hills of up to 15 degrees. 

Customized Riding for All Levels

The Unagi E500 Model One makes sure that you're always comfortable and in total control when you drive. You can choose from three different riding modes with their own speed limits, so that anyone of any skill level can drive. 

What's more the Unagi E500 has a convenient speed control function. Its processor can record your preferred speed and acceleration so that you can access your preferences whenever you want.

Fantastic Riding Performance

But what makes the Unagi E500 deliver its impressive city riding performance is the combination of its unique motor and high-quality battery.

This electric scooter boasts of a custom-built motor one each of its wheels. The dual motors can each provide 250W of power and 32 Newton-metres of torque. That's what makes its upgraded hill climbing possible.

Aside from that, the Unagi E500's dual motors are made from rare-earth neodymium magnets and is equipped with a monitoring system that prevents it from overheating. Truly, these motors are built to perform reliably well and last long.

Another amazing feature of the Unagi E500 is its top-quality Sony electric batteries that can provide the highest energy density and shortest charge time among any battery of its size. 

Plus, this electric scooter's batteries are also equipped with a custom-designed management system that makes it last longer even with constant daily use. Included in its BMS System are:

  • Temperature Abnormality Protection
  • Short Circuit Protection
  • Under Voltage Automatic Sleep
  • Over Current Protection
  • Over Charge Protection
  • Over Discharge Protection

Unique Tyres for Unparalleled Suspension

A feature that the Unagi E500 can say is completely its own is its custom-designed 7.5-inch tyres made from puncture-proof rubber. You read that right, puncture-proof, so you won't have to worry about flat tyres during your morning commute.

unagi e500 scooter air pocket suspension

Aside from that, this e-scooter's wheels also have unique air pockets spread all throughout it and acts as its suspension for both the front and rear. It efficiently absorbs any bumps you might cross on the road, leading to an ultra-smooth and comfortable riding experience. 

Lightweight and Durable

Aside from the tried-and-tested durability of magnesium alloy, this electric scooter also makes use of TORAY carbon fibre from Japan for its stem. The impressive lightweight and sturdiness of the Unagi E500 is largely because of this.

You can attest to how great the craftmanship of Unagi scooters are because TORAY carbon fibre needs to laid down by hand in layers to really give you its best performance. You can even boast that your E500 scooter is made from the same material as Elon Musk's Space-X rockets.

unagi e500 scooter flawless silicon metal deck

This electric scooter also has a sleek and flawless deck made from a singular piece of aluminum embedded with silicon to really up its aesthetic and comfort. No need to worry about seams, joints, and unnecessary bulk when you ride this scooter around.

And as if that's not enough, the Unagi E500 goes beyond standards by being ultra-compact and portable at only 10.99 kg. It even has a unique 'one-click' stainless steel hinge system that folds and locks your scooter in place in just one step. 

Futuristic Handling

Its portability is also helped by its futuristic handlebars made 33% lighter with magnesium. You know how perfect it is? Unagi had more than thirty prototypes before they deemed this handlebar good to go.

You'll find a smoothly integrated LED display in the top part of the handlebars that will show you all the information you need while riding. In just a glance, you'll be able to read about your current speed, battery power, and riding mode. 

unagi e500 electric scooter intuitive handlebars

Plus, you can also make use of the convenient intuitive controls for the scooter's throttle, horn, brake, and LED headlight. Super sleek and simple, bulky consoles are a thing of the past with the Unagi E500.

Sleek and Stylish Riding

The Unagi E500 electric scooter is equipped with a custom-designed kickstand that was created to seamlessly integrate with this particular e-scooter. It's sturdy, simple, and most importantly, invisible when you're out riding.

Truly, this electric scooter is a work whose every detail counts. And that includes it epic paint job. Sleek, metallic, and futuristic, just looking at the Unagi E500's finish will make you drool in appreciation. Its fantastic black, red, and blue colorways are made with high-abrasion resistant paint so it can handle the daily wear and tear of your driving.

Impressive Illumination & Safety

With the level of detail in the Unagi E500, of course, your safety will also be a top priority. This electric scooter can be ridden through the evenings, even in low-visibility conditions, because of its flush-mounted 47 lumen LED front light. Oncoming traffic and passers-by will also be aware of your location because of the blinking red LED rear light.

Besides lighting, you can enjoy confident and reliable braking with this e-scooter. It has both front and rear E-ABS electronic brakes.

You can use the easy-push lever and the intuitive friction brake to control your stop safely and steadily. To add to that, the brakes in the Unagi E500 have built-in controls for better variability when in use.

The Unagi E500 isn't just pretty to look at. It's also reliable and high-performing. Indeed, this is definitely the scooter of the future!

 unagi e500 three colours

Features Unagi Model One E500


96.01 cm x 42.01 cm x 110.01 cm


96.01 cm x 42.01 cm x 37.99 cm

Weight 10.99 kg
Max. Load 100 kg recommended, but can go higher
Speed Mode 1 (Eco), 2 (Standard), 3 (Pro)
Max. Speed 32 kph
Max. Range 25 km
Motor Front 250W + Rear 250W Dual Motor

Battery Power

33.6V 9Ah LG battery
Climbing Angle Up to 15 Degrees
Waterproof Rating IP54
Tyres 7.5-inch Solid Rubber, Puncture-Proof 
Brakes Front and Rear E-ABS Brakes 
Colours Matte Black, Cosmic Blue, Scarlet Fire Red
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